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  1. Hi all, I have decided I want to put the Reserve and U18s leagues back to what it used to be i.e. if my Villa team are playing Arsenal this week, I want my Reserves and U18's to be playing Arsenal the same week. Is the current set-up hard coded in. Meaning I have to set England up has a new country. Thanks In Advance. Welsh Lad
  2. Hi everyone, I have recently started playing fm again after a break away from the game and I haven't bought FM14 has of yet. Whilst playing FM13 I have noticed that my GK and Fitness coaches now have a preference to either category, I can see with my GK coaches one prefers Handling and the other prefers Shot Stopping. I often edit my backroom staff so they are 5 star rated instead of me taking ages in finding coaches with 5 stars. What attributes determine which Category they prefer? What makes a GK Coach prefer Handling over Shot Stopping and a Fitness Coach prefer Aerobic over Strength? If anyone knows, or if someone from SI can answer I would be very grateful. Thanks in advance. Christopher
  3. what I have found is that if your not playing the LLM way. is to offer staff that want to be first team coaches has much a week as you can so they accept an under 18s role. Otherwise you have to develop your staff as well by sending them on courses, but without the help of 3rd party software you just take gambles on who you sign becaus you don't know if they have potential to improve.
  4. scout are automatically assigned when they join unless you changes the staff responsibility to you not the chief scout. If your chief scout is assigning them, they will have the following conditions set: - players current ability set to good - player potential set to good So, you will be missing out on youth because their current ability is to low, and the majority of players with good CA and good PA will not be in the report because your scout will think they are either unrealistic (to crap or to good). If your setting them yourself I have found that either having no conditions or setting PA to good. My Brazilian scout has found 288 players with PA set to at least good (3 Stars)
  5. Well I was commenting on the FM players that will be taking over clubs that will be having new managers, so they will not experience David Moyes for example in charge of Man Utd because they will be in charge themselves, which I felt falls under General Discussion in an FM Forum. Ok maybe I shouldn't have made it has long. If a mod informs me that it doesn't fall under General Discussion then I applogise.
  6. Well the football season has come to an end with teams celebrating safety, continental qualification and silverware. Lets not forget the other end of the table and the fans of the teams going down, whilst I would have liked Wigan to pull off another great escape, I am a Villa fan so my teams safety came first, but I do feel sorry for the wigan fans because they didn't really have chance to celebrate the silverware success. (the reasons why is another debate). There has also been retirements both Management and Players. No more Scholes (For a second time) but most importnantly the manager that most of us want to emulate Sir Alex Ferguson. Yes we will still see his name on the backroom staff has a director of some sort, but unlike David Moyes we wont be able to tap into his knowledge. That brings me onto the Managerial changes, I would like to applaud Moyes, Pellegrini, Mourinho and many others. You may ask yourself why I am applauding them. That my FM friends is because they have taken their first steps in unemployment because many of the players both new and old will never get to know if Moyes will be a success at United, they will never know if Pellegrini will get replaced by Vieira or if Mourinho will win a champions league at his new club (most likely chelsea). So lets take time to think of these managers, who will get replaced by Joe Bloggs aged 17, on their first day in charge.
  7. Hello all, I've tried searching through this site and through google to access the other FM sites, but I have had no luck. Has the title suggests I'm trying to find out what the specific dates are for the league starting points, I want to increase the preseason period on a new save. The drop down menu shows the months but not the day. So, does anyone have a list or know where a list can be found of these dates? Thanks in advance.
  8. Don't knock you training skill to early, the stars change relative to your squad not just training before your new signing he had the potential to be one of the best players at your club, the new signing could have a better PA so whilst Kondogdia still has the same PA it's just not rated has the best in the team
  9. Aslong has I know. Maybe SI can develop the training further to include the duty in the training model for FM14
  10. Ok so I have slowly been invovlving myself in the different areas of the game and getting to grips with the changes. Took me ages to work out what formation, player roles within formation and my stratergy. Alot of trial and error. Now I am tackling the new training system. I have decided I want to use Ashley Westwood has a DLP but he needs to improve on his Off The Ball attribute (please don't tell me which way to go about it, I'm not here for that). I decided to initially place him on the DLP role training but I noticed that Off The Ball and First Touch attributes don't get highlighted above the graph. They show up has key attributes on his profile page when I clicked on the highlight key attributes for role button. So, my questions are: Are the attributes not trained under the Individual Role Training? If they are trained under the Individual Role Training, Are they not highlighted because they are no more available colours to highlight them? If they are trained and there are colours available is my game bugged? Thanks in advance, The Welsh Lad
  11. I thought Junior Coaching meant the amount of available attributes can be trained individually, the higher the level the more options available for individual training. I could be wrong but I'm sure that it was this on FM12 could have changed it for FM13
  12. I know what the description are as in: Worldwide, Continental, National, Regional, Local I don't think I've missed any, I know th range goes from 10,000 down to 0 but what range means what discription. Does anyone knowthe answer, I don't want to keep loading and reloading the game to keep checking if the description is right.
  13. In the meantime a possible solution would be to highlight your players so their names will be above them, pause the game before it kicks off, Click on a player to see which end you are, once you have the right end, press control and then left click on evey one of your players, their names will always stay visable. You will have to do it for every game. EDIT: Way to slow
  14. It used to be sort of a cheat in one of the Championship Manger games. Entering the name of an international manager to control that team. I can see it being usefull in way has putting yourself in the editor complete with maybe a playing history and manager history, disliked players and staff, favourite players and staff, me being welsh and a villa fan I follow Villa and Cardiff. You could set your own reputation.
  15. Sorry Clean, didn't realise until after I posted it. If I remember correctly you used the section in your Youth Development thread on FM12, the options section.
  16. That way you have to manually press the browse button, but on fm12 you had an option to set it so it would do it automatic
  17. Not going on holidays, it was an option to stop the processing of events to daily either just during the transfer window or for the full competition, think it came under screen flow, something like that
  18. I guys havn't got time to read through all the posts, due to m being on a 30 min break, on fm12 you had a setting th stopped the game every day, week, month depending on what you chose for eithr just the transfer window or full season. I may just be having a selective sight issue but I can't seem to find it on FM13, any idea if it is still on here or has it been removed? Edit: Sorry guys just realised I'm in Tactics and Training. Hopefully someon will still answer
  19. If the attribute are given a 0 (you can check in the editor) they will be randomised on every load, if the attribute is hard coded (given a value in the editor) then that attribute will always start on the. Thats if the current ability and potential ability attributes and not randomised (i.e. given a 0 value). Oh and another thing that effects some staff attributes is the number of people loaded on a save.
  20. I haven't played FM13 still on FM12 so if it works the same the following should come in handy for you, I looked into it for FM12 http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/274884-Backroom-Advice-Whats-Needed-For-Each-Category
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