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  1. FM15 related questions. I am trying to get a team from level 9 to the premiership. I have managed 4 promotions and 1 relegation in about 7 years (won 1 league and one cup competition). I keep getting job offers from teams 2 levels below our league. I assume it's because the team's reputation is ridiculously low. We just got promoted to the Conference North after being relegated. This time around we are expected to go down immediately but we're currently 12th at the half way point. But players are all telling me they don't like the team because it's unambitious. Question are: Should our
  2. Would it be possible to argue that your tactics leave you open to offside traps?
  3. It's not true you get automatic citizenship but I doubt SI would code that in.
  4. What about the yellow speech option? I've negotiated with a few who don't like their time wasted or something similar who have entertained my less than desired offers to rounds 3 and up.
  5. I think no one is. He claims to be patient but after 1 round he goes straight to NG? That's not being patient.
  6. I didn't post this in the bug forum because I don't feel in it's a bug or in the wishlist one because I'm not 100% convinced I want it to be a thing. Just wanted to see what people thought.
  7. My last management game was Premier Manager 99 and when there was a schedule clash, there was a chance the game would crash.
  8. So I decided to become the international manager of Cameroon whilst keeping my club job in Gibraltar and maybe it's just me but I find it disconcerting that I'm able to be at both matches when both teams play on the same day. Do people agree/disagree that if you have 2 matches happening at the same time, one of them should be given to your assistant for that team? Right now, I have a match where both teams were playing at 16:00 and I honestly expected the game to crash but instead I was able to play the international one first and then the club one right after. I can understand why that's all
  9. Seems the offering to clubs option only delays the complaints about a day. I don't recall getting any notes that these I failed these guy's promises so their newspapers articles do seem to be a bit of a surprise. I'll post it but heh p.s I always assumed that when I get a media note and no one comes to me, it's just the media spreading rumours. But I'm starting tog et the feeling that's not the case. Especially when there's no option to deny these rumours.
  10. tinkered with the save a bit more and noted I still get the articles as predicted, 3 exactly the same day. But I never get any warnings the articles are coming but I did notice that if I make another attempt to sell a player before the article drops, I don't get the article.
  11. Nope, none of them are, they are all unhappy because they want to leave to get 1st team football. A look at the promises screen. I have 5 "failed" to sell promises. the 3 in the press are all there but none of them came to me to say they were unhappy by my unwillingness to sell them. the other 2: 1 acknowledged that I tried to sell him but felt my efforts weren't enough so he's not talking to me. the other is just annoyed that I broke my promise.
  12. According to the press, they all came to me asking to leave. True According to the press, whatever my response was, it angered them. False. I always agree when people ask to be sold and actively try to sell them, no one wanted them. The last time any of the players in question came to me was several months ago when I agreed to sell them. I agreed, I tried to sell them. I mean actively tried, I didn't jack up the price (I even leave some people as £0 if I don't really need them) and yet still get no offers yet I still get these articles. Either way, 3 different news articles about 3 differe
  13. I get that news papers can get things spectacularly wrong but are you telling me that players are then too stupid to realise that what's going on in the media is not true and brush it off?! How does that seem acceptable. This is not realistic!
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