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  1. I stopped playing FM because of the match engine. 3 months later I come back and see that the foreign player issue is still not fixed. Wow!!!
  2. Are we to assume that you are not considering this an issue? In the update from december 20th there was no mention of this.
  3. You mean like this? Guess what my player did despite having an open player on his left. I'll give you a hint: he didn't pass.
  4. Thanks for your input. So if I understand correctly, the star rating is inaccurate. Would this be applicable to the game speed or PC performance indicator as well? Thanks.
  5. So I would be ok with my 32gb of RAM. One thing in particular that confuses me in the game is the rating of PC performance vs game speed. The difference is drastic. I started a save with 17 countries and 23 leagues and I get 2 stars for game speed but 4 for PC performance. Would you know what would be the difference between those two ratings?
  6. Thank you for your input. Is there an official recommendation from SI on this topic? For example what is more important in terms of PC performance: cpu or ram? intel or amd? etc. I have read many comments and it differs a lot from person to person.
  7. Hello, I am having hard time setting up an optimized save for my journeyman career. What would you recommend in terms number of loaded leagues in full detail? PC details: I would love to load as many as possible but I fear that the save might lag after 10 years or so. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  8. The same issue is happening when pressing F4 button to go quickly through unread e-mails. It no longer works and you have to press it multiple times.
  9. I just registered over 30 players for my camp and after hitting the confirm button this is what I get.
  10. Same here. These are especially frustrating: * Decision making from wide players is a disaster, shots from stupid angles into the side netting, lack of crossing, never squaring the ball, I have literally never had a wide player sprint down the side line and cross a ball in. * One on ones, virtually never score * Freak GK abilities
  11. Thank you. Hopefully, it will be fixed in the next patch.
  12. I am playing in Serbia and the year is 2022. Serbia just joined EU and I signed an italian player. It tells me that he is foreign as he is a non-EU player despite the player having only italian nationality.
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