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  1. Quick question: My senior & U23 squads both have games scheduled for the same day, however, I wish to use some of the U23 players in the senior side. The only way I seem to be able to make these players unavailable for selection in the U23 squad is to temporarily promote them to the senior squad (the only remotely similar option I can find is to make them unavailable for the U18s). There must be an easier way! Am I missing something? Cheers!!
  2. Ha! Such a simple oversight - thanks for catching that
  3. Hoping someone out there can help with the following.... I have been playing FM18 for a while with downloaded face, logo & kit packs. All was well and working fine until today when the game crashed. I restarted the game & went back into my latest save (all fine so far) which is when I noticed all the graphics packs are no longer showing in-game. My Steam Library (game files) is on my G: drive. The data files (save games, logo packs etc) are on my F: drive. As we know, FM18 insists on defaulting data files to the C: drive. On my system I reserve the C: drive for my OS so had followed the advice found elsewhere on the forum to move the data file location to my F: drive and all was working perfectly prior to today's crash and my subsequent attempts to fix it. So, long story short, the graphics packs no longer show in-game. I've searched through the forums and tried all the advice I could find but nothing so far has worked... 1) In-game I cleared the cache and reloaded the skin (several times) - didn't work 2) I then deleted the cache folder & preference folder found on the C: drive - again, didn't work 3) Validated the integrity of game files on Steam (remembering to then reapply the fake team name fixes) - still no graphics appearing 4) Next, I reset the launch option within Steam (deleted the redirect to the F: drive, loaded game, quit game, reinstated the redirect to F: drive) - didn't work plus now it now longer seems to even recognise the redirect to the F: drive and is defaulting to searching for saved games on the C: drive 5) Finally, I uninstalled / reinstalled the game (taking care to backup game data/saves first). Still no graphics and it still defaults to looking at the C: drive despite having the launch option set to F: (--user_data_location="<F:\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018>") What can I try next?! Anyone know what the hell is happening to my game?! The only other thing I can think to try is to move all the data files to my C: drive but that'll take up about 25% of the remaining free space so I'm reluctant to go that route Cheers!