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  1. FM is such a complex game, and those pop-up question marks really don't cut it, I have created a video showing a basic demo and my ideas for a proper football manager tutorial i would love for people from the forums to add there own ideas in the comments
  2. hi guys, just thought i would share this video, spent some time finding all the information i could about FM18, the facts and also did some sherlock holmes stuff to work out whats coming in FM18 and also my plans for the new game would love to know your thoughts on whats going to be in FM18 and also what your wishlist for the new game would be
  3. Hi Guys, here is a little trailer i made for my new youtube FM17 Series, it should be a fun one
  4. Hi guys, i have been making FM content for about 10 months now and would love for you to check out my final save before FM17 lots of new stuff introduced in this series including a green screen for the first time so my big far head does not take up to much space i am using the latest transfers so it should be a fun one, come check it out Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 -
  5. i have taken the top 20 fifa ranked countries in the world and replaced the premiership with them, each team now comprises of the senior team (used in the Euros and copa america) AND the most recent u21 or u20 squad. each country also has the correct manager check it out here - each team has a transfer embargo for the next five years. so it forces you to use the senior and u21 squads from each nation. there is no home grown rules so you can play the entire team i kept the original team badges so you can easily see which country has taken over which club and uses their ground, coaching staff, finances you can check me out on youtube - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3wJqf60YbC6jzAfPRm2ig or search Loki Doki for more Football manager goodness
  6. hi guys, quick heads up. if you can correctly guess the outcome of my experiment i will give one lucky winner a £10 Steam game (of your choice) should be a fun series.
  7. Update Time! Lots of updates on my brondby and bolton saves. both almost at 50 episodes. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3wJqf60YbC6jzAfPRm2ig also done some cool new What if episodes. included one where i see what would happen if jamie vardy had zero pace. the results are quite bizarre also i have done a video on what features and improvements i want to see in football manager 2017. please check it out and leave your ideas in the comments section: lots of big stuff planned. including a brand new save. i just bought a green screen so this new series is going to be a lot funner with a high production value
  8. i made a FM17 wishlist video - detailing some of my idea's for FM17 and also taking some of the great idea's suggested in this thread
  9. LOTS has been going on on my youtube channel 2 brand new career saves have begun. Brondby - Bolton - also lots of other stuff including a experiment to see how liverpool would do with some of the talked about summer signings - and lots of other goodness. and soon will be a big giveaway to thank everyone for 1000 subs come join the fun https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-3wJqf60YbC6jzAfPRm2ig
  10. Hi guys. i know there are similar threads but i am going to be making a video in the next month or so. i want you to name ONE new feature for FM17 and ONE feature that needs improving/fixing. the reason i ask for only one of each is i wand to find out whats most important to each one of you guys. when i make the video i will compile a list of the most popular and/or important suggestions. thanks for your time
  11. just started a new career save with Bolton come check it out, its going to be a interesting one. transfer embargo for 1 year! and they want mid table. there is a 68% chance of sacking lol. how much do you think i can get for zach clough? he is my big asset. how long should i try to keep hold of him?
  12. PART 2 of my What If... Blackpool had some of the worlds best players is up now -
  13. ***UPDATE*** the girlfriend plays FM EP2 the girlfriend plays FM EP3 What if... Blackpool had some of the worlds best players What if... all the premiership clubs had zero players plus my daily create a club mode and leeds saves. come check it out https://www.youtube.com/lokidokigg
  14. a very interesting experiment so far. i love how neuer will find it hard to leave blackpool due to his love for the club lol
  15. NEW episode of the girlfriend plays is up - seriously though guys, if she continues to keep going undefeated, i am going to quit fm!
  16. that makes sense regarding the wages. but what about those free players. some world quality players available on a free and no teams from spain italy or germany picks them up. weird re david moyes. i know right, man city manager, quality entertainment! lol maybe they had no manager wage budget and moyes offered to do it for free lol
  17. so i thought it would be interesting to see what would happen if i released every single player from every single club in the premiership and then went on holiday. the results are interesting/strange and they get very bizarre at the end! i think i broke the ai lol
  18. mate, this will explain everything you need watch and learn
  19. cheers guys, glad your enjoying the series. the scary thing is she is still undefeated! thats kinda depressing considering shes never so much as looked at FM before and has little to no interest in the real thing either (i think thats pretty clear from the videos)
  20. New Videos Lots of new updates to my leeds and youtube fc saves a brand new series, getting my girlfriend to play FM - Part 1 - Part 2 - also doing some darkest dungeon and xcom2 stuff. been a busy busy bee
  21. so i have been playing FM and CM for years. my girlfriend has no interest in football or FM, so what better way to get her interested. make her play it and record her skills (aka stupidity) although its just a bit of fun. i think it makes some interesting points on what confusing for new players Part 1 - Part 2 - NEW Part 3 -
  22. just published my Leeds save Episode 72. and the latest episode of my create a club career EP 28
  23. website looks really good mate, congratulations, looks really helpful, want me to give you a shout on my youtube channel? https://www.youtube.com/lokidokigg
  24. just a Quick FYI update on my channel. up to episode 70 of my leeds career. also got some extra club guides and a new What if Episode where i make all of man city 40 years old and see what happens
  25. Hi Everyone. i would like to introduce to you my Youtube Channel. my youtube is Loki Doki, it has a ton of FM content. including a team and club guide for all 20 premiership clubs. i am now adding some club guides from all over the world my main saves i am currently doing are a Create a Club mode called Youtube FC. a little twist on a standard create a club. check out the intro (its only 2 mins long. go on check it out!) the second career save is Leeds. after years of being messed with its time to get this team back to where it belongs. here is episode 1 (i am on ep57 now so you have some catching up to do!) i also have a brand new series called "what if" first episode is called "what if Eden Hazard was a big fat fatty" using the editor i made hazard 260lb and see how that effects his career. next video will be what if David De Gea was a midget (coming soon)as well as all that lovely content goodness i have episodes on wonderkids and my favourite British wonderkids i usually post 2 videos a day. but sometimes more come check out my videos, be sure to leave a comment so i can give you a shout out thanks for reading my ramblings. see you soon hopefully
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