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  1. I don't even have FM20, but looking at this skin kind of makes me think about getting it afterall. Couple of questions: - Can anybody tell me if it works / looks ok at 125% zoom level on 1920 x 1080 resolution (sidebar icons only) ? - On the club overview screen, is it possible to swap the Hot Prospect and Key Player sections ? What I mean is, for example, if you'd look at Barça it would make more sense to see Messi more "highlighted" there next to the manager rather than the hot prospect (or maybe the team captain, either way).
  2. Yeah definitely a bug, probably wouldn't have noticed if I'd played more games before checking it. Also seems to have picked a wrong "formations faced" too as it showed a 5-4-1 there after that game but the opposition never used it (they went 4-3-3 Narrow when down 0-2). Oh well...
  3. Hey, Just started a new save and played a friendly which I won 2-1. Match stats counted 0-2 CCCs in favour of the opponents, but after the game when I went to the CCCs created / converted screen that shows 2 against / 2 converted. How is that even possible ? I don't really pay *that* much attention to these, at least not until a fair few matches played, but if it's already counting wrong after a single game then I don't know...
  4. Hi, I've already asked this in this thread - however I don't think it's particularly related to that skin, but more with the 125% zoomed-in setting I want to use. I unpacked the default panels using the Resource Archiver, I'd really appreciate it if anyone could tell me what would need to be edited there (if there is anything to be edited that controls that layout) to shrink the league table like in the attached picture. Thanks !
  5. Hi, So I'm still on FM 19 and using a version of this skin (best one imho) on a laptop with the 125% zoomed in option. This may be a long-shot... but by any chance does anyone know if it would be possible to shrink the league table a bit so that the screen could be better alligned and also display the highest average player for the league aswell (like it's possible for the Cup competition) ? If so, what panel would need editing ? I've attached an image to show you what I mean. Thanks in advance !
  6. Hi, So I was thinking of editing some match day rules for a league on the 19.1.0 database, however when I try converting to Advanced Rules the Editor throws out an error then crashed. Any idea what to do ?
  7. Just wanted to say that as long as everyone keeps buying it, then who cares about all these things ? Think I remember Miles said FM 19 broke the sales records, so there you have it.
  8. I was gonna ask about this (for FM 19) - if I set the OIs in the tactic screen pre-match for any players in a specific position, then to make them work is it needed to go in-match and tick / switch "apply to any player in this position" ? Or are they auto-applied (as intended) ?
  9. Hi, Not sure exactly where to post this ... I reckon it's a bug, but maybe there's a way around it ? For example, I've setup 3 tactics and customized the set-pieces for all of them, on the tactic screen. However, if during a match I switch between tactics (for example, from 4-2-3-1 DM to 4-4-2), the player assignments for the set-pieces are all messed-up / swapped. For example, in my 4-4-2 I set my defensive center midfielder to stay back for attacking free-kicks and my forward to go (obviously) forward, but when switching to this tactic DURING a match, it's vice-versa, the forward is in the stay-back position and midfielder is up front. I noticed when my free kick taker was passing back instead of sending the ball in the box... It's very annoying and time-consuming because I had to manually swap them for each side (and other free-kick types - wide, deep). The routines are unchanged, just as I set them, but players are swapped. When I set them up I thought that any player IN THAT POSITION / ROLE is going to perform the selected instruction, I don't understand why this doesn't stick if switching tactics during a match (the players are in the right positions on the tactic overview - i.e. striker is striker, midfielder in midfield, it's just set-pieces that get screwed). Any ideas or ways around this ?
  10. Hi, Does anyone know why some specific pre-match tactical options in the briefing are highlighted in different colors ? For example, after a while I noticed some Team Instructions can either be green / blue / red. Now I'm guessing green is good, blue is neutral and red not good ? This doesn't necessarily mean that if I select to put emphasis on said tactical option(s) the players react, so just wondering what / how exactly those color codes work ?
  11. Hello, I'm interested to know if anyone can recommend some attacking corner routines with which you've achieved reasonable success ? In my current game I scored only 4 corner goals in 41 matches in total (of which 2 were in friendlies against much weaker opponents, so they don't REALLY count). To be fair, I also conceded just 4, so in general, at least on this save, corner goals seem quite rare. Top rated team in the league for this stat has, I think, 8 in 30 league games. I had Attacking Corners & Set Piece delivery regularly trained throughout the season, but I don't know if that made any impact... Obviously I wouldn't expect to score every game, but would like to improve this aspect. I'm interested in "proper" (classic) routines, meaning the taker crosses directly in the box or around that area, not "short" trickery, but I'm open to ideas. Thanks !
  12. Just replace the none.png and staff.png files inside the "female" folder with any image you like. Before you do, make sure to resize the new images at 180 x 180 pixels. This is because for male staff characters that are randomly generated (like Personal Assistants or Press Officers) the game uses the regen face system. This only does male faces though, that's why it doesn't work for females in this current edition at least. The images from that folder will only be applied for real characters which aren't already associated with a picture via a face-pack. And like I said above, you can use any images you like for this, just make sure you keep the same filename and resolution at 180 x 180 pixels for normal size and 18 x 18 pixels for icons. If you want to use real pictures in cut-out style, you can remove the backgrounds easily using this tool here: https://www.remove.bg/
  13. As it's probably been explained in other threads, you can replace the default silhouettes with whatever pictures you like. For that to work, you need to place them in your skin folder like this: ... skin_name/graphics/pictures/players In the "players" folder there should be two sub-folders named "normal" and "small". These contain the generic silhouettes or images you decide to replace them with, including staff ones (nevermind the folder's name). These default images will be used if there aren't actual pictures associated with that person. I've attached what I use here, just unzip this folder to your skin using the path above. Feel free to replace these images with whatever you like. If you do, make sure you resize the new images first (180 x 180 for normal or 18 x 18 for small / icons). players.zip
  14. In the odd chance someone else might find this useful, you can reset the staff sorting order WITHOUT resetting everything by deleting this file from here: .. username/AppData/Local/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/Preferences/version 3/views-v2-fm-staff-views.xml Take note that by default the AppData folder is set to be hidden, so to be able to see it you first need to enable showing hidden folders in Windows Explorer. Next time you launch the game, the staff sorting is reset to default, starting from Chairman downards and grouped by First Team, Youth Team etc.
  15. Hey, Does anyone know how to replace the Training Focus panel on the Player Overview screen with the (default I think ?) Training panel which shows the training rating ? Or add it to the selectable options ? This is what I mean - I'd like to be able to select / view this on player overview: Thanks in advance ! LATER EDIT: Figured it out - in case anyone else is interested, this particular panel was commented out in the ..panels/player/tcs/player overview small selector.xml file. More exactly, it's in these lines: <!-- <widget class="player_training_stats_panel" id="pTTS" late_loading="true" valid_for_international_managers_other_team="false" valid_for_other_team_managers="false" valid_for_unemployed_managers="false"> <translation id="title" translation_id="242773" type="use" value="Training" /> </widget> --> To make it visibile, delete the "<!-- " in front (and the "-->" at the end). But take note this panel is only set to be visible / usable for your own players, so if you go and look at other teams' player profiles it will be replaced by something universally visible (and you'll need to select it again for your own players).
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