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  1. What a great idea will use it for my next save!
  2. I had a lot of fun with benfica in FM19, good regens and rivals to play
  3. Agreed on the var in FM, always seems to be the same decision.
  4. I can't comment on the rest but my manager rep has gone from 25% to 55% due to winning a few titles.
  5. In Colombia my options are rather limited but I go for coaching abilities followed by jpa/jca. I try to keep the same one but often clubs end up hiring them as manager
  6. Way less 1on1s (and ccc's in general) due to the long ball issue being fixed, but my striker actually scores some of his normal chances inside the box now. Changing the passing seems to actually have an influence now which is nice. Have resorted to using iwb due to the crosses mostly just hitting the opposition. Quite a few goals seem to come from set pieces. I see people talking about longshots but I'm not seeing that many go in. Could be that my players aren't very good at them though. The offside throw in (passing back to taker) and players running past the ball when trying to keep it on the pitch are a bit annoying. Overall goals in my league this season decreased compared to the one before ME update but could just be an anomaly. Love my save anyway and it does seem to be on the right track. My main complaint would be lack of play through the middle and amc position not seeming to do a lot. Have only played 60 games though so ymmv.
  7. Accidentally made my manager 25 years old and I'm getting job offers after rep raise due to winning things
  8. Not that great a youth intake preview as I have since abandoned my formation with the attacking midfielder (seems to do nothing to impact the game). Maybe a wing back to replace Viveros? (who now wants to leave the club and is unhappy because I told him no). My first national team call-up! My central defender who hasn't been a regular in the second phase since Gutierrez came in got his first cap Managed to beat Atletico Nacional 3-2 in the Colombian Cup semi-final to set up a match against Medellin. The winner qualifies for the Copa Libertadores. Cup Final 2nd Leg We managed to level the tie by scoring a penalty, and then the match got really interesting with the new penalty update in the match engine. Unfortunately one of my best players Duque and my young central defender Rosero missed in the shootout which is very disappointing as our goalkeeper was the first one to make a save and I was sure we had won We waltzed through our semi-final group and cross-town rivals Santa Fe somehow managed to beat Atletico Nacional setting up a Bogota derby in the final (we both play in the same stadium too!). Second Phase Final 1st Leg Santa Fe got a bit unlucky as one of their players picked up two yellows but we did well anyway winning 2-0 to take a big advantage going into the second game Second Phase Final 2nd Leg I'm not sure if it was because they were missing their midfielder from the first leg but Santa Fe were awful, only registering three shots all game. A resounding 5-0 aggregate win means we win the league twice in two years! I've now realised that each phase is counted as it's own league title - so the season isn't actually that long, 20 league games, 6 semi-final group games, 2 final games. This means that it will be Millonarios, Atletico Nacional & Medellin in the Copa Libertadores next year. We also finally finished top of the "combined league" for the first time, mainly due to Atletico Nacional not playing in the final as I expect we would have lost against them Not that it matters much as you don't actually win any title for doing so but hey ho. Key Players Cristian Viveros Running out of things to say about Cristian but he is just a great player for this tier of football. Still only 18 years old but his accomplishments this season speak for themselves: So that's 12 PoM, 20 assists, league young player and player of the year awards and a new league average rating of 7.41. He better go for a big fee and to a team that will actually play him because the lads a magician as far as I'm concerned. My plan is to try to hold out until he (hopefully) becomes a regular in the Colombian national team because I think his value will spike after that. Marlon Zambrano Marlon was the young striker that I spent a considerable amount on, but he produced the goods scoring 21 goals this season. He started off pretty slowly but his attributes have been on a good upward trend and playing him as a DLP (a) instead of PF (a) has seen him score considerably more goals too. As long as he doesn't get too big for his boots then he could be a real Millonarios legend Jaminton Campaz Jaminton had a good first season scoring 18 goals from the left wing. I modfied my tactic a bit to try to get Zambrano scoring more so his goals have gone down a bit but he still does okay. A decent replacement for Quinones anyway. Kevin Rosero Kevin got considerable game time this season as I figured his good base attributes deserved some trust and he did pretty well, especially since he's only 17. The only attribute he's lacking is strength but hopefully that will improve a bit over the years. Could go for a considerable amount in the future (I expect like Viveros that it will be very difficult to keep him at the club for his whole career). Santiago is the old general in the side and consistently plays well. One of the only players in the team over the age of 25 so it's been important to have him playing regularly to help the youngsters. Youth Yulian Montano I tried to give Yulian as much game time as I could but in the end I went back to Brian Heras as we are simply much better with him in goal than Yulian. It could be tough for Yulian to establish himself in the first team as Brian is still only 26 himself and plays for the Ecuador national team. Harold Gil Harold's attributes aren't great but my assistant manager (who himself isn't the greatest) still rates him as 4 star PA so there must be something about him). He did manage to score 3 goals in 8 first team matches so I will try to give him more gametime next season. A bit of self promotion as I finally managed to win the First Division Manager of the Year And finally me and Cristian Viveros have become favoured personnel. I also realised that the legendary Alfredo Di Stefano of Real Madrid fame used to play for Millonarios! https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Alfredo_Di_Stéfano
  9. Copa Libertadores Second Round 1st Leg The first leg was a very close affair but we managed to prevail, my young striker Zambrano even scored a goal! Copa Libertadores Second Round 2nd Leg The second leg didn't go well at all however and we were totally outplayed. Paranaense switched from a 4-1-4-1 in the first leg to a 4-2-3-1 in the second and played us off the park. Got to get better at these second legs as a similar thing happened in the first phase final After the second round only Atletico Nacional remain from Colombia, Argentina and Brazil are dominating as expected. Atletico Nacional have also gone a bit mad in the transfer window, spending £16 million on new players! Much happier news however as the board have granted my contract request with a three year extension I decided to strengthen with a new central defender on transfer deadline day as I only had three for the first team. Thomas cost £2 million - £4.4 million with clauses and has some good attributes. I also forgot to mention that my facility upgrades went through, now 4 star for both. I also now have exceptional junior coaching & exceptional youth recruitment. Good times ahead!
  10. We did well in our Copa Libertadores group. We lost to Boca Juniors once but picked up enough points to qualify for the knockout! We have a tricky tie against a good Athletico Paranaense. There are 3 Colombian teams in the knockout round which is pretty damn good. First phase went without a hitch and we finished second just behind the frontrunners Atletico Nacional The semi-final group was a closer affair but we only lost once and qualified by beating Tolima in the final game First leg of the final was very good indeed, a one goal lead going into the second leg The following match however was really terrible, I think I picked the wrong tactic tbh, in the end it was all but done by half time I needed a new DM (I want to try a 4-1-4-1 like Atletico Nacional) and this was the best guy I could find for reasonable money. Should slot straight into the first team. Big news in the Premier League as Klopp has been sacked. They've made some absolutely ludicrous transfer decisions so far, selling Firmino, Salah and Van Dijk; all to Paris Saint Germain! I've also just had my first job offer! I'll be turning it down because I'm enjoying my time at Millonarios
  11. I have the opposite problem, I sold a centre back to a middle Eastern club for good money and now my squad are complaining that we don't have enough
  12. Some excellent news as I have managed to extend Cristian Viveros contract! It took a big pay rise but he will now be with us until 2026 (1 year optional contract extension). And all without a buyout clause A new chairman took over the club and I got a bit of extra money to spend so I decided to strengthen with two new youngsters. Kevin looks like he could be an exceptional central defender, but he did cost a hell of a lot - £2.7 million, £4.3 million with clauses I have been wanting to get a young striker in for a while and this is the best guy I could find - £2.5 million, £3.7 million with clauses The club is also pretty valuable now, £30.5 million estimated value. However my biggest rival Atletico Nacional are now valued at a whopping £83 million, and spent £6 million on a random Brazilian central midfielder! Hopefully this means that Colombia will do better in the Copa Libertadores this season
  13. If I was at Lyon I would assign specific countries. Atm in Colombia I can only have 4 non Colombians registered so I just scout Colombia.
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