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  1. It would help it SI explained how the match engine even works (if they indeed know themselves).
  2. baah, I still think that the squad as a whole is a bit low on the stats, I have to like really try to even finish in the play offs when it should be pretty simple. (because it's a game and should be fun!)
  3. erm you are using an edited data base for a start Clean Try with Brown and Norris in mid you won't get promoted...
  4. Thanks Kriss, genuinely didn't see anything re the demo on here after spending 10mins looking and got lazy
  5. Leeds are sooo underrated on this version of FM, sure the developers hate Leeds or something...
  6. I started with Int. Rep. I can't view my instructions as I got the sack and I can't remember exactly! I suppose my question is how long before your players start listening and adhering to your individual instructions, as in 10 games not once did a player do as I ask! Big time charlies
  7. But surely crossing should encourage crossing, through balls should just be through balls?
  8. I want a tactic where my wingers stay our wide and just run/dribble down the flanks and cross in to my big striker. Now I set them up with Run with ball, cross often, from byline, stick to touchline, throughballs - rare, forward runs - rare. The end result was that my wingers would constantly run/cut in side ffs. Also, I have watched 10 games and I can't seem to get my players to stick to individual tactical instructions, like I select play the ball to the wings, but they just don't bother. My midfielders seem to just get the ball, turn back towards my keepers and do a shuffle, lose the ball? My full backs, never get forward even though I ask them to attack and run with ball (they don't) they seem to run the ball out of play instead. So after 10 games watching every match this week, with Leeds Utd - I get the sack. My question is, because on FM13 Leeds pretty much have a new entire team, did my tinkering have an adverse effect on the team? Should I just leave the tactics on default for 6months so the players can blend together a bit? How long before tactical instructions actually work? Do they actually do anything or are my players too dumb to understand basic instructions? My tactic was as follows Also, my goalkeeper is set to quick throws but constantly boots the ball up field
  9. I find the more logical thought and decisions I make on Fm13 the more I seem to be punished. The times I just casually wade through the season are generally the most successful ones. It baffles me at times, but my decisions 9/10 times always seem to backfire, even thought they are more logical.
  10. I sold him for £40m to Juve and bought Falcao for £52m over 48months
  11. I have Man U in the forth round of the FA Cup, I held them 1-1 at Old Trafford - wish me luck for the return leg!
  12. Great post matfrith - nice to see you doing well! What a season for Cox! What tactics did you enforce in the Prem?
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