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  1. i tried but i receive only errors like season must have at least 11 months or others...
  2. if i changed date how you say but is giving me another error http://imageshack.com/a/img673/3826/SQoMpJ.jpg
  3. How can i solve this ? -> ''Season Update day 1/7/2014 must not lie inside season date range 27/6/2014 - 10/7/2015'' Thanks
  4. You where right,that was the problem, i removed ''parent competition'' from the group 5 (seria V) and also made as inactive group. all teams from group 5 was assigned to group 1,2,3 and 4 equally. I tested it(simulated) until the end on 2019/2020 season and work perfect. THANK YOU MAN ! REGARDS
  5. ok than,tomorrow i will make this change and test it. i'll post again after that. thanks
  6. sorry i don't know what you saw in there but the teams are like this in third league (Liga III): -a 13 teams (seria I) -b 14 teams (seria II) -c 14 teams seria III) -d 13 teams (seria IV)
  7. i simulated a game unemployed with only 1th and 2th leagues and worked just fine until 2018/19 season and than i simulated another with all 1th-4th leagues and the game stop scheduling matches at end of 2016/17 season. but only in leagues, the national coups and european competition works just fine
  8. this is the file: http://www.mediafire.com/download/7gkv7g35mf8aaa6/-II-Romanian+Leagues++%26+Coups+ReConstructed+v.2.0.fmf
  9. i will take a look again at all patch.. Test rules said that rules are valid. i'll post any changes.
  10. I reconstructed Romanian Leagues, from 1th to 4th and the coups also. In the 3th season,2016-2017 the game stop scheduling matches for the ligues,only the coups schedule work,Romanian and European (EL,CL) but not the ligues. Also all leagues from the game works normally. any ideas why? Thanks for your answers. have a good day.
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