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  1. Great thread! Really enjoyed reading it. I have used 4-5-1 as my tactic in every CM/FM since 2004, almost entirely because of makelele, so it's nice to see him included! I have tried the 4-4-2 for some fun, but I always inevitably end up with some sort of 4-5-1 variation
  2. 2032/33 Season This save has been a great ride and I've really enjoyed it. Watching the downfall of Bayern & Dortmund for the past few seasons has been a joy. However all good things must come to an end and so too must this save. I've found myself un-motivated to play for a month or so, as the only competition worth competing for each season now is the Champions League. We won the league at a canter this season, and in recent seasons it has mainly been RB Leipzig who have somewhat kept pace with us. I'm not sure what happened to Dortmund or Bayerns transfer policy but they
  3. Champions League Quarter Final We beat Chelsea in the previous round on away goals, it was 5-5 overall and luckily we got two goals in the second leg without conceding. We would have to face a very strong Man Utd team in the Quarter Final. Annnnd it's fair to say things didn't go so well We conceded I think 4 goals from corners over the two legs and played terribly. A real shame to lose in the way we did, if we managed to get past United then I think we could have won it once again. The league is going much better, we are eight points clear with five
  4. Champions League group stage Quite a surprising group stage, as Porto were utterly horrendous! We drew against FC Midtylland & lost once against Celtic but still go through on top of the group. Champions League First Knockout round Draw A fairly tough draw against Chelsea, who are currently fourth place in the Prem. Good thing we finished first though as Celtic have been drawn against City. Looks like it will be a two horse race between us and Dortmund, who are having a good season. I doubt Bayern will mount a challenge. A
  5. 2032 Champions League Draw The FM gods have smiled upon me this year, handing me about the easiest group imaginable. Porto are a good team but I should be able to rotate my team a lot for the other games if needed. This is definitely the toughest group this year, I think RB Leipzig will do well if they can make it through against two titans of Europe. 2032 Transfers Sadly I haven't made many new signings as there don't seem to be a lot of good players available right now. I have however sent 17 young players out on loan to find their feet in the big
  6. Very interesting idea for a save! Looks like you're doing really well so far and the youth goalkeeper is great
  7. Cheers Robert! 2031/32 Competitions Finally the Champions League has been secured, though it is a shame we couldn't win every competition this year. I played a majorly rotated team for the semi-final in the cup vs Wolfsburg to our downfall. Best XI A familiar group of players now with the first team being established. My norwegian defender Ibrahim is missing however. He got annoyed that I turned down a £60 million bid from Chelsea so I turfed him out of the team (he only started 21 games this season). Da Silva has turned into a real assist mac
  8. VAR/offsides/etc needs to be randomised definitely, anytime I see the referee blow his whistle I know exactly what is going to happen
  9. This is basically what I would like to see too Great player examples btw. It just gets a bit boring trying to build up a good team (especially once you're competing for the Champions League etc) because you know exactly what sort of traits/attributes to target, and at what age. Maybe I should just get one of those "fog of war" skins that removes attributes and go purely by recruitment analyst data to make it more interesting for myself.
  10. Champions League Final (Second Attempt) Lugo goal one Lugo goal two Da Silva goal one Lugo hat trick We didn't have that much of the posession but our counter attacking football was sublime, Kaiserslautern finally get the big trophy! I brought on some of the oldschool players at the end of the match so that they could get their Champions League medal, including The Sultan and a 31 year old Paolo Gozzi.
  11. Champions League Semi-final 2nd Leg What a moment!! 85 minutes in, down 2-3 and about to go out, we were handed a penalty by the glorious VAR Benali slotted it home and we hung on for the away goals win. I think we were more than lucky to beat Juventus.. they played far better than I thought they could. They have still got some non-regens playing for them including De Ligt, Aouar and a now 34 year old Enrico Chiesa Their team is very old now, they have many 30+ year olds, whereas we are the complete opposite with our youthful presence. We will pla
  12. Champions League Semi-final 1st Leg A wonderful placed finish from our young left winger Bojang has salvaged a 2-2 draw at home. I do hope the away goals don't come back to bite us..
  13. I've gone gif crazy for our second Bundesliga win Lugo got a couple of great goals as we beat second place Dortmund 2-1 at their place to wrap up the division with four games to go.
  14. Champions League Quarter Final 1st Leg We went down 1-2 in the first half, but managed to come back get the win at home. Some beautiful play in the build up for Lugo's second goal. Champions League Quarter Final 2nd Leg Another second leg rearguard display secured the win. Juventus beat Atletico 4-2 on aggregate, so it shall be a German - Italian affair. It will be PSG vs Liverpool in the other semi-final.
  15. Champions League First Knockout Round 2nd Leg It was a good thing that we got that win at home, because the away leg was far too close for comfort. The goalkeeper Ziani let in a very stupid first goal.. lets hope he doesn't do it again in the next round. Champions League Quarter/Semi-final draws Some interesting draws, Chelsea have quite a good squad, but not on the same level as Man City so I will be disappointed if we don't beat them. Atletico in the semi final could be tricky though as they won La Liga in style last year. Juventus a
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