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  1. I have just started a new job in the Premier League and don't want to have a Director of Football at the club. I prefer to handle everything a DoF would do myself. Is it going to cause a problem if I terminate my DoF's contract? Thanks
  2. Thanks. The assistant has the focus as Balanced and Intensity Level as average. Do you recommend I leave it like this, or change it myself, I thought maybe fitness high intensity to begin with then team cohesion as they will be learning a new tactic? Or should I just leave it to the assistant?
  3. I've just started a game on FM Touch, I seem to be taking team training at the moment, how do I set my assistant to do it? Thanks.
  4. I'm starting a new game on FM Touch, can I still benefit from using this tactic, even without the additional training/player development tweaks etc in the full game?
  5. I just signed a player but forgot to click on add to training camp when I signed him, is there a way to do this? Thanks
  6. Can I use this tactic with a top team or is it best with a lower league team?
  7. Should I use right footed players in the wide left position and left footed players on the right?
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