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  1. with a premierleague team fitness on players is poor with a championship team players fitness condition is excellent this I start of preseason on new game why? and how do I improve their fitness quickly?
  2. At the min I am just going to tweak, I have so far 4 team instructions, Let me see how it goes.
  3. Right thanks for this I guess for now I will add as I go along.
  4. OK, I will bare that in mind, I just a bit struggle with team instructions, how many team instructions should you have or is their no limit?
  5. well I would like to score more goals from crosses from wing backs and wide midfielders, I would go with counter because I think a lot of teams will try to attack and with theteam I have picked, I think it would work well counter attacking so the opposition will attack and throw people forward and then my team will win the ball back and counter with pace, I think that would be a weakness of some teams, possibly exploiting the middle, but I think exploit the flanks would bet better if I wanna score more from crosses?
  6. I'm new here thought you guys could help me with a tactic? So first of let me say I'm not really good at tactics creating so I will start off with just the formation and then with help from you guys it can develop from their. 442 2DM GK-Defend LB Wing Back Attack - CB Defend CB Defend - Right Back Wing Back Attack LDM Defensive Midfielder Support - RDM Roaming Playmaker Support LM Wide Midfielder Automatic - RM Wide Midfielder Automatic LST Advanced Forward Attack - RST Deep Lying Forward Support Here is the tactic http://s5.postimg.org/bgqoh37sn/Tactics_Overview.png I was thinking counter attacking 442? or more of attacking 442. Any help would be nice!
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