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  1. Oh really I didn't put two and two together! Yes Gifton was real good many a moon ago. The updates will be a bit slower as football has returned and I've just got TLOU 2 (despite the reviews 😂).
  2. I'm doing a lower leagues save (currently one league below vanorama) and the game is a lot more random/more enjoyable to watch. Wondering if it might be due to reputations all being so low. Or that most of the players are just really awful Certainly more exciting than my previous Premier league save with Fulham.
  3. About 20 hours I reckon for the matches and another hour or two for transfers
  4. Squad Screen Player of the Season I think it would be unfair to only have one this season so here is a special dual award. Noel-WIlliams plays as a poacher whilst Cerulli is his target man, Cerulli had over 30 chances created this season which is pretty impressive. I also have to give a shoutout to the fabulous Bill Hill. He's a 31 year old regen who's been with the club from day one and is an incredible player with such bad attributes. 21 assists this season including 6 in 7 FA Cup games. He's actually one of four "favoured personnel" at the club, which includes Scott Jones, Alfie Cerulli, and me, Joe Bloggs. Speaking of me (Joe Bloggs) here is my manager profile so far. I'm not doing too badly at all actually, my reputation has reached 20% and my motivating in particular is doing pretty good at 10. Signing of the Season I didn't make that many signings this season (7 in total, of which I think 4 played regularly), but the pick of them was definitely our goalkeeper Liam Higton. Yes he conceded 70 goals in 43 games but trust me if you had to watch some of these games you'd see the man playing David Seaman FA Cup Final-esque stuff at times at times out there, I can't believe we managed 10 clean sheets with how poor our defence was. Youth Intake Another scandanavian, this time hailing from Denmark. The youth intake isn't likely to be good for many years but this guy actually looks pretty decent. Will retrain him as a left midfielder to fit our 4-4-2. Finances Awful. Even with our FA Cup heroics we're still £150k in the red. Still it is what it is and I'm actually pretty relaxed about it, if we can reach League Two then we'll be alright. Hopefully. Future Goals I'll be happy with just staying in the division next season, it's going to be a pretty big jump as we'll be playing against teams that have been in or around the Vanorama leagues. If we don't and I do get sacked then my new reputation should guarantee me a job but obviously I want to the stay at the Port. I've got 60k of excess wage budget which I'm going to use to strengthen the team. I think that 60k can get us at least 5 first team players so I reckon we'll be alright.
  5. Regional First Divisions Pro. Playoff Quarter Final vs AFC Portchester Really fun game to watch, both teams had their chances but in the end we prevailed! Not bad at all as Portchester were on a 6 game winning streak in their league. We had 7 clear cut chances versus their 1 so I feel the result was fair. We probably should have scored more goals, hopefully we're just saving them for our next match. Regional First Divisions Pro. Playoff Semi Final vs Canvey Island A real ding dong battle! One of our centre mids Williams scored from at least 25 yards in the 6th minute which gave me some hope as Canvey Island are actually a really solid team, they finished 2nd in their division. Both their goals came from free kicks and we were actually down 1-2 by the end of the first half. Williams picked up a second goal from a left wing cross (Scott Jones was playing their due to Garretts low fitness levels). Noel-Williams scored the winner from a great through ball, taking his tally to 24 for the season so far! I thought for sure we were going to lose to Canvey, as they've always been around the playoff spots in their division and played in the Isthmian Premier DIvision for 9 years straight. I also signed a new centreback days before the match and threw him straight into the first team. He might not look amazing attribute wise but he's actually a lot better than our other central defenders. Regional First Divisions Pro. Playoff Final vs Newark Flowserve The biggest match of our season will be against a foe that I have encountered before, we actually beat them 4-0 in the FA Cup 4th Prelim round last year so I'm interested to see how this goes! Noel-Williams hooked up with Cerulli for a goal in the 54th minute, a fitting goal as they have been a magnificent parternship all season. Newark equalised from a corner just before the 80th minute which was a real kick in the teeth, as we'd even had a goal disallowed due to offside. The game would extend into extra time. I thought for sure we'd lost it in the 114th minute as they got a highlight from a corner but luckily the ball flew over the bar. And so it would go to penalties... the real question of course in this division is whether either of the goalkeepers can actually save one it was 3-3 until our midfielder Rhys Williams had a penalty saved, my absolute devestation turned into hilarity however as their player dixon managed to hit the post. Penalties continued to be scored until 8-7 to us, when their absolutely horrendous (6.56 average rating in the league) left back stepped up and struck the left post! And so it is that we're promoted to the Isthmian League Premier Division. I'm not sure we would have been able to keep hold of our two strikers so I'm very relieved that we've managed this.
  6. Cheers lads, yeah we gave Carlisle a game just couldn't compete physically with them, normally my strikers dominate the opponents due to their physical stats but obviously Carlisle have some decent players We've just managed to squeak into the playoffs by drawing our last game, our superior goal difference kept us above Totton. There are a few different leagues which get promoted into the Isthmian Premier league, so we will have to go through a quarter/semi/final if we're to get promoted this season. Luckily we don't currently have any injuries and I've changed my tactic a bit to stop us getting so many yellow cards, kept getting players picking up automatic suspensions due to tight marking I think.
  7. FA Cup 2nd Round vs Carlisle Well this game didn't go quite as well The team gave it a good try but in the end we were thoroughly outplayed. We had a couple of opportunities to score more goals but Cerulli missed the best of them. Things went especially badly when they brought their subs on, it doesn't help that I don't really have anyone on the bench who's good enough to play in a match of this level. Hell even the first team other than Bossman and the two strikers are pretty poor Still proud of the lads, I wasn't expecting to even make it to the first round and the money made through the cup has helped us quite a bit! The league is going alright, we're outside of the promotion spots now but at least we're pulling closer to the fabled 40 point target to survive this season. Hopefully I can get some more reinforcements in for next season.
  8. FA Cup 1st Round vs Stevenage Can't quite believe it! We somehow managed to win 1-0, although to be fair Stevenage are in pretty poor form right now. I play on key highlights and there were only about 4 highlights during the whole game, but our new young striker Dejon (he has a face!) popped up with an early goal after a lovely passing move. Our new goalkeeper signing Higton also pulled off a magnificent double save in the 93rd minute to keep us in the lead. We made about £54k from the game (prize money + gate receipts) which has taken us to -£100k. Our opponent in the 2nd round will be Carlisle, another league 2 team. They're lower than Stevenage are in the league right now but who knows what will happen! Luckily we've been drawn away again so we'll get some of the ticket money too
  9. haha brilliant! Gurnard is a bit upmarket for me, I live in Wootton but used to go to Gurnard primary for a bit. Lovely place. FA Cup 4th Qual. Round We have been battling our way through the qualifying rounds of the FA Cup & had a real ding dong battle against Gloucester City, but in the end we got a 93rd minute winner from Alfie Cerulli. He's been under a lot of offers from higher level teams, not sure how we've still got him! I keep offering him new non-contracts though, he's on a £350 appearance fee now, which is blowing our budget a bit Very impressed by the result as Gloucester are currently in the Vanorama National League. In our second crack at the FA Cup we've managed to reach the first round. Our reward is a very difficult game against League Two Stevenage. They're currently in 10th place and have quite a few players with faces so I'm not expecting much, but we'll give it a good bash. Been doing very well so far, only one loss all season and that was with a completely rotated 1/2 star team in the FA Trophy (had to do it to keep the squad fresh for the FA Cup match). Currently in 2nd place in the league. Keeping a playoff spot would be great as the board only wanted us to avoid relegation. If we could somehow get promoted then we'd end up in the Isthmian League Premier Division, just one division away from the Vanorama South.
  10. What an end to the season! We got pretty lucky as Hamworthy somehow managed to draw against Tadley putting us 3 points ahead. We lost our final game against Hamble but in the end it didn't matter as our goal difference was phenomenal. Most important game of the season! Managed to eek out a win against Brockenhurst in our pennultimate match paving the way to promotion. Liam Kelly had a fine season for us in central defence and decided to move on to Totton. Squad Screen A good effort from the lads, badly need some new defenders & maybe a goalkeeper (although I'm really not sure how much goalkeepers matter at this level, goals seem to go in completely at random!). Player of the Season Alfie Cerulli had an excellent campaign. Other than his 7 week injury he was ever present and bagged many goals. Not sure if he will stick around much longer though as there are teams interested in him and he doesn't want a permanent contract. He also counts as our signing of the season, although Toby House returned and got 8 goals in 10 games! A wonderful return indeed. Youth Intake There were a lot of 4 star potential players in the youth intake, but whether they'll actually amount to anything is another discussion entirely (especially since we barely ever have training). This guy looks alright but I doubt he'll ever amount to much. Finances Finances are in an awful state, I still pray for a takeover. There's been talk of a consortium but it's yet to materialise. Next seasons wage budget is very healthy though, nearly £150k which means I can get in a load more non-contract players. I even managed to find some scouts with a JPA/JPP above 10! Future Goals I badly need some new defenders because our current players are really terrible. Hopefully now that I move up into the big leagues I can tempt some ex-league youngsters to join the project. The board are saying they want me to build on our promotion, but I expect they'll randomly demand promotion out of nowhere so I'm interested to see exactly what they want from next season. I also really want some kind of run in the FA Cup for finances, even reaching the late preliminary rounds would be great.
  11. I'm managing in the Wessex Premier League & have been getting job offers from higher up the pyramid so yep. In my last save I went from Chesterfield (had them top of League 2) to Fulham (Championship) too.
  12. And another season ending injury to one of our best players. This season really has gone downhill very quickly
  13. FA Cup Preliminary Round Unfortunately our FA Cup dream ended in the very next round with a 4-1 drubbing by Garforth. Very disappointing result as we are supposed to be fairly similar teams FA Vase 2nd Round We beat Cockfosters in the 1st round but came up against higher league Cobham. A very difficult result to accept as I think we played well. Chants of "Tommy Tommy Tommy" could be heard as Tommy Robinson scored twice. Didn't help that we had a player sent off I've been powering through the season (was able to turn off some of the "levels" of the English game which has sped up the processing speed considerably) and am now in February. Things have been going really well in the league with us sitting 1st. That is until bloody Hereford came in and poached my young striker Boorn 17 goals in 24 games and the lad goes and leaves the beach for a market town, absolutely shocking! We had to play 2nd place Hamworthy without him and got demolished. Even worse news as my next best striker Alfie Cerulli has gone down with what will be a season ending injury Somehow I don't think we'll be going up this season. I've brought back Toby House from and he will be going up front with last seasons hero Scott Jones. The board also want promotion which means my job could be in jeopardy. Luckily my reputation has risen to 10% which means I'm getting job offers, including from a pretty decent club in the form of Grays Athletic. I reckon I can get a job offer from up the pyramid even if Newport do let me go.
  14. 2020/21 Transfers It's been a busy summer with lots of players leaving & quite a few coming in. The players below are all on non-contracts so could leave at any moment Josh is rated as a regional leagues player, far too good for us tbh but I'm very happy to have him. He used to be at Luton Town so I'm interested to see just how well he will do. Alfie came from Braintree (although he never played a game for them) and is my first player with a face! Liam is going to be one of our starting central defenders this season and joined us from nearby Portsmouth FA Cup Extra Preliminary Round vs Newark Flowserve We had to travel a long way for this game up to the Trent river but it was worth the journey. An excellent 4-0 win infront of a bumper 364 crowd, there was even an away fan up there with us, he must have had a whale of a time
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