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  1. Why do the youth leagues in Germany no longer have a history, although they are stored in the database? In addition, a final round of the German U19 championship is being played. There is also a corresponding history in the database. But this is not visible anywhere in the game. See Wikipedia. However, here is a short explanation. The U19 of FC Schalke 04 won the Bundesliga West 2018-19, but the U19 of Borussia Dortmund won the German championship 2018-19. Both should be seen accordingly on the basis of a history. And the same applies to the U19 cup. No history either. This was all checked against the original database. Now a different subject. A file for Germany, which is now in its third year, still has the errors that for some leagues the history is not recorded. I already mentioned this at release, but the problem was not fixed. I have attached a link to the file once. There seems to be no error in the extension. So what's the problem here? I see. I should also add that the Landesligen are only simulated in the background, as "Oberliga and higher" have been selected, because that is when the problem occurs. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1919234889
  2. https://community.sigames.com/topic/511246-germany-official-league-specific-issues/?do=findComment&comment=12128080 I have linked my original post. As soon as leagues are inactive, the history is not created correctly in some of them. This happens mainly in leagues where one or more second teams are involved. And after the last update, this error still seems to have not been fixed. So far I could only test it in the editor and not in the game, because I just didn't have the time for that. Unfortunately this takes quite a long time.
  3. Is there any news on this? Unfortunately, it still remains so very unpleasant when the history is missing in some places.
  4. Nobody criticizes the file. Where does it say that? It is basically about the double work, because the MTF is working on a file and now Timo. And at the end you get the same result. Cooperation would be more appropriate, I think. Us. I'm not creating the file by myself, but with the help of others. This is just a correction. Otherwise, let's settle everything else privately.
  5. You only do updates?! What do you mean? And as I already mentioned, it's pointless to have two identical files, because then we can use our time for other things, like research where I work. What I would like to say in concrete terms, why was it not possible to talk about this before? Why should everyone cook his own soup? But we can continue to talk in private if you prefer.
  6. So I don't really believe that you didn't know what others were doing, because the MTF's file for Germany has been published for years and also in the workshop. So you should have known it. I understand the point of view to learn the rules and competitions, of course and also that you wanted to have a whole package. Including Germany. Only for the future it is totally senseless to publish two identical files and I think you see it the same way, don't you?
  7. Nice work, but I have to ask. Why do you create a file that has been available for years in the same format for Germany? Except for the fact that there are some problems with the IDs. For example, we could have created a cooperation, but I don't understand why this is done. Sorry.
  8. No, I'm using Windows 10, which worked without any problems at the time of release, but hasn't worked since recently. Probably by one of the last updates.
  9. Yes, I can confirm that. My uploaded extension ends up in the wrong folder. The problem already existed last year, but it was fixed sometime. It would be nice if you could fix it again, because it's not the point to subscribe to something in the workshop and then move it manually.
  10. Has the problem not been fixed by the last update (20.2.0)? I'm asking because the bug still exists.
  11. There's something wrong with the history of the second teams. If I leave the Landesligen inactive and then simulate them, then no history is created for certain leagues. The last screenshot shows the Landesliga Mittelrhein Staffel 2 and there it works. If I remove e.g. Viktoria Köln II now, then it also works in the Landesliga Mittelrhein Staffel 1. There must be a connection. A postscript. It also happens in the game and also for other leagues that are inactive and therefore only indirectly simulated. But it has to do with the second teams, because if you really remove them, the history works.
  12. No. That doesn't help either. This makes it at most minimally better, but still not really playable.
  13. It's not just NVIDIA. I have an AMD graphics card and I've had these problems from the beginning of the beta.
  14. Of course. Can the font within this box also be changed? For example, the color or type? Just for these boxes, I mean.
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