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  1. Summary: Multiple players still against team mate who left 4 months ago Description of Issue: See above Steps to Reproduce: Constant although at present doesn't seem to be affecting dressing room atmosphere. last save overwrite backup.fm
  2. All improved! Pressing, passing, moving, tackling etc not sure if it's an oddity but in my last game i had 15 shots 7 of which hit the woodwork?! Anyone else getting a lot of post action?
  3. i'll experiment further for sure, my main point however wasn;t so much " i feel the game is cheating" it was that tactical requests/decisions seemed to impact little. I'm totally content managing a team that loses its fair share (hence being HSV) but the implication of tactics seems less effective. I'll take on advice and research further. best wishes
  4. Let's not get in to the semantics of it, if the game play feels crooked then there's something wrong. I've spent time looking at the tactics, reading guides, experimenting etc nothing changes the issues i'm having with the game. At present it's flawed and as a consumer i'm not enjoying it. that's the bottom line.
  5. I really don't think that's true. If it's simply implication of tactics then there must be a super tactic setting that i'm not aware of - I've followed a similar route to previous years that have led to enjoyable game play and i'm getting nothing out of it so unless the ME has changed radically and fundamentally i can't see how that assertion is correct.
  6. Bet SI are regretting setting a release date for this. Bit of a mess. Tactics do close to nothing, attributes mean less than nothing. Every team i play (including pre season against minnows) dominate possession, shots on target and the highlights reel. All of my highlights show sloppy passing, poor technique, no pressing, goal keeper mistakes, centre backs standing on top of each other yards from opposition players, conceding far post goals blah blah. I think it has the potential to be one of the better FM's but right now it is not fun in the slightest - i know realism is important, but fun is even more so. Watching guys like Van Der Vaart, Badelj et al get passed around by weaker players and then give up possession straight away is just so frustrating. Good luck sorting it and doing it quickly, it'll be a great game eventually i'm sure.
  7. Feels like i'm playing Fifa against the computer. The Op team (no matter who) plays slick one touch pass and move and score freely with my defenders remaining static, keeper falling over etc where as my players give away the ball, move like they're in treacle, refuse to close down or even tackle. I have 40% possession at home regardless of what tactics i use, always have less shots, very few on target. I'm not doing anything radical, playing as i have done over the years but i am not enjoying this at all.
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