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  1. What Clubs Have Sacked You?

    Same, i asked arsenal to expand stadium, i was winning at least 3 trophies a season and was a global club but still 60,000 and then next day i was sacked for issuing an ultimatium
  2. Womens Leagues?

    I think it would be popular but in a weird sort of way as for instance I will start a new game and just look through the countries for a new challenge and if womens league was in there I think people would try it just out of curiosity. Heres a thought, would a top womens league manager be able to go straight from winning everything to a top team in mens football or would they have to prove themselves again?
  3. I would like to see the option of rather than just offering a contract being able to talk to a transfer target with your vision for the club, where you want to be in 2 years time, who else you want to bring in and how he would fit in with your ambitions. Additionally if you didnt fulfil what you told him, he could become disillusioned and unhappy. This would work with my other idea of being able to have talks with players currently at the club, in a sort of press conference style that is currently in fm09. Also option to manage a womans team.