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  1. Which tactic would you recommend? Barkamush? is that tactic on this thread? How long did it take for your players to gel towards the tactic? Struggling to get the goals now. Not doing too bad, but seems like pretty sloppy errors after dominating the whole game
  2. Hi, I'm using the original tactic. Seem to be quite leaky through set pieces, is it worth just changing match prep to defending set pieces? Also, is the Home/Away set more solid at the back? Or shall I stick with original
  3. This tactic is really working wonders now! Thanks Pointon, 6 points clear of United with 23 games gone, won 17 drew 4 and lost 2!! Torres is back now and has scored on his game back, thanks to Tokekappelgaard I bought in Martins who has 5 goals in 4 games! Also Keane is out on loan to Villa! His last game before I loaned him out he scored 4 goals (but it was against Ipswich)!! So thanks Pointon!!
  4. Okay, thanks Tokekappelgaard!! I think i will try for Martins than, I dont like that of Owen back at Liverpool!
  5. Cheers mate!! I now need a striker more than ever, Lewandowski out for a month, Torres out for 2 months and N`gog out for 4 months!! Worrying times! By the way has anyone had good success with Michael Owen? Thinking about getting him in!
  6. Is there a striker you would recomend I sign in January? I think i will offload Keane 2 in 15 starts is not good enough!!
  7. Okay will so mate, I like the set peices I think that is the secret to this tactic!
  8. So far this tactic has been awesome for Liverpool, playing 23 games, 17 wins, 3 draws and 3 losses! If anyone needs a right sided midfielder for this tactic get Darijo Srna he has been amazing, 21 games 5 goals and 18 assists! Pointon I have one issue, I am abit worried about my strikers Torres has scored 7 in 19! Isnt bad but he isnt playing well at all, same with my other striker where i rotate Keane, Lewanowski and N`gog! Is there anything i can do to make him score a few more and possible get better ratings??
  9. Sorry i forgot. What type of players do you play in the defensive midfielder position because my defevsive midfielders have been gettin bad ratings.
  10. Hi I have just started a new game with Arsenal. I will use this tactic i think because i have not really found a very good 1 for 8.0.2. It looks really good so well done mate for making a good tactic.
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