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  1. chronic187

    Best "Bigish" team to manage?

    Liverpool are the best option here.
  2. chronic187

    [FM2013] OPZ Beam v.5

    Font size is way too small mate
  3. chronic187

    [FM2013] OPZ Beam v.5

    Please upload facepack aswell
  4. chronic187

    [FM2013] OPZ Beam v.5

  5. chronic187

    [FM2013] OPZ Beam v.5

    Incredible skin How do we get those player pics, they look amazing. Anyone know ?
  6. Damn my Xperia x10 Mini pro is 2.1 so can't buy this
  7. Absolutely gutted this won't play on my x10 as it's firmware 2.1 , would of bought this aswell
  8. I usually pick both a club job and international job at the start of the game but i forgot this time. Right i'm at the end of the first season and have won the premier league, the fa cup, the league cup and champions league and have not lost even 1 game, i want an international job for the Euro's so in May i have added new managers to Ireland, England, Spain, Italy, France, Germany and then retired the manager so all these countries are now without a manager, i then apply for all these jobs and not even 1 takes my application seriously. I have an 8500 reputation and am rated "world class" so i don't understand why every single team is actually laughing off my interest when i'm the best manager on my current game ? How do you get an international job ?
  9. Just noticed that on his team screen the game is giving the average rating showing he has played in cup and european games but is not showing the actual games and goals. Also at the bottom it is not even putting the overall stats, if Suarez had only played in 8 league games then at the bottom the "overall" would show "8"
  10. Right this is a problem i've only seen with Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani, Both have played 5 international games for Uruguay and both have scored 6 goals but on their profile it has - - - - for the international stats which indicates 0 games and goals. This is not only limited to international games as Suarez for example has played 6 games in the Europa League for Liverpool and scored 5 goals and his stats are also - - - - This is very confusing because he has played 8 games in the league and scored 8 goals which appear perfectly normal They don't appear on the players screen but when you click on their team and set the view to "International" or "Continental" the stats are clearly there so the game IS tracking them. Any ideas how to fix this ? Here is a screen of Suarez' and page for example (Cavani is exactly the same problem), as you can see the game is saying he's only played league games Uploaded with ImageShack.us Yet then when you see their team screen and set the view to "International" you can see they have actual stats that the game is hiding on their page. Uploaded with ImageShack.us And here is proof they have not only played but also scored for their country and their club in another competition other than league. Uploaded with ImageShack.us Uploaded with ImageShack.us
  11. Are there any custom databases anywhere where you can play in a database where every team has their players from say 1994 etc ?, or where they have all their legends (Liverpool have Dal;glish, Keegan, Rush etc, Milan have Van Basen, Gullit etc) ?
  12. chronic187


    That's absolute bull Liverpool were in a 2 horse race with Leeds in the 73/74 season which Leeds eventually just won, Liverpool won the FA Cup in the same season back when the FA Cup was considered the most prestigious cup competition in world football. To say that "Leeds were the most superior team in the country by far as individuals and a team" is laughable when you consider that Liverpool were being managed by Bill Shankly who created the Liverpool squad that dominated the continent, and a Liverpool player (Ian Callaghan) won the countries "Player of the year". The 70's and 80's were completely and utterly dominated by Liverpool Football Club. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/1973%E2%80%9374_in_English_football
  13. chronic187

    The Official General Database Editing Thread

    This may of been asked before, but how do you edit the transfer window in the official editor ?
  14. Liverpool, Milan, Madrid, Bayern all in the same league etc ?