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  1. Nice that one does not seem to agree who is now responsible for the youth leagues and their cup. Fact is, they are wrong and that already in the second year.
  2. Since when does the competition take place over two seasons or is this a display error?
  3. I had already reported this in the beta. And it is not a bug in the database. It's a pity that it was not fixed.
  4. I have found the error. The rules of the parent competition must be set to flexible. That means for the level that is below the regional leagues. Thank you for encouraging me.
  5. Yeah, right. That's exactly why you need more relegation spots. I have already developed three files for Germany in the last years, but this year I seem to be struggling.
  6. Okay. I guess it's more my fault too, but somehow it didn't work. I'm gonna try that again. Thanks.
  7. That was just an example. Actually there should be 8 relegated teams, because from Bavaria no additional teams should be relegated, because only 17 teams play there and in the other leagues over 20.
  8. Thanks for your answer. I had already been there and tested it. I had entered minus 6 there to reduce the leagues. However, he fills up the leagues again.
  9. So somehow I don't get on the right track or it doesn't work. There are five regional leagues in Germany. I would like to make them smaller. So let's say out of all of them, two will be relegated additionally. Now there shouldn't be more promoted, but if I select this, the editor complains that the number of promoted and relegated teams isn't right or he fills up the leagues again by himself. A fixed league size is unfortunately not possible. Is this the reason or where do I think maybe wrong?
  10. I just tested it and the problem was not solved. There is still a matchday inserted on February 1, which should not be like that. So as already shown in the screenshot.
  11. Thanks for the feedback. Specifically, these were the points at issue. The first problem related to the Bundesliga. This error is still unsolved. In the youth leagues, I don't know if the schedule is still mixed up, but there are definitely two rounds played instead of just one. The rule is only valid for 2020/21. And the last of these concerns the DFB-Junioren Vereinspokal. For some seasons now, 32 teams have taken part in this competition.
  12. Only two encounters each in November and December are simply too few. It is usually played every weekend. Unless there are international matches scheduled, but in December this is very unusual. So much for that. But on the other hand I wonder if I should report anything here at all, because my reports were not processed. Is there no interest from your side in the German youth leagues? And the message concerning the editor that the files cannot be updated in the Steam Workshop is also completely ignored. Yes, I know. The last one is not part of this, but then I'll avoid these messages
  13. @Freddie Sands Sorry for the marking, but I wanted to achieve that this topic is seen by a responsible person. If there is no such possibility to update, it is really hard to keep files in the Steam Workshop always up to date.
  14. There is no problem because the election is so correct. I only referred to the statement I had quoted.
  15. Foreign players who are under contract with a German club may also be elected.
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