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  1. I'm sorry, is that comment addressed at me? So I just stick with a very attacking tactic when I'm a huge underdog? Also, I don't know what unplugged means, sorry.
  2. I feel like my Advanced Forward isn't doing anything useful, he is on a 10 match goalless streak. I'm using the 103 IW because my full backs and wingers fit that tactic the best. I'm leading the league but can't help but feel that my striker could be more useful. He is the best rated striker in the league and the AF role suits him, should I maybe change it to something else? EDIT: I play Dinamo Zagreb and dominate the league, but I'm wondering, when I play the champions league and face someone like Bayern, should I switch the mentality to cautious or do the tactics always work best as attacking? And another question: The short corner seems like an exploit of the match engine, the AI can't seem to handle it and my right back always has a free shot on target from it, can you confirm that this is the case, because if it is, I don't want to exploit the ME, when I win 1-0 and the single goal was from that kind of corner, I just feel like I'm cheating.
  3. Would you consider adding travelling choices as a financial impact for the next game? Adding that with the ability to choose if your team flies to every game, or they just take buses, etc. I can imagine it could have an impact on finances, but cost less fatigue of the players.
  4. V3 is a monster. 54 games unbeaten with Chelsea. Oscar at AMC scoring 36 goals and 14 assists. Benteke at ST scoring 27 and 14 assists.
  5. Playing with Chelsea, attacking mentality, last two games of UCL I fielded weaker sides because I qualified earlier.
  6. Is there any other way for me to sell Mata to United for 35M? I have the ingame editor, but I can only see the option of moving him for free instantly.
  7. Can I use this tool to sell Mata to United for 35M? I can only find the option to move him for free?
  8. When is the January transfer window patch coming? I don't want to start a new game without it.
  9. I do not like exploiting the game via the corner "bug", so I put the corners to mixed, but all in all, this is the most successful tactic I played with.
  10. There are no sliders this year so that is why i used the instructions. For high tempo, wide play, push up etc.
  11. http://i.imgur.com/xG4wFV5.png This is the tactic I am using, and I thought I understood some basics of football. I guess I was wrong, I can't actually do anything good with it. Can anyone point out some OBVIOUS errors I have made?
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