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  1. 23 goals in 9 games. Definitely cheating or something's horribly wrong with the match engine.
  2. Have you experimented much with having a striker in the AML position and cutting inside behind the opposition full-back? It seems that Dunga is trying to implement such a style using Robinho in the national side and of course Neymar. Plus, Guardiola seems to be moving towards this in the current season with Villa playing wider and running from deep and wide to a central position. Would be interesting to hear how you would set this up.
  3. This is how I set my teams up. It ensures for me that I have a player in each strata of the pitch, aiding build up play and creating passing options all over the pitch. My two wingers are not traditional "CROSS THE BALL" types though, they play quite narrow and support the striker, while the MC is an all round player capable of dictating player and also working effectively in defense. The full back always provides the width for me in this formation but like the wingers I don't wish for them to cross (my ST is nine times out ten a small lad) so they are there to simply give options if the middle of the pitch becomes to crowded. I think that the use of free roles and high creative freedom in attacking areas is important to the 4-2-3-1.
  4. How can you scout Africa when you're AFC Telford? I wasn't even allowed to go there when managing a Championship side.
  5. You know that they only have 10 players there right? It's a 4-2-3-1 with deeper midfielders. Except they're missing a DM.
  6. Sorry if this has been asked and answered already, but what schedule would you give a young player (18-21) who is in the first team? Obviously he is still developing but also playing a lot of games. I'd be more inclined to put him on a 1st choice schedule, but would he improve as much as he would on the developing one?
  7. I've often been confused by your long detailed posts on the intricacies of training in Football Manager, but this gives me a much better understanding. I'll test them out and give some feedback when I get the chance to. But kudos to the effort you put in, it's appreciated.
  8. Probably is a stupid question but; the "wide play" instruction that you can set, does this control a players wide play when he is in control of the ball, or off the ball. If I set a player to "hug touchline" will he do this when he gets the ball by dribbling down the line or will he stay wide when his team mates have the ball.
  9. You're providing them good competition for their update, just keep making your one, it'll only make them need to try harder and therefore increase the quality of their update. For the record though, chris22's update is the best around atm, shame we have to wait till August for the next one.
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