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  1. If i'm using a 442, I like to have a target man because he can bring other players into play (flick ons, using his strength etc), and also contribute to attack as well as defence. So I always look for a player with strength/determination etc. I'm not too bothered about pace because i'm hoping my players will be aiming passes/crosses towards him. And finishing isn't really that important to me (as I have him in a support role). But jumping and heading are. For me, the key players are the wingers, so I like to exploit the flanks and (hopefully) be able to field a couple of wingers who can hug the line and really attack the full backs. That's not always possible, so I find it good to tweak roles a bit if they're not working. The way I play, the other roles I always look for are an advanced forward with decent pace and finishing because i'm hoping that he'll be my main threat for goals, and also anticipation because im hoping he'll get onto the flick ons my target man hopefully should make. Then I look for a couple of central midfielders, ideally one to win the ball to give to the other one who'll spread the play out to the wingers.

    As other people have said i'd just try and keep it simple to start with. Tweak things where necessary, and don't worry about one or two bad results early on. Just watch the games and if you see that something isn't working make a few subtle changes to see if that improves anything. And just keep in mind what strengths/weaknesses your players have got!

    At the min I am just going to tweak, I have so far 4 team instructions, Let me see how it goes.

  2. I tend to play a standard 442 in FM. And usually I find the best way to score goals is to have a couple of good wingers pumping crosses into a Target Man (on support duty), who is playing alongside an Advanced Forward (attack). I guess it depends on the players you have though as to how effective it is for you though. And also the quality of the opposition. But I do tend to get (relative) success with that tactic.

    OK, I will bare that in mind, I just a bit struggle with team instructions, how many team instructions should you have or is their no limit?

  3. well I would like to score more goals from crosses from wing backs and wide midfielders, I would go with counter because I think a lot of teams will try to attack and with theteam I have picked, I think it would work well counter attacking so the opposition will attack and throw people forward and then my team will win the ball back and counter with pace, I think that would be a weakness of some teams, possibly exploiting the middle, but I think exploit the flanks would bet better if I wanna score more from crosses?

  4. I'm new here thought you guys could help me with a tactic?

    So first of let me say I'm not really good at tactics creating so I will start off with just the formation and then with help from you guys it can develop from their.

    442 2DM


    LB Wing Back Attack - CB Defend CB Defend - Right Back Wing Back Attack

    LDM Defensive Midfielder Support - RDM Roaming Playmaker Support

    LM Wide Midfielder Automatic - RM Wide Midfielder Automatic

    LST Advanced Forward Attack - RST Deep Lying Forward Support

    Here is the tactic http://s5.postimg.org/bgqoh37sn/Tactics_Overview.png

    I was thinking counter attacking 442? or more of attacking 442.

    Any help would be nice!

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