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    Hässleholm, Sweden, Scandinavia, Europe...


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    Liverpool Fc, Malmö FF
  1. CSE Barclays premier league 2010/11 -It Begins.

    Good players for Wolves there. I really like Van Damme, he is often very good to use in different positions. KUTGW FlUoReScEnT aDoLeScEnT
  2. CSE Barclays premier league 2010/11 - the sign up.

    Name: Ulf Johansson Age: 28 Nationality: Swedish 2nd Nationality: None Fav Club: Liverpool
  3. The Elimination Challenge: Game Thread

    Wow. Surviving by pure luck when clearly lacking skill. Almost like the swiss win in the World Cup . I really need a change of club now. KUTGW DB. It was very exciting
  4. The Elimination Challenge: Game Thread

    Not good at all with Assyriska. Really should move and since I have a youth cap there is some promise for the future...
  5. The Elimination Challenge: Game Thread

    Ouch. Better get som matches or change club if not to be eliminated.
  6. The Elimination Challenge: Game Thread

    A good start choosing Assyriska. I wish for some gametime aswell and a move to a bigger club in the future.
  7. The Elimination Challenge: Game Thread

    Very excited about this. Second and third level swedish teams + Notts Co, it could prove a decent level for a young football player to start his career. I would prefer Notts Co or Brommapojkarna.
  8. The Elimination Challenge: Signup

    Player Name: Uffe Johansson Nationality: Swedish Position: RB
  9. It worked. Thank you, thank you, thank you...
  10. I have tried that. Does not work. I have not tried this. I will... Does not work. Have to be 4 homegrown players.
  11. They are apparently not homegrown :confused:
  12. I have a problem. Last season I finished third with Casa Pia, not yet updated here, and qualified for Europa League. Now I can´t register my team for play there because we only have three homegrown players. This despite the U19 obviously is filled with players that are homegrown. What should I do?
  13. Ahhh. Des back in Portugal. Now all is good:thup: Btw Casa Pia is still undefeated after 17 matches in Liga Sagres. To bad Sporting CP so far only has lost against us which means they are 5 points ahead.
  14. Sporting - Casa Pia Table A promising start. But somewhat disturbing to draw Leiria 1-1 and the play quite well against our local rivals and win 1-0.
  15. Casa Pia - 2019/20 Liga Sagres Table Well 7th again for the third season in a row. No Europe in sight... Next season I would like to strenghten the squad with some quality players. But it is hard to find players better then the ones I have who are willing to join Casa Pia. Career Season Division Pos PC PLC Achievements ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2010/11 2:nd Division C 11th 1st Rnd N/A NOPE 2011/12 2:nd Division C 5th 1st Rnd N/A NOPE 2012/13 2:nd Division C 4th 3rd Rnd N/A NOPE 2013/14 2:nd Division C 1st Qtr final N/A Champions, Promotion via playoff. 2014/15 Liga Vitalis 2nd 4th Rnd 3rd Rnd Promotion 2015/16 Liga Sagres 16th 3rd Rnd 2nd Rnd Relegation 2016/17 Liga Vitalis 2nd 2nd Rnd 2nd Rnd Promotion 2017/18 Liga Sagres 7th Semi final 3rd Rnd Survived 2018/19 Liga Sagres 7th 5th Rnd 3rd Rnd Nope 2019/20 Liga Sagres 7th Qtr final 3rd Rnd 7th again!