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  1. I would argue that both (tight marking and/or hard tackling) could be as suited to a high pressing style of play as a defensive style? These are both (if i’ve understood correctly) instructions that seek to reduce the opponents time on the ball, which is kind of imperative in a high pressing style. Especially when managing a good side with players that have generally high mental attributes, i’d argue that tight marking can be ideal when pressing high.
  2. In general, the game is really enjoyable. The ME has made enourmous steps since FM20. It is just way better, more dynamic and more realistic in every aspect. My negative feedback would be that you cant hide the assistant managers advices prior to or during the game anymore (or at least I havnet found a way to do so). These advices are (for most of the time) useless, and just really annoying. They kinda reminds me of internet popups and makes the whole experience less enjoyable imo.
  3. If you don't mind me asking, why doesnt it fit this style/formation? Is it primarily a TI that is effective with a lower block? I also guess it may effect my TQs movement negatively, and it does tend to break up my team shape from time to time. Still relatively new to the tactical aspect of the game, so im just genuinely curious. In the sense of my best passer, yes (and also the most important). But yeah, interaction between roles/duties being more important obviously makes sense. Yeah, I know, I was (somewhat poorly articulated) meaning i'll try swapping CM roles and swapping AM/ST (which was another advice i recieved) seperately. Thus, i'd be able to compare and analyse which tweak works best and how it effects the system. Anyway, thanks for advice!
  4. Interesting; may I ask why I should remove tight marking? A bit sceptic of swapping CM roles as I only have right footed midfielders and want my most advanced passer to be on his right foot. But I will try it, would be interesting to see what works best of swapping cm roles and am/st side.
  5. Thanks both for the advice, found it really useful. From how I read both, swapping sides of the Treq and AF would be a sensible starting point. Gotta admit it makes a lot of sense, and it could even improve the overall tactical setup (given the even more significant overload on the left). My reasoning for having the Treq on the right was 1) I wanted the Treq to linkup with the RM and 2) I was a bit worried of him "colliding" with the IW when playing on the left side. But, as zabyl pointed out, a Wa mostly goes on his own, especially since ive mostly used King there, who is a rather limited player in terms of link up and rely mostly on pace and dribbling (actually tried him on support once and it was a complete disaster). So there is really not much to sacrifice for me by swapping. I'll give it a couple of games and see how it all hangs together, and then ill maybe also look at the role of the striker. I'm a bit reluctant to use Wilson as a DLF (even if its on attack duty) given his pace and the way it is utilized to stretch defense in a more advanced role, but maybe it works wonders. Changing the Dlp to support could also be useful (but also risky), ill initially try it as a tweak in games where im chasing a lead and/or play against opposition sitting deap.
  6. So the title is pretty self-explanatory; how do I get my attacking players (i.e. the TQ and the striker) more involved within the frameworks of this tactic: For context: The tactic is not working bad at all. But nearly all build up and chance creation are happening on the flanks. The tactic is sort of set up for this to be happening (overlading the left/switching play to RW probably being the main threat) so im not seeking drastic changes as such. Just possible tweaks that would be useful to utilize especially Brooks more. His attributes are sort of perfect for the Treq role imo, but he rarely ever gets involved in any type of play. I would have expected him to link up better, espcially with the RM. Wilson is a bit more useful, as he strectches opposition defence to make space for LB and LM and often drift wide on the left to create an overload. But he's rarely on the end of crosses and doesnt seem to link up with Brooks whatsoever. So any advice here would be appreciated.
  7. @Experienced Defender Thanks for the advice, I will check some of these videos. Regarding the choice of PF/S, that was more related to the defensive aspect, as I figured my attackers needed to be as aggressive as possible. Redmond's not ideal for that role, but he is ok and I was hoping two PFs with a S/A variation would be enough to create some kind of dynamic relationship. That being said, i'm not entirely satisfied with the movement of my front three yet (to my surprise, I've find team to be more defensively solid than fluid in attack with this tactic). So maybe I'll try him as an F9 instead, I guess with such aggressive TIs, two PFs might be a bit of an overkill anyway. I've got little experience using the F9 role, but I thought that was mainly suited for creative players with passing skills and vision who likes to operate centrally between the lines? I see Redmond first and foremost as a pacy runner, and what I want him to do is basically just recievie the ball and go wide on the outside of the defender, getting crosses and/or passes in the box. I guess that can be more effectively done between the lines as he'll probably recieve the ball a lot more in the buildup, but I thought the F9 role would make players stay a bit more central (even with the 'play wider' PI), dropping deep and feeding team mates from a more classical nr. 10 position? @CaptCanuck Thanks for the advice. Especially interesting changing the BBM to a MEZ in circumstances when a FB leaves space behind him. I tend to get a little bit hung up on how attackers /wingers can threaten my opponents, that i completely neglect the fact central midfielders are able to do the same (in some cases even more). I would of course fear that such a change would make it even easier for a strong side to carve through my midfield, but i guess with a MEZ on support, you'd get someone who can do a little bit of both covering and making dangerous runs.
  8. Been playing FM for a couple of years now without really getting too deep into the tactical aspect of the game. Usually, i've just gone with one of the tactical presets, done a few tweaks to fit my side and then let it slide. Sometimes it works, sometimes it dont, but it have become increasingly boring. After lurking a bit on this forum for inspiration, I decided to try to build my own tactic. Starting in january 2020, my aim was to get a team out of the relegation zone playing attacking football. With Southampton being on a steady course down in the Championship, the choice was pretty simple, as their players are well suited to attacking football. Furthermore, they have good physical (first and foremost a lot of extremely quick players) and pretty decent mental attributes (notably work rate, bravery, teamwork and aggression), so I decided to add an even bigger high-intensity/high-pressure layer to the attacking style. That was my base, and this is my setup now, three games to go in the season (or at least my ideal setup, Ings has been constantly getting injured): As you can see, the style of play is extremely aggressive, but I wanted to be compact at the same time in order to really "choke" the opposition. I was originally thinking a DLP/S (or even a regista) instead of CM/D and both WBs to be A, but decided to stay a bit more solid, both because i'm managing a lower mid-able quality side and because of my player material. The only tweaks i do is Positive/attacking (depending on opposition and how the game runs) and counter-press/regroup (for the same reason). I've also been lowering the tempo and done a bit of time-wasting if defending a late lead. The only PI i have is making Redmond dribble out wide, as the thought is that while KWB occupies the LB, Redmond can drag a CB out of position which creates space to attack for the CAM. In some positions (notably the CAM) i dont have the players to fully execute what I seek to achieve, but it'll do for now, and has also worked decent enough. I'm over the drop zone (although not entirely safe with a 6 point gap 3 rounds to go), and have a PPG of 1,45. That would make me upper mid-table in a full season, which is not great, but still decent for Southampton. It's not ideal yet, as this is a constant process of learning, which leads me to what was really the point of starting this thread; one of the biggest advantages of playing an attacking type of football, i guess, is that when opponents try to take you on, you are in a really good place to punish them. I mean, with this style of play, you'll allways punish opponents on the break and so on, but i'm talking more in a sense of exploting their potential weaknesses. This is a tactical aspect i am still struggling with, and something a see as a potentially big gain. I find the pre-match analysis useful for singelling out opposition weaknesses, really just dont know how to use it properly. If i'm playing a team with an aggressive and attacking right back, for instance, the zone he is in may become red to indicate that the space he leaves behind is exploitable. To spin further on this example, I was facing Man City away with Kyle Walker being singelled out by my analyst. So I decided to really try to exploit the space Kyle Walker leaves behind. I first went for 'exploit left flank', but quickly found out that it was only making my players focusing more on building attacks down that side, which actually made Man City more aware of the threat. Then I tried 'pass into space', but it only lead to my team giving up the little posession they had, and there wasn't really anyone to exploit the space anyway. With that in mind, I asked Shane Long to roam from position and stay wider, but that just completely removed my presence in the box. I then changed Bertrands role to attacking, but that worked more to Kyle Walkers advantage than to Bertrands. I guess this is a bit of a flawed example, as Man City is a much stronger side and thus more capable to deal with any possible exploit than most, but I bring it up on more general terms. So I guess my question is, with my tactic and this case in point, how would you go about to exploit this weakness? As this example makes obvious, any possible exploit means you have to sacrifice something, so, more generally, to what extent do you sacrifice your overall shape and plan in order to possibly exploit opposition weakness? What is your overall general principles on expoloting opposition weakness? Any insight would be much appreciated.
  9. Having a bit of trouble understanding how the u23 league system works. On my recent Spurs save, my u23s just out of nothing got dumped two divisions from PL1 to U23 division 3 despute finishing mid-table and Spurs having a category 1 youth setup. Does anyone have any clue how this may happen (i.e. how the u23 league system actually works)? Am I missing something? This also happened on my Palace save, despute building their youth setup to a category 1.
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