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  1. I'm still playing FM13, despite owning FM14. Only because I have a sublime player in my squad who came through the academy and is on the verge of making 200 caps for england (which was helped by being the england manager!). He is nearly 32 now so I will probably play that save until he retires and pick up on the game i started on FM14
  2. Something similar perhaps to tossing a coin 5 times and it coming out all tails? Just really lucky/unlucky
  3. I always try to get a team where the first 11 mirrors the england manager's first 11. I have so far managed to get 8 (i dont have an english keeper as De Gea just keeps being awesome despite approaching 40) and he always plays my DC as a DR. Bleh. One day!
  4. Sub1: D Sub2: GK Sub3: D Sub4: M Sub5: M Sub6: M/S Sub7: S The exact positions filled will be filled up between each position, so for eg Sub1 is normally a D RC with Sub3 a D L and I have an AM R and a AM LC making up the midfield slots. This can vary if my onfield players can roam across multiple positions. I always play with a sub keeper when I have one available (I once foolishly forgot to check the scheduling and all of my backup keepers were selected in a reserve game on the same day). Mostly out of tradition.
  5. For some reason I still buy FM as a physical copy, as I have owned a physical copy of every iteration of the game since CM00/01 (when I first had a computer). Despite the fact that both FM12 and 13 I actually installed without using the media
  6. When you dream about a discussion with your U18's manager about who to take on your pre-season tour of China and when you get there you then address the team about what food they are allowed to eat. And then the ex gf you never even thought about for years turns up with her husband to spoil the party
  7. Sometimes if I am feeling like my ego needs feeding, I will spin off my existing save into a new one, using FMRTE to change the name of one of my regens to my own (and all other attributes with the same birthday, but making me still 15/16/17), giving me uber stats and just watching me destroy the opposition. Right before I then delete the save and carry on with my normal game
  8. I have successfully ran FM on a Hyper-V guest (ran from Windows 8 Enterprise but will also run with 8 Pro) (I have a thread somewhere where I was trying to work it out). You can download Hyper-V 2012 as a free OS (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/server-cloud/hyper-v-server/default.aspx) - maybe you could run virtual Linux and virtual Windows? Edit: http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/346397-Random-yet-crazy-question-running-the-game-twice
  9. I found this annoying yet also amusing as my DoF was just accepting all the bids for my development list
  10. Sadly that is not how I want to go about it... my two saves are one where I am already at Man Utd and the other is where I want to build myself from the bottom to the top and be offered the Man Utd job and fix whatever state they are in by the time I get there. Plus my machine is fully able to run the game twice, it's just that it seems that the game itself does not allow it. I even tried creating another user on the computer, and running the FM exe as this other user (whilst still logged into my normal user account) but get the same "game is already running" message.
  11. I did try the VM route, but the animation on the VM was not as smooth as I would like. I mean it would probably do the job if I over looked it and could find no other means of running two instances on my physical PC I actually tried running FM on both the host and the guest (with Steam on the guest in offline mode) and they both processed along ok and could play a match on both simultaneously. It was interesting to say the least, just that performance on the guest was jerky in places, just as it was when I was running it on the guest only.
  12. Before I start, I must first state that YES, I am completely bonkers. I have a pretty decent PC. Way over spec'd to run FM (It's built with hosting many virtual machines in Hyper-V so that I can play with servers for my Microsoft learning stuff). Whilst I am not installing various incarnations of Server 2012, the PC is pretty much doing naff all whilst I am playing FM (I can actually have all my VM's run whilst playing FM with no impact on each). I currently run with 2 monitors. I have two saved games that I switch between - one where I am trying to work my way up from the bottom and one where I started with Man Utd. What I would LOVE to do when I am not studying/watching films/tv etc on my second screen whilst the first is playing FM, is run FM in a second instance. As an experiment, I installed a virtual Windows 8, loaded Steam and FM, and ran it both via an RDP and through the Hyper-V console, but the performance was not the same, and even if it were, I think I would be technically breaching some kind of license agreement for running FM on two "machines" at the same time (even though both on the same physical machine). So yeah... thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? Directions to the looney bin? Is it possible to force a game within steam to run twice?
  13. My best guess is that maybe it was based on the fact they scored more goals away from home than you did? (They had 5, you had 4)
  14. I love being able to export and import views so my custom field selections can be copied between PC's!
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