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  1. Some changes about south african clubs: - 65010431 "Mitchell's Plein" has a wrong name. Their long name should be "Mitchells Plain United Football Club". Short name "Mitchells Plain". The township name should be changed as well, because is written Mitchell's Plein and not Mitchells Plain. - 65025766 "New Hellenic Football Club". Their long name should be "Hellenic Football Club". - 130768 "Bush Bucks (1957)" has a wrong name. Their name should be "Umtata Bush Bucks". Their short name should be "Umtata Bucks". We need to update their team league history too, because as you can check, "Bush Bucks" (29075029) who was founded in 2007 is a phoenix club of "Bush Bucks (1957)" (130768), So, it is impossible for a club founded in 2007 to have league results from 1997 to 2006. Those results belong to the "Bush Bucks (1957)" (130768) that disappeared in 2006, now renamed "Umtata Bush Bucks" If you would follow my request. - 29075029 "Bush Bucks" has a wrong name. Their name should be "Bush Bucks Football Club". Short name: "Bush Bucks FC".
  2. Good afternoon, I have written quite a bit on the SIgames forum, but what little I have written has always gone in the same direction. I love studying the history of each club, analyzing their name changes throughout history, their dates of foundation or disappearance ... I am also in love with their crests, and for this reason I have collaborated in some Logopacks for a long time. That is why, I realized that many clubs around the world are not updated as they should, although I understand that with such an extensive database it is practically impossible to keep it up to date. For this reason, I would like to ask the forum if there is someone else with my same interest, in case they are interested in talking about it and see if there is any possibility of fixing some of the bugs that we have in our club database. It would be a very long-term job, since it would be a hobby, but we would act as a kind of data analyst, deleting duplicate clubs, updating the names of clubs that appear in the DB, correcting foundation dates and checking if the clubs that appear As existing, they actually continue to function or have disappeared. This work would be done using the original FM20 database, so it would only work on the existing clubs in it, for example it would not contribute anything to the game database to create an English team that existed in 1880 and ceased its activities in 1901 and also never won anything. In short, I look forward to reading your comments regarding this. Thank you very much.
  3. Bajervo Yazaki ID: 792258 has a wrong name. Their name can be transcribed like FC Bajelvo. Source: http://fc-bajelvo-nasukarasuyama.com/
  4. Mitukawa FC ID: 788986 has a wrong name. Their name can be transcribed like Mikawa Soccer Club. Source: https://www.facebook.com/mikawa.soccerclub/
  5. Rasvo Aomori ID: 788965 has a wrong name. Their name can be transcribed like Lascivo Aomori FC Sources: https://twitter.com/lascivo_FC/media https://lascivo-aomori.amebaownd.com/
  6. FK Alberts Riga (ID:146968) has to change their name into JDFS Alberts (Jura Docenko Futbola Skola Alberts) currently they play at latvia second division (second level on latvian football pyramid). The club was founded on 2008. Source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/JDFS_Alberts
  7. Dinamo Salapils (146965) from Latvia, doesn't exist. Maybe it refers to Salapils FS (Salaspils Futbola Skola) due to their low reputation. Also there is another mistake on the same club because they have a player called Jegors Morozs (47051579). This player, nowadays, plays for Dinamo Riga/Staicele. Source: https://www.transfermarkt.com/jegors-morozs/profil/spieler/278693
  8. MS Albrectice (136294) has a wrong name. Their correct name is FK Město Albrechtice. Source: https://fkavizomestoalbrechtice.webnode.cz/
  9. SK Smichov (136253) has a wrong name. Their correct name is SK Čechie Smíchov. Source: https://www.cechiesmichov.cz/kontakty.php
  10. ZD Milin (136212) has changed their name. Nowadays, their correct name is Sokol Milín Ligmet and they are dressed with green & whites stripes shirt, and green shorts and socks. Source: http://futbolas.lietuvai.lt/Sokol_Milín_Ligmet
  11. CF Irapuato (136017) has changed their name into Club Atlético Irapuato. You can check on their official Facebook page as follows: https://www.facebook.com/AtletiIrapuato/ Then, we need to delete Club Atlético Irapuato (5661076) because is marked as Extinct and without team league history. It would be the same club.
  12. Al-Ittihad Ibb (Yemen) ID: 135407 --> Foundation Year correction: From 1976 to 1967 Source:
  13. Al- Shula Aden (Yemen) ID: 135402 --> Foundation year correction: From 1963 to 1968. Source: https://www.facebook.com/عشاق-نادي-الشعلة-الرياضي-بعدن-622745301072676/about/?ref=page_internal facebook page.
  14. Good morning, For example: club name changes, foundation years... or Do we need to contact directly with the specific researchers? Thanks. Jota90
  15. Thank you very much for the answer, now i have a new question. Do you know if it's possible to add a club name change without creating the club in our DB? For example, Manchester City was founded in 1880 as St. Mark's in 1887 was called Ardwick Association Football Club and then in 1894 Manchester City. Yours faithfully.
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