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  1. To be honest (and I had forgotten this ^^) FM12 was the first one I didn't buy because I asked on these forums whether the issues mentioned above were still present and was told by several people that they were, although they weren't as pronounced. I also remember some people complaining that newgens were far too good compared to previous versions. I'm curious to know what problems you have with FM13 players? The only common flaw I see is low bravery for defensive players. Everything else I have found pretty balanced - and I'm currently playing a game in 2030.
  2. I don't know what you fellas are smoking but the last three or four FMs before 13 were absolutely terrible for long-term games. Don't you remember the stupid stat distribution for newgens? The world-class 5' 6" DCs? The hordes of MCs with ridiculous pace and acceleration but no wingers to match them? The strikers who would be decent in all areas except - wait for it - ridiculously low finishing? Honestly, for me, newgens were a game-breaker until FM13.
  3. Thanks for the reply but as I said, no scouting restrictions - I can scout anywhere in the world. Besides, the option is simply not there for any player. I can still scout the player if I right-click but that extra click is a real pain. ^_^ Has no-one else come across this problem? The option went missing when I moved to a new club. I thought it was something to do with my staff but I have a chief scout and five scouts and I can't find an option in staff responsibilities. Is there an option to appoint a member of staff to track my players who are out on loan? Because I thought it was in the same place but I can't find that either.
  4. Hi, can I pick your brains? When an agent touts their player around, I usually hit the 'compile scout report' button. At least I think that's what it says, because mine has disappeared. Anyone have any idea why? I have a chief scout and no scouting restrictions. It's probably something simple but I'm a bit befuddled. Thanks in advance.
  5. No, I don't have a rash... ^_^ I've been trying out a few skins and have gone back to the original FM13 skin. My problem is that one or two of the text colours seem to have been permanently changed. It's as if they belong to a darker skin because now certain text is white on white so I can't see it. Namely I'm having trouble with 'Condition' in my squad screen, which is red at low values but white towards 100% (when it should be dark on the white background). Likewise player attribute headings are in white and barely visible (to be clear I don't mean the attribute values but the names of attributes). Can anyone help me put this right? I've already deleted all downloaded skin files and verified my files on Steam. When that didn't work I completely re-installed but still no joy. Cheers.
  6. You may have trouble playing a passing, possession-based game with that formation; 4-2-3-1 might suit you better as it gives your midfield more options. Set your team to control, push up high, tempo to slowish and passing to short. Don't set any player to run with the ball often - even wide players should only run sometimes. And set their long shots to rarely.
  7. I would like to see a change to how you set player instructions, so that you can set them for each individual player and not the position within your tactics. I'm tired of having to set player instructions every time I make a sub. I'd like to be able to set instructions for a player so that, for example, a winger will always play as a winger, even if the player he's replacing is a wide midfielder. Obviously there might be times when you play a player out of position, and you would still need to correct this, but currently if a target man replaces a poacher there is a lot of unecessary clicking to give him the right instructions. I like this idea.
  8. Yeah, I did start retraining him as a CB when I signed him, but there seems to be a real dearth of left-backs in my game. There aren't many LBs better than him, and those that are are about half his size, so there's a trade-off. Anyway he's doing pretty well at LB. Well, yes, he's obviously a good player, I wouldn't have signed him otherwise. My point is I wouldn't look at him and think he was one of the top LBs in the world. Maybe I give too much weight to technical stats, but I'd certainly be reluctant to part with £30m+ to sign him, which is what he would cost. I guess there's a bit of a conflict in the game engine going on. On the one hand, my coaches don't rate him highly at all and on the other he is performing brilliantly against all opposition. I give up on the star ratings, once you get to the top they don't seem reliable at all. Um... it's just the regular FM13 skin.
  9. You know those players; there's always one who seems to consistently perform above and beyond his average-looking stats. Meet Owain Ainsworth, Cambridge United's Mr. Dependable. I brought him in on a free from Bangor City while in the Championship; he looked like a decent prospect and squad player. But he has steadily worked his way to becoming one of the first names on the teamsheet, fans' player of the year for two seasons running and a key figure in the club's rise to becoming Premiership and Champions League winners. His key FB stats are good, though not excellent, and his key strength is consistency. But he's only fairly professional and not very determined. I am still scratching my head a little as to why he is now rated as one of the top left-backs in the world, worth £21.5m and averages about 7.50 over four seasons in the Premiership. My team report highlights him as way below the level of the rest of my team but I'm sticking with him because he's just so reliable! What makes this guy so good? Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  10. Perhaps it's to do with the difference in points. You could say you'll challenge for the title and you might finish third - but if you're 20 points behind the leaders, your board might still be unhappy.
  11. I might be wrong but I think the star rating does not necessarily take into account the coach's 'working with youngsters' attribute. So they might have a high star rating but if they don't work well with youngsters, they're probably not a good U18 coach. Worth bearing in mind, especially with lower league clubs where your coaches end up working with everyone.
  12. I've had some success with loan signings as Cambridge Utd, but I've found it difficult to get them in at the start of a season. I found there was much more interest in the January window which makes sense as by then players would be frustrated at not breaking into the first team and be more open to going out on loan. This can be a real boost to your season and helped get me promoted three seasons running. Bizarrely I was able to get Shola Ameobi and Stephen Hunt on loan in my second season (13/14 in League 2). Their stats were far superior to the rest of my squad but their performances, especially Hunt who was far too good for League 2, were garbage. I thought this was a nice touch for the game; they just didn't have the motivation and I ended up using players I'd signed for free from dutch amateur clubs (That second nationality really helped).
  13. I think some people just need to take a break from FM. I've been playing for years but I didn't buy FM12 because I was starting to feel like the OP. I thought FM11 was a very poor game; regens especially were deeply flawed and ruined long-term games. So in protest I didn't buy FM12. Now I've had a rest and am loving FM13; it's so much improved on FM11, light years ahead. I think in future I'll only buy the game every other year because honestly I haven't enjoyed FM so much in years.
  14. I've found the 'huge underdogs' option, if available, is very effective. It nearly always lifts your whole team and I've achieved some great upsets after using it. Just to add to what Apos said, I tend to stick to encouraging team talks; usually the 'you have faith' and 'lot more to come from you' type of talks. As you say, these often don't have a huge effect on the team but importantly they pretty much never have a negative effect. If you reinforce these talks along the same lines with the individual or positional talks, you'll get some green on the screen and be good to go. Only use the more extreme team talks like the harsh 'expect to win' and the too laid back 'enjoy yourselves' sparingly. They're more risky but they can be useful.
  15. Low ratings for CMs was a problem in FM11 and 10 as well I think. It's one of many flaws in the game that have been present for two or more versions. I've come to the conclusion that these sort of problems will never be fixed. The delusion that things will improve in the latest release is a big part of what sells the game. If things like this were fixed, what would be the point in buying a new version? Call me cynical but...
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