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  1. Yeah sadly I think so too. I have 2 parts lists on pcpartpicker, 1 Intel and 1 amd. I'll just pick whichever is the best come November for my new pc. Maybe even get a 8700k instead.
  2. I'm waiting for the new AMD Ryzen cpu's that are releasing over the summer as they should be pretty good. Having waited this long it seems a bit of a waste to upgrade right now.
  3. I used to try network games in the CM days. Not sure if it's improved but it was really awful waiting for people to continue the game. Maybe it would be better now with continue game timeout but I don't think I could put up with the slow pace of it.
  4. Only player I've had rated 5 star is savic. Max pa star rating of regens my scouts find is 4.5 - have never ever seen a 5 star. That said I generally ignore stars now. I use the recommendation score/colour to cancel the scout reports of obviously poor players.
  5. yes I was watching the streamer cohhcarnage play pathfinder earlier this year, it seemed pretty damn difficult. i have the game divinity original sin 2 & I still need to play through the witcher 3 since i upgraded my GFX card. sadly a new world of warcraft private server has just opened up so me and my degenerate buddies are currently trying to recapture our youth
  6. i would but if he's somehow clubbing in Geneva then I'm really not sure there's anywhere I can send him! i bought him off bayern munich last season for 9mil and could sell him on for 16 but he's my best center mid by quite some margin, and both my DM's already want to leave the club for the premier league!
  7. I was wondering if you are still playing this save James. what did you do with him in the end? I've got my first raver and he seems to be skipping matches more and more frequently. it's without doubt the strangest situation I've had in FM haha
  8. totally agree svenc. i spent most of my time playing rpgs/mmos so am used to RNG. it was the times over the years (started playing at CM 3 because I can distinctly remember the massive blue manual ) where the game client crashed without me having a rolling auto save or corrupted entirely that annoyed me - far more than any match result. luckily the client is pretty solid these days in that regard. if the game was some sort of problem that could be completely solved with 100% winrate then i would never touch it again. in fact that might even be naive of me, i expect there are downloadable tactics or users on this forum that get somewhat close to this level of dominance already. for my own example: last season I beat Young Boys in the league 5-1 but lost 0-1 to Sion. Young Boys ended the season with a +42 goal difference and 2 points behind me, whilst Sion won only 6 games in a 36 game season and got relegated i only won the league because Young Boys lost the last game of the season to Luzern who were winless in 4 games. if they had have won that game I would have been sacked and would probably have quit the save. to the OP, like others have said upload the file & I'm sure a lot of people will be happy to have a go with it. fairly certain this isn't going to happen though.
  9. I usually don't have enough money to buy any of the well known high PA ones before the AI does the only players I buy consistently if I have the opportunity are but I don't use an AMC anymore so one of them is kind of a waste. I don't even really keep up with world football anymore and I certainly don't watch those hype videos on youtube; don't really have much of a clue of who's supposed be any good lol. really only have interest in watching southampton matches and match of the day/english clubs in europe. just watch a lot less football than when I was younger tbh. also I might be in the minority but I don't even really like playing with the starting players, I like to get my regens on board and start developing them as soon as possible. I find that I enjoy the game much more once I get into the 2030s and most of the real players are retiring.
  10. totally agree. the most obvious example I can think of is Adam Rooney at Salford. His pace/physical attributes are nothing great, but his mentals/finishing are incredible for a non-league player and he can easily play in the championship.
  11. I mainly use my DoF to negotiate contracts, but I also have him set to sign players for the youth team. He doesn't sign many players, but on the odd occasion he'll sign someone out of the blue who is actually pretty good. That said I'm not sure I have the patience to let him be the sole arbiter of transfer policy
  12. i don't get loads of talented youth players, but I usually get at least 1 who can become a backup for the first team. my club started with well established youth recruitment to begin with and is in I presume a fairly decent cachement area for the country (geneva switzerland). now extensive/exceptional. 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 - 7 not all of them were trained by me as the club used to accept bids for players without asking me first, but they have turned out not too bad. what concerns me is the quality of the youth coming out of czech republic. I have 25 of them at my club. i contrast this with croatia, who aren't producing anywhere near as many good prospects.
  13. yep, i sign my players to as long contract as possible + 1 year contract extension & no release clause. i reject every offer no matter how upset they get and then sell them the summer before their contract ends. most of my players join when they are 16/17 so once they turn 18 I hit them with a 5 year contract, hoping to keep them for 4 seasons. that is usually the only contract they ever sign, because they outgrow the club. sometimes it goes wrong. my 21 y/o wonderkid striker/if who was already playing for spain just got sold to leipzig for 18.5m (valued at 46m upon transfering). when i previously renewed his contract his agent got in there with a non-negotiable release clause before I could "exclude" it the funny thing is that he has been insane for about 3 seasons, so I'm surprised it's taken this long for a club to trigger his release clause. there are teams interested in my players year round ("interest from elsewhere") so it is usually impossible to re-sign them, even when i meet their demands (silverware/champions league qualification). i try to sell them for as much as possible, to the worst club possible, with a 50% profit clause. for example, I was able to sell this guy to bordeaux last season for 9m & 50% profit. far less than what he is actually worth, but that clause will get me a very nice amount in the future. my best young striker will currently only sign a new contract with a 14m release clause. in this case it makes no sense to renew his contract. he will cost £3m in wages on his current deal over that period of time and in 3 seasons I will probably get minimum 20m & 50% profit. anyway I guess my post isn't really related to the OP... looking at your highlighted players, I don't think any of those players are particularly irreplaceable. I'd personally be tempted to sell all of them. but then the oldest player at my club is 23 and I have never had much loyalty with my players, most of them don't want to play for the mighty Servette!
  14. i only use him to negotiate staff contracts since i'm lazy.
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