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    Oldest Regens

    Interesting! Thanks for that. Had no idea they could appear in their 20s
  2. What is the oldest age for a Regen? I assume it's 18, can anyone confirm that? Cheers!
  3. wbartlett

    Google Map 3D Stadium Background Pack

    First off, great work on these. They look really good in the game. I have a few questions on the best / correct way to insert these images into the game. I'm playing the FM18 version & am hoping that someone smarter than me can help me out with the stuff below . According to previous post in this thread "You don't need to download all the updates if you have downloaded the main file". Unfortunately, even this seemingly simple instruction confused me! I think the 'main' file download is the one named 2018.00. It's 1.8GB and dated Oct 2017. Updates .01 through .37 are all dated after this and seem to contain images NOT included in that main file - so, it looks like you DO need to download the main file and all the updates (the ones still available, anyway) if you want all the background images? Each update contains a config.xml. Am I correct in thinking these are updated iterations of the same file and that you only need the most recent config.xml? (currently, the one included with 2018.37) Also mentioned in this thread is the advice "The updates can be placed inside the main folder within your 'Graphics/backgrounds' location". Having downloaded all the files (main + updates), I've tried various ways of structuring the files but only one seems to work (and not the one recommended!)... Merging all the images into ONE folder Taking all the images from every update and moving them over into the one folder in the main download (e.g. FM18/graphics/backgrounds/megapack) didn't work. The game still showed the default background images Merging all the updates, but using SUB-folders. A quick look at the config.xml shows a uniform naming format for each image. For example; <record from="teams/154" to="graphics/pictures/club/154/background"/> <record from="nations/45" to="graphics/pictures/nation/45/background"/> <record from="staff/7442" to="graphics/pictures/person/7442/background"/> <record from="players/121296" to="graphics/pictures/person/121296/background"/> <record from="leagues/23" to="graphics/pictures/comp/23/background"/> This suggested to me that there should be 5 sub-folders within the main folder (teams, nations, staff, players & leagues), and, within the update downloads the images are indeed structured in this way (update 2018.32 is a good example of this as it contains images in all 5 of these sub-folders) I structured my folders in the same way. The main file (2018.00) looked like it contained only 'team' images so that file went into the 'team' sub-folder. Each update was then also moved into the appropriate sub-folder (in some cases over-writing earlier images). I kept the I config.xml with the main file (i.e. FM18/graphics/backgrounds/team). After clearing the cache and reloading the skin - no images appeared in-game. I then tried it with putting the config.xml at a higher level, above the sub-folders (FM18/graphics/backgrounds) - but once again with no success. In desperation more than hope, I then tried copying and pasting the config.xml into each of the sub-folders to see if that worked. It did not My question then is this - if the updates are supposed to be merged into the main file, what (step-by-step) is the best/correct way to do this? And where does the config.xml go? Keeping the updates and main file SEPARATE This is the only approach I had success with! My current folder structure looks like this; FM18/graphics/background 2018.00 2018.01 2018.02 etc etc Initially, I only kept the most recent config.xml (placed in the FM18/graphics/backgrounds folder) but when reloading the skin no images appeared. I then left each iteration of the config.xml as it was within it's corresponding update folder. THIS WORKED! But now I basically have around 20 versions of the config file spread across the updates - this surely can't be very efficient? Is this correct? One big drawback to this structure is that when I want to change an image for one of my own it is very cumbersome to identify which of the updates holds the latest version of that image. It certainly would be easier to find a specific image if I Could have gotten the sub-folder method to work! So, a long and rambling post, (and if you stuck with me this far you have my thanks!). The fact that I have the images showing in game is great but by following the advice given throughout this thread I couldn't make it work. What am I missing? Did I do something wrong in any of those steps detailed above. Any (polite! ) thoughts or input would be most welcome!! Once again, many thanks for all the hard work that went into making this megapack Cheers!!
  4. Quick question: My senior & U23 squads both have games scheduled for the same day, however, I wish to use some of the U23 players in the senior side. The only way I seem to be able to make these players unavailable for selection in the U23 squad is to temporarily promote them to the senior squad (the only remotely similar option I can find is to make them unavailable for the U18s). There must be an easier way! Am I missing something? Cheers!!
  5. Ha! Such a simple oversight - thanks for catching that
  6. Hoping someone out there can help with the following.... I have been playing FM18 for a while with downloaded face, logo & kit packs. All was well and working fine until today when the game crashed. I restarted the game & went back into my latest save (all fine so far) which is when I noticed all the graphics packs are no longer showing in-game. My Steam Library (game files) is on my G: drive. The data files (save games, logo packs etc) are on my F: drive. As we know, FM18 insists on defaulting data files to the C: drive. On my system I reserve the C: drive for my OS so had followed the advice found elsewhere on the forum to move the data file location to my F: drive and all was working perfectly prior to today's crash and my subsequent attempts to fix it. So, long story short, the graphics packs no longer show in-game. I've searched through the forums and tried all the advice I could find but nothing so far has worked... 1) In-game I cleared the cache and reloaded the skin (several times) - didn't work 2) I then deleted the cache folder & preference folder found on the C: drive - again, didn't work 3) Validated the integrity of game files on Steam (remembering to then reapply the fake team name fixes) - still no graphics appearing 4) Next, I reset the launch option within Steam (deleted the redirect to the F: drive, loaded game, quit game, reinstated the redirect to F: drive) - didn't work plus now it now longer seems to even recognise the redirect to the F: drive and is defaulting to searching for saved games on the C: drive 5) Finally, I uninstalled / reinstalled the game (taking care to backup game data/saves first). Still no graphics and it still defaults to looking at the C: drive despite having the launch option set to F: (--user_data_location="<F:\Sports Interactive\Football Manager 2018>") What can I try next?! Anyone know what the hell is happening to my game?! The only other thing I can think to try is to move all the data files to my C: drive but that'll take up about 25% of the remaining free space so I'm reluctant to go that route Cheers!