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  1. Hmm way too many. Maybe 20-30k? A lot of those are off steam as I played more when I was younger. Been playing since I was 9 (only games I for a while were CM versions & Baldurs Gate). The impact was no where near as bad as WoW though, that game ruined me for a bit
  2. Yeah I usually like to wait for at least the first big patch before buying
  3. wow nice one @john1 that champions league run in looks like it was tough as! not sure I've done an unbeaten season before now I think about it. @quee I was playing some world of warcraft recently so I wasn't looking at the thread much but I'll defo read your update are you planning to play FM20?
  4. I started with CM 3 and that was sweet for its time so sure why not
  5. Yeah I was thinking about France too actually. I think Rennes have a decent youth academy so that might be fun. Or take a side from the national division and see how far I can go with them. This thread has way more replies than the French one though. Maybe people get bored of having to go up against PSG
  6. Rennes, Bari, Rapid Vienna, Plzen are ones I want to try
  7. One of my favourite players this year was a left IF Uruguayan regen who wasn't incredible attributes wise but still banged in the goals in Serie A & the champions league. Not even sure he was a consistent/big game player. Best of all one of my scouts found him playing at some obscure SA club, he only cost about £10mil despite having continental rep.
  8. Proper tight in both. Do me shopping on Iceland like. Although I did just treat myself to a 2nd hand ps4
  9. I had a lot of fun in the Italian league thread this year so maybe a Serie C team (Bari or Cesena could be good) . Either that or a club in France as I have only managed Lyon before. Rennes come to mind since they have a good youth setup from what I can remember. I like to do long one club saves so it has to be a club with some sort of potential. Already covered Germany, Holland, Belgium, Switzerland, Serbia, Norway, Portugal in FM19
  10. haha @john1 not the greatest fixture planning are any of you guys (other than @quee) planning on doing an italian save in FM 20? I was thinking of trying to take one of the bankrupt Serie C teams that get decent attendances back up to Serie B/A.
  11. Ooh it's that time of year again. I thought I'd finally ended my CM bug with my '19 Brescia save but some of the new features seem interesting
  12. I'm so happy to have finally won the champions league in this years version. I failed to do it with Bayern, Milan & Servette after getting sacked for relying on developing regens too much. Actually spending the money I had was definitely key, as Teo Lemaire came on for Diouf in the second half and had a great game. I said earlier that £75 million was an overspend but we won the cup so I guess it doesn't matter Having to beat PSG & Real Madrid, and beating them so comprehensively is definitely one of the highlights of my time spent playing CM/FM (I've been playing off and on since I was a young kid in 1999). My whole team played great in the competition (even when I rotated during the groups my backup players did okay). Villoldo is really an insane player, he had quite a few injuries this season but he got 6 assists in 9 CL games. I'm also happy since my dusty old i5-2500k managed to blast through the season just before WoW classic launches tonight. I'll do my final end of season review in a few days. Happy FMing everyone
  13. The second leg was a much more even game. Luckily Angel Gomes did the business with a hat trick so we managed to vanquish the mighty PSG. I got really worried in the second half as they started bringing on £70 million substitutes Not a bad draw at all seeing as I skipped the spanish giants. Cannot believe that Milan & Roma are even in the competition, they're both shocking! As far as the league, I'm 18 points ahead of Napoli with 10 games left. I got dumped out of the Coppa Italia on away goals in the semi final against Torino. Absolutely horrendous first leg The first half red card left us totally useless as I had to play without a striker, then one of my MC's Bousquet got sent off at the end of the game too. Will be a very difficult second leg with the suspensions but I still have hope. I'm going to go back to my balls to the walls tactic for what could be my final CL game. Absolute banger of a second leg. Screw the more defensive tactic is what I say! Managed to hang on despite Matej ridiculous sending off. Will be a tough first leg without him but at least we're in the semis. Hopefully we draw Roma, as I mentioned previously they are truly dire and we recently beat them 2-0 in the league. We've managed to win the Serie A with 5 games to go. This is excellent news as the CL draw was not good at all. Real Madrid are at least as good if not better than PSG so it will be a very interesting match. Phenomenal! All out attack from the kick off brought a magnificent result. Abel Ruiz could have had 7 goals by the end of the match he was really something else. Soriano got an assist by kicking the ball to the opposition area after he saved from a corner A 0-0 draw in the second league means we're through to the champions league final (my first one on this years version too). We will face the mighty... Roma! Apparently I was completely wrong about them, although they cannot win in Serie A they beat Barcelona 6-4 over the two legs
  14. Nah, I don't know any goalkeepers that can replace him, the only Argentinian better than him for example is a 26 year old at Tottenham who is valued at £40 million My guy has 10 clean sheets in 19 games and he has to face many one on ones as I play with a very high defensive line & offside trap. The group was fun indeed. Young Boys was 4-0 and 1-1, Athletic was 1-1 and 1-1, and Liverpool was 3-1 and 1-0 (Liverpool are top of the Premier League right now). Despite finishing first in the group I have drawn PSG in the knockout round whilst Liverpool get FC Porto The PSG team is absolutely ridiculous according to my scouts (mostly 4.5 star players) and bloody Milan sold them Donnarumma for £37.5 million (Milan then bought Pineda from Shanghai SIPG for £51 million and play with a random regen loan keeper...). My new stadium expansion has finally completed, and in the first home match vs Milan we had a sellout! According to Wikipedia Brescia only has a population of 200k, so over a quarter of the cities population would be at a game if it ever got expanded to the max Halfway through the season now and things are going well in the league. 10 points clear of Napoli and the teams around them are pretty close on points. Unfortunately we lost the Supercoppa against Inter as the legendary Icardi strikes once again. Not removing the offside trap off vs him was a very poor decision. We actually played pretty well though and had some decent chances. Hopefully Icardi takes some points off Napoli & Juve in the league. Since I'm not sure how many more seasons I'll play on this save I went on the hunt for a new DM/MC to provide cover for Diouf/Matej. Found this bloke playing at Dortmund & decided to pay his buyout clause of £75 million. Not sure he's worth anything near that amount but I had built up roughly £100 million in the bank so no worries. He isn't as well rounded as Matej but is pretty similar defensively so maybe I can play all 3 of them in midfield to see if Matej can get some more assists. First leg against PSG and it is one of the best games I've had in FM19. They absolutely dominated us in the first 20 minutes but we managed to hit them on the break a number of times. I don't really want to change my tactic for the second leg, hopefully we can win on away goals.
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