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  1. too bad you didnt watch any games 100 years sooner maybe it would have made a difference earlier. but this is still a very enjoyable read
  2. great read just spent all day reading this lol one day we will all read that you made it to ECL!
  3. Clan Name: FM Legends Game: FM 16 Times: Pacific Time Zone. Game times are reasonable, will vote on it Leagues: BPL Additional Info: I created a forum here to make everything just a bit easier maybe I dont know http://fmlegendsleague.jcink.net/index.php?act=idx
  4. I would like to start a online game, I hae never played in one before but I think it would be cool to start one with 20 managers.
  5. Hello all, thanks for checking out this thread, I will take over the 10th ranked team in the 1st league at the very top. So thats possibly my OCD but i like to try and play all the leagues starting at the top and starting with the team ranked to come last and see if i can do something about it. This time it comes as Australia and Central Coast Mariners. Enjoy. The Manager I will be playing as Adam Kwasnik who was a player at the club from 2005-2008 and 2009-2014. He is the second most capped player at the team behind the assistant manager John Hutchinson (was going to be him but hes in the game already so itd be weird). In his playing career he played for Blacktown City Demons, Parramatta Power, Northern Spirit and Manly United before playing in the newly formed Hyundai A-League. He was apart of the original roster for the Central Coast Mariners from 2005-2008. He played in 62 games scoring 15 goals. In 2008 he moved onto the Wellington Phoenix team where he played in only 12 game scoring none. He was unhappy with playing time so he moved back to Central Coast. Central Coast welcomed him back with open arms. He proceeded to played 6 more years with the team appearing in 74 games and scoring 20 goals. Near the end of his career he suffered through some injuries that made him retire early. I figured who better to take over the team than him. I contemplated him or the 1st manager Lawrie McKinna but he's busy trying to become Mayor of Gosford. The city in which Central Cost plays in. The Team Central Coast Mariners were one of the original 8 franchises in the new A-League. They have won 2 A-League Premierships which are regular season championships while finishing runners up in 2 times aswell. They have also won the A-League Championships which is a playoff of the top 6 finishers in the regular season. They finished runners up 3 times in this competition. They have recently have fallen on hard times as of now. Hopefully I can lead them back to the early glory years.
  6. good read so far, will be following from here on out. Also can;t help but notice Bolton 10 points clear of the drop after seeing your last table screenchot how interesting is that lol
  7. Brilliant read. i just finished reading the thread in like 2 days haha. very great, makes me want to start an international career
  8. you posted this when the date on the form says 9-11. illuminati confirmed. sorry. dont mean to offend anyone. just thought it was so ironic, but onto this career. really loved reading this.
  9. How fast do you guys get through games? do you fast sim games or do you actually watch the game unfold?
  10. Arsenal F.C have announced that manager Arsene Wenger has stepped down. Sources being told that he stepped down after a disagreement with management over the way the team is being run. With that being said, the Arsenal board of directors have announced that Raymond Parlour will be the new manager. Some of you may remember Ray Parlour as a midfielder that played with the club from a youngster all the way until he left as a free transfer in 2004. He played a total of 339 games for the club. In those 339 games he scored a total of 22 goals. In 2004 he went from Arsenal to Middlesbrough. He made 46 starts for the club from 2004-2007 before being released. In 2007 he signed with Hull City playing in just 15 games before he called it a career. He also has represented England a total of 10 times from 1999-2000. During this time he was a Premier League Champion 3 times and a F.A Cup Champion 4 times.
  11. ive tried everything, This game just won't load. It starts off at 1 percent then in 5 seconds it gets to 100 then says Error 53 Steam Server too busy.
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