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  1. I'm working on a database where the majority of the English teams at level 9 is replaced by teams all with second nations coming through their youth academy. The idea is to build these leagues and potentially a cup for them all (might cause fixture congestion so have not committed to this yet). This should include all world nations, as that's the plan. So every team at level 9 gets a particular nations regens coming through (few spare teams may survive to flesh it out), idea is doing this in England should help lift smaller nations if their clubs with that second nationality rise, and it will also just be a bit of fun. I am looking for some help making team names, and maybe some rivalries. I.e. Mongolia and Nigeria could be rivals as both teams could be eagle themed. The pettier the rivalry the better. Any help with this is appreciated, hoping to get this done in a few weeks. The list of nations is below, pulled from .gov site. Link
  2. That Liverpool result result, if was Utd probably got the sack Otherwise good stuff
  3. Ahh maybe I'll try FM20 in time then, always like getting second nationalities in the youth.
  4. Reading this I thoght back to an old thread by @Makoto Nakamura with the youth in Croatia, quite a slow burner but eventually got to the top. Hopefully you don't take as long, was 40 seasons to the Bundesliga. Though starting level 10 might be close. Going back through that thread and reading about your youth intakes reminded me of a post about English clubs with second nationalities. I have now decided a save starting at level 12 with London Samurai (second nationality is Japanese) is a good way to spend my time. Did you change anything on the editor for such a range of nationalities or is it just more diverse in FM20? I'm still on 19.
  5. I'm having the same experience in France, really can only sign player released from teams in the same regional league. @Jimbokav1971 I assume you would have the same problem if signing players, which fortunately you do not. I found a few years ago I took a tier 10 team to prem (Witney Town), the players on non contracts and amateur stayed with me but the players on part time deals left. Not sure if you will see the same, but if that is the case your youth are more likely to leave.
  6. Sad to see the end of your last thread, but looking forward to seeing where this goes. I love lower league management, usually run out of steam by the time I get near the top so end up taking few clubs to Prem or other equivalents and then never winning it. I often go to this part of the country, my family all live in and around Gretton. Just north of Kettering. Good luck.
  7. I have just finished reading the Reddit series, was disappointed it ended so soon but was a great read. Looking forward to seeing how it goes with your challenge, are you going to be setting card and foul targets? What do you think will be the priority, success then going down the discipline route or vice versa? Understand you are getting a setting up the policy to get aggressive players but curious, would a new signing slightly under the required ratings come in if you thought was key to promotion for example. Anyway good luck!
  8. I like option 3, in my view that seems the mostly likely one a club would choose if wanted to modernise and I agree with Smurf that the date is the most important part. A quick google shows me the town is the largest producer of carrots in Southern Italy. If ever change again reckon could fit a carrot reference in there somewhere?
  9. Introduction Me and the wife have had a baby, and weirdly he's come out and can already say 1 word. Zoo! This is a sign, I must build a zoo for my boy, however due to a weird change in the law (I blame BREXIT) the only way to take ownership of a breeding pair of animals is to accept it as a gift. Well it's quite difficult to get people to give you animals for free, but another quirky law from BREXIT is that football clubs must give you a gift in the form of an animal representing your club if you win a trophy. It's a weird world but I think I can make this work. So the brief from the wife is simple, build a Zoo and populate it with animals we win from football. Sounds simple enough, I have built a spreadsheet to document my idea and work from. I have never worked in football so start this journey with no experience but a head full of ideas. I don't really mind the state of the clubs on arrival or departure. I just want the animals to make the boy happy. Current rules for this save then are; Based in England, don't want to move the family too much To get a breeding pair I must win a league or cup competition Start with no badges or experience Once have an animal it's time to resign and move on The clubs I have found wiki a quick Wikipedia and database trawl are below Any further suggestions are welcome, will add some more as I find them and if the challenge goes well may move further afield. Unemployment So looking through available jobs we find the following; Worksop Town, Sporting Bengal, London Tigers - Tigers Burscough - Linnets Bridport, Harborough - Bees Eccleshill - Eagles Colney Heath, Loxwood - Magpies Padiham - Storks Sawbridgeworth, Ilkeston - Robins Newcastle Benfield - Lions AFC Croydon - Rams Barton Town - Swans AFC Mansfield - Bulls Tamworth - Lambs Second job is to filter the list down to animals with only one team, animals with two or more will be easier to get later and can apply later but for now will focus on unique opportunities. So now we are left with Padiham - Storks - Tier 9 AFC Mansfield - Bulls - Tier 8 Tamworth - Lambs - Tier 7 Applications have gone in for all jobs. First bit of news Secondly All 3 of my applications warranted interviews, CV is clearly quite strong. As the first team to respond they get their man, sort of glad to be starting from the bottom, and the club want promotion so could be a short stint if we manage a trophy this year. Just past the dog poo bin on the right hand side, Padiham football club. The man with the plan We are in 3 competitions, the league, the FA cup and FA Vase. I don't see us winning a cup so league is the best best for a first attraction for the zoo. The Zoo I’ve instructed the missus to find a suitable plot of land for the zoo, hopefully update incoming.
  10. Post Season Review We have completed our first season in the Ladbrokes League 2, did we manage to hold on and win promotion at the first attempt? Well it was a bumpy ride but we did it. Despite the teams best effort to throw it away, myself included, we just about managed to hold on to a top place finish and avoid the playoffs. We started to unravel when, as mentioned in my previous post, I holidayed a game as we had already played it and won before my computer crashed. The rerun of the game saw us come away as 0-4 losers, a quite shocking result compared to the season so far. I then overcompensated and tinkering went to full on tactical rebuilding, as I went further and further I eventually thought I should return to the winning formula but it was too late and didn't want to click. What was at times a 15 point lead came down to 6 with 4 games to go. We were in this against East fife and they were certainly in better form than us. The run in had us playing one match, then each other followed by 2 bottom half teams for both of us. The first game gave me some confidence when we managed a late draw but East Fife lost, this meant regardless of our result against them we would be top of at least one more week. Fortunate as they beat us 2-0. Our penultimate game against bottom placed Queen’s Park was now a deciding fixture and sure enough we continued our perfect record against them. This meant our final game at Annan, the team who caused the implosion, was of no relevance and an own goal in the first minute and a conceded goal in the last minute of injury time meant we ended on a draw. The rest of the competitions were not great, under par in IRN-BRU cup, poor in the Betfred Cup and well beaten by Celtic in the fourth round of the Scottish Cup. Squad Stand Out Performer. Shaun Rodgers Best player this season, no question. Fans player and young player of the year winner Rodgers scored 15 league goals from the inside forward position on the left and also got 4 assists. I was looking to sign him on a free but another young winger I had looked at also was available so unfortunately his wage demands (reachable but more than I wanted) meant that we went another direction. I was tempted to sign both but I like to work with a small squad. Here is the comparison between him and Ross Gunn who is joining us this summer. Other good players were Dishington who might well edge out Thomas for the starting CM slot if we decide what tactic to go with, more on that later. Underperformer of the year. Ben Armour So much promise, I had hoped he would step up and become the first choice striker but it wasn’t to be. 4 goals in 21 starts and 10 sub appearances is not good enough and hopefully we can move him on this summer, but I have doubts over who might take him. Tactics As seen from the schedule above we imploded a bit in the second half of the year. So it is time for a bit of a tactical review to see what went wrong. Looking at the overviews of the teams in the league, with a focus on defensive side we find some issues. Second most goals conceded from corners Least tackles won - 272 is less than 10 a game, we also have the worst tackling % at 88% so even when we do try we are not great. We do however have some of the best discipline in the league. Least headers won - particularly we won 404 less than the 9th placed team who themselves only won 248 less than the top team. On avg we won 24 a game, Albion Rovers above us 35 a game and the top team Cowdenbeath won 42 a game. Woeful. Clean sheets - We had joint second most clean sheets, but for champions 13 is still way under what I would like. Particularly as overall we shipped 43 goals, more than 1 a game on avg. The tactic we have used mainly is 4-2-3-1, this I don't think will work moving forward, I tried it year 2 when we struggled to score in the first season and we scored for fun. I think against better opposition we just became easy picking so have reverted back to the following. I am hoping the DM position will make us more secure as we now face mor professional teams on a regular basis in league 1. The aim is survival so secure and safe is good. I tried this with short passing before but made very few chances so have tried to go for a more counter attacking quik style of play. Friendlies will dictate the finer points. With regards to players for this formation; I have a good level LB and am signing a RM who I am going to convert to RB so the fullbacks are covered, along with Farrell who has really developed into a solid GK. The CBs need work, being cheap 1 quality CB is the priority and potentially a second if we can stretch but there are other areas to fix, plus some more solid backups to recruit. In midfield Whelan is declining much quicker than I anticipated in the DM slot so youth academy product McGuigan (only good one so far) will get more game time moving forward. In the center of the park we have Dishington and Thomas who play well together, with Thomas going to be trained to stay back more as lacks the pace. The wings are solid with Wilson and incoming Gunn both looking good options but there is a lack of depth. Up top we have committed Small to a new deal as rotation as we look to make a big ST signing in the free transfer market. First team wise then the wishlist is ST CB 2nd LB 2nd RB 3rd CB 3rd & 4th CMs 2nd RW 2nd LW A fair few, might keep a few more of the current team if needs be but for now its a good starting point. Finances For the first time I actually put the players league bonus as low, maybe why they tried to throw it. This together with the 75K for winning the league has left us with £13,215 in the bank, hopefully an increase in season tickets, attendance and sponsorship can help us stay in the black. Around the world Queens Park are relegated to non league, but Celtic were once again stopped from domestic dominance, this time by Hibernian, no real surprises elsewhere. In England Man City continued with a treble, Arsenal winning the Carabao Cup. Again nothing too out of the ordinary here. Bit more excitement around Europe. Man Utd beat Arsenal in Champs League final, Spain had the third winner in 3 years, Dortmund beat Bayern, Napoli retianed their title and PSV beat Ajax.
  11. Thanks @Nobby_McDonald hopefully the success continues, not expecting a rapid rise as I hate spending but 2 seasons in each league 1 and 2 then as long as it takes in the Championship is the timeline have in my head.
  12. Mid Season Update 20/21 18 games into the league season, how are we faring? We have done spectacularly so far, I thought the media might be hyping us up a bit and when we didn't make too many wholesale changes to the squad I was a bit worried we wouldn't be as competitive as everyone said. We are currently 12 points clear having just lost our first game against second placed East Fife. We dominated but couldn't score, missed a penalty and the only consolation is its making me tweak tactics a bit rather than just coast through the year. The rest of the competitions are fairly boring. League is the main focus so that's good, Scottish Cup should give us a financial boost playing Celtic but the IRN-BRU Cup we were a round short of board expectations. Players and Tactics Our stand out performer is Shaun Rodgers, on loan from Morton. I reckon he could do a decent job for them but for now he is doing really well for us, contract up in 6 months so might be able to sign him permanently. 11 goals, 2 assists and 7.40 Avg Rating. Akers has done really well, 4 goals and 6 assists to make the battle fr AMR quite competitive, Aidan Wilson the first teamer who agreed to a new contract at the 11th hour is doing well also (6 goals and 2 assists) but has had an injury layoff. Our final attacking midfield slot, the AMC, had been rotated between Dishington and Watson. The attacking midfielders in the team are carrying us with the strikers struggling to perform. *Small scored 4 goals in 1 game so even his 7 is slightly inflated I have not made many tactical changes as with the midfielders scoring it seems it would be a bit odd to stop this, however I am keeping an eye on it as the scoring rate seems to have dropped and will see how we do over the coming weeks. None of the strikers are rated above 3 stars with Walker at 2 and the others on 3. I am tempted to start tinkering as we are hitting the second half of the season and this is usually where results start to go downhill. Matches The only team we haven't beat this year is Albion Rovers, we beat them in pre-season but 2 draws since are the only things really annoying me. *Computer crashed, just holidayed the last game as needed to be redone, lost 4-0. Finances It isn’t great reading on the financial front, we are not as far into the red as last year but we are getting close. If the Celtic match is a sellout we might make enough to get into the black, if we somehow get a draw we will definitely be in the black. Going professional is still quite a way away I think/hope. It would be good to get the younger players into more training but the increased salary would mean we would have to sell to stay in business I imagine. Looking at the leagues above Premiership - All Professional Championship - All bar one (Montrose - Semi Pro) League 1 - Greenock Morton, Airdrieonians, Clyde are Professional rest Semi Pro League 2 - All Semi Pro barring Queens Park There is a chance we could go Pro if promoted but doubt it, getting into the black for the Championship might be a better aim as we might struggle to compete against professional teams.
  13. Pre Season 20/21 So the dust has settled and we are looking ahead to our season within the Scottish league structure. What's happened in the off-season, not much really. Transfers I said to the squad that with the right additions we could do midtable, they were disappointed with my ambition, so we settled on aiming for play-offs. This in mind I looked for some signings to make and see how we could improve the squad. Scott Costello came in from Brechin, he had been on loan here the last 2 years and hasn't performed amazingly but at a decent level. He wanted a £5 a week youth contract and would remain first choice keeper until we found a replacement later in the window, spoiler alert, we didn't. Akers and Rodgers are RW and LW in that order, Akers would be a first choice player if Wilson, our current RW did not sign a new deal (looked unlikely) and Rodgerswould become first choice LW. Walker is a player who I admired from afar when Queen of the South loaned him to our divisional rivals last year. 16 when they got him, he finished the season on 11 goals and 11 assists so I got him in as backup striker, hopefully he develops and then I loan him again till end of contract and sign on a free. This is a tactic I like to use regularly on FM lower leagues, loan a player, ideally for free and then take him for free, example 1 - Scott Costello. Squad So with the transfers above I have pretty much the same team as last year. Players of note; McKendry - Young CB with high potential, keen to play him as much as possible but slightly worse than both current CBs. Will probably play more games as part time training means he needs gametime to develop close to his potential. McDowell - Young LB high potential but no direct rival, just a backup in the squad meaning he gets plenty of playtime. Thomas and Dishingon - Both good attacking minded CMs, will play 2 in the easier games and at home with Whelan stepping in when we have a fixture I want some more steel in the midfield. Small - Top scorer last year, came in to give me goals and he delivered, 20 league goals and 29 in all competitions isn't setting the world on fire but was a vast improvement on the first season where Smith got 14 in all. Loads of youth players out, most will probably never play for us but Jack Mutch might. Top Player Currently this is Wilson. He refused to sign a contract last year, and all summer but after no one came in for him he is now my top earner, taking home £180 a week, twice anyone else in the squad. In order to sign we had a few promises so we need to get promoted in a few years and sign a new attacker, he wanted a new coach and I was looking for a fitness coach anyway so that has already been done. Hopefully as we progress we will see him continue to perform, 12 goals and 9 assists last year are hopefully his numbers to push on from. Pre-Season I’ve included the Betfred Cup in the preseason as we were expected to advance and I rotated a lot. We beat St Mirren in convincing fashion so that was great and helped the bank balance. One win in Betfred vs divisional rivals Albion Rovers was good indicator we are ready to start. The media had us as favourites at one point and 2nd place in the season preview so hopefully we perform. He is also our best chance at an award. Finances We finished the year 10k in the red and went into the black over the course of pre season, the projection is minus £170k in a year's time but we didn't go that far last year with similar wages and probably less attendance so I’m hopeful that is incorrect. The finances are a big factor behind the lack of signings and I am hoping to keep the books in a decent shape so as we climb the leagues we don't fall back down in a state of financial insecurity. We have kept our stadium, we received an email last season saying the last game at Ainslie park but we are still going strong. Odd. Not sure the board know how to use the word soared.
  14. I actually quite liked seeing this, just makes your manager seem a bit more Warnock like, heart on the sleeve kind of guy. Also worth noting that I love how FM07 looks. Good luck with Hinckley.
  15. Not a bad haul, imagine its probably some kind of record. Are you finding this a lot quicker just managing the international side? Do you miss the amount of fixtures you had before? Never really got into a international save. Just got into League 2, wont be facing cross city rivals Edinburgh CIty as they just got promoted to league 1.
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