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  1. I thought Junior Coaching meant the amount of available attributes can be trained individually, the higher the level the more options available for individual training. I could be wrong but I'm sure that it was this on FM12 could have changed it for FM13
  2. Sorry Clean, didn't realise until after I posted it. If I remember correctly you used the section in your Youth Development thread on FM12, the options section.
  3. That way you have to manually press the browse button, but on fm12 you had an option to set it so it would do it automatic
  4. Not going on holidays, it was an option to stop the processing of events to daily either just during the transfer window or for the full competition, think it came under screen flow, something like that
  5. I guys havn't got time to read through all the posts, due to m being on a 30 min break, on fm12 you had a setting th stopped the game every day, week, month depending on what you chose for eithr just the transfer window or full season. I may just be having a selective sight issue but I can't seem to find it on FM13, any idea if it is still on here or has it been removed? Edit: Sorry guys just realised I'm in Tactics and Training. Hopefully someon will still answer
  6. The old divert attention from our shoddy defence, I wonder if Wenger thought of it
  7. Mike I know what you mean, when you beat a team they question your approach and when you lose or draw they praise your teams passing ability
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