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  1. <<< not an Aussie, but been living in Sydney for years. Do I count?
  2. Awesome result - but that Patrick Burger is more awesome
  3. Yeah Japan first. If there's 1 licence Sega should buy for the next FM it will be the licence for the Japanese league. Then the German national team. Then add the Macedonian league
  4. I read somewhere that Automatic means your reputation will be the same as the league's reputation, whereas Sunday League is fixed reputation of 1500 iirc. So say your league's reputation is 1000, selecting Automatic will give you a current reputation of 1000, whereas selecting Sunday League will give you 1500. In the Man Utd example, the reputation of the Premier League may be say 7000 and Man Utd's reputation may be say 9000, so selecting Automatic will cause some players to look down on you. Can't find the experiment thread that backs this up though, but if you want to find out, you can try creating a few managers with different past experience in different leagues and check their current reputation using an editor.
  5. you check out the website, watch youtube videos, and buy official jerseys of the random lower league european club you've just had success with
  6. Does anyone have a link or any info about what each individual player and staff attribute mean? Thanks
  7. ...when you start creating new chants for the team you're managing, even though you don't know them at all in real life
  8. How about implementing a difficulty level, e.g. "realistic" or "simplified", for the key aspects of the game, e.g. Tactics, Training, Transfers, Team Management, etc. So if you choose "simplified" difficulty for Tactics, for example, you will only be able to set the mentality (attack, normal, defence), passing (short, long, direct, mixed), and formation. "Simplified" Transfers will only have bid price, basic salary, and contract term. This is to help new players ease into the game, or for an easy quick game with your mates.
  9. I remember reading a post in the SI forums a few years back about a kid who got scolded by her mum and his CM (at the time) seized because she thought the game was a bad influence. The kid was playing as QPR and had the player profile of Danny Shittu when his mum saw...
  10. Erm, scenarios will just lead to more challenge threads as people start threads on the scenarios, and on new scenarios they come up with inspired by the feature. You really should think things through first... </div></BLOCKQUOTE> well maybe not, cos I dont recall seeing a challenge thread in civ and c&c forums. but yeah if people are keen they can think of an infinite number of challenges anyway separate forum for challenges is probably a better solution
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