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  1. Well it's pretty much the same thing in all aspects of life 😏 For all the complaining about the me, AI etc; I believe nothing substantial will happen until the minimum system requirements are substantially higher. I still love the game anyway, its the only one where I play 500+ hours every year since 1998.
  2. I have come to the conclusion that part of the problem is the minimum system requirements. For fm21 you need an Intel Core 2 processor. Now last year I had a 2500k (rip baby) and it still ran FM fine. That processor was bought in 2011 and was probably released in 2009 or 2010. For other games it doesn't matter so much as you are usually bottlenecked by your GPU for FPS, but in FM I think it's the complete opposite. Until we get to the stage where 6/8 core 3ghz is the minimum (which at this pace could be 2030) I don't see how we can get vast improvements in me, AI, etc. I haven't
  3. League one / two of Spain, Italy, France, portugal. All leagues from england & germany. top divisions from croatia, czech, serbia, scotland, Greece, scandanavia, South America. Somewhere between 80-100k players. I have an i5-9600k and in my current 2025 save the game is still running well, I usually only make it to 2030 before I get bored
  4. I had a really fun save with millionarios in Colombia, though I sadly only managed to get to the semis iirc. Uruguay could also be great I imagine, maybe Defensor sporting. They don't have the best squad but do have fabulous youth facilities.
  5. Have just tried that, but sadly (unless I'm doing something wrong) it doesn't seem to work. Cheers for suggesting it though! Yeah I tried setting the "scouted" to no, but obviously that isn't possible. Sure does make it tedious going through the player search and having to control + click each player
  6. On the player search screen, I'm trying to scout through a load of 16 year olds, my only problem is that I have already scouted a bunch of them. I want to exclude those from the player search screen who have already been scouted by me, how do I do this? I tried using a few of the filters from "scouting" but can't seem to get any of them to do what I want. Cheers!
  7. I've been playing FM17 a bit for the past week, but despite the gloried match engine I really missed the updated training etc.
  8. Glad to see the player/press interactions have been changed. Hopefully the ME is cleaned up a bit, because outside of that I really enjoyed last years game. I'm just happy there's going to be an FM21 tbh, it's been a truly dire year.
  9. Well I pre-ordered today before I saw this video. Can't say I've taken much notice of them before but at least the UI looks a bit nicer, although I almost always use a custom skin. The proof will be in the pudding, roll on beta!
  10. First 11 of the best players I can scramble together, followed by some decent subs. Usually 20 players max in the first team squad. I currently play 4-2-3-1, so I like to have multiple players that can play AML/AMC/AMR, to provide depth that way. Same with the LB/RB, I have one player that can play both, so he is my backup. I find keeping the squad as small as possible helps stop the players complaining. Sadly in my current save I don't really have the finances to buy anyone anyway, so my team is pretty dire..
  11. Hah yeah I've spent a lot of time playing in the Netherlands over the years. It's very hard to do well if you aren't playing as one of the big three imo. Ajax sold a player for £92 million to Inter in one of my saves the other day, so I immediately resigned from my job and took them over, but I quit playing because the game became a total joke haha. We had £400 million in the bank and my transfer budget was at least £200 million.. If I was you I would just focus on trying to build your squad through free transfers like I said, players with some sort of potential value so you can hope
  12. dynamic TV deals/prize money so that you can profit from growing a leagues reputation and not be forced to rely solely on Europa/Champions league revenue. dynamic rivalries that grow over time, if I'm Boreham Wood winning the Premier League then I should develop rivalries with other London clubs for example. dynamic country youth level for youth intakes, if I'm in Sweden at a club with all facilities maxed then I should become a centre of excellence or such like, which should improve the level of youngsters coming through substantially. allow us to create youth academies in othe
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