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  1. I found a solution, so for anyone interested here's what you need to do: - (Step 1) Launch the Pre-Game Editor, go to Rules -> Add Nation Rules and pick Romania, then check Add Lower Divisions, save the file and convert do Advanced Rules; - (Step 2) In Advanced Rules, go to Romania -> Nation -> Required Teams and make sure that all 5 of the Liga III series have 15 for Minimum Teams and 16 for Maximum Teams set (I unchecked the Use Minimum or Maximum Only tickbox, but I'm not sure this is relevant); - (Step 3.1 and 3.2) Under Advanced Rules, there are two categories named Multiple Competitions (5) (default) and Multiples competitions (5) (2019) - these are the 5 Liga III series and for each of them you must go to Stages -> Stage 0 / General and uncheck the Number of Teams checkbox, which is set by default at 16, then after that set the Minimum Number of Teams to 15 and Maximum Number of Teams to 16. - (Step 4) After you've done the above, from the left-hand menu go back to Romania -> Fixtures Rules -> Rules 1 SECOND DIVISION and tick the Squad Registration Initial Start Date tickbox, then below set Max squad size to 25, tick Highest Squad Number and set it to 99 (yay!) and finally select July 11th as Start date (I used the same settings as they can be observed on Rules 0 FIRST DIVISION). Save the file, verify it and enjoy. :) In case you want to skip the hassle, I'll also attach the verified file with the above changes here (nothing else is touched). I holidayed until 2026 and everything looks good, no errors, works well. RO - L2 Squad Number Fix.fmf
  2. Hello, Sorry if this would be considered a double post, I already described the issue and received some help here and the bug has been aknowledged here, but there are still some issues. Long story short, I'm using the latest game version from Steam (12.4.1) and I want to enable the teams in the Romanian Second League (using database 20.1) to be able to use squad numbers between 1-99 (as in real life), but there appears to be a bug in the Advanced Rules preventing verification (on 29.06.2020 the Romanian Third League throws an error about only finding 15 teams instead of 16), therefore I can't use the file in game. The file provided in the other post does work, but for some weird reason the competition rules are changed / incomplete even though THEY APPEAR IDENTICAL to the default version in the Editor. Does anyone have any idea what else I could try ? Thanks !
  3. More exactly, this issue manifests on the latest game version from Steam, with database version 20.1 (I like to start with the original team rosters from the beginning of the season). I tried to edit Romania's Second League Fixture Rules using the Advanced Rules in the Editor, but unfortunately there's an issue with the number of teams in the Third League on 29.06.2020 (15 teams found, expected 16) and the file failes to verify, therefore can't be used in the game. Do you think there is any chance this could get fixed for FM 20 ? As far as I know the current version was the last patch...
  4. Small update on this... this file posted above can be verified and works in the game, BUT... squad registration and match selection rules for the Romanian Second League are now changed even though as far as I can tell in the Editor they are EXACTLY THE SAME as the default database. This is truly unexplainable...
  5. I don't really know either, I removed the extra team you added because the league was showing 21 teams (if you search for it by the league name in the Competitions section and go to the Teams subsection), but because of the rule to ignore Daco-Getica it was getting verified. Anyway, I plan to start with database 20.1 because I like to have the original roster from the season start anyway and Daco-Getica was technically part of it (shame they withdrawn, but I could go with them in the game rather than a random team to fill to league). Should be fine now, but damn why would it be simple when it can be complicated
  6. Yeah, I could not really get it either, but check my post above, edited - seems I found out what the issue was eventually. But damn these Advanced Rules are like some sort of a puzzle...
  7. Wow, thank you, will try it and see what happens. Thanks again ! LE: Tried it in the Editor, with the team you added there are actually 21 teams now for Liga II, when I removed that team I got an error again at verification that there are only 19 teams in August 2019 (facepalm). Ok, imma stick with the numbers 1 to 25, this is beyond me now. LE2: Think I finally figured it out... what happened in the Romanian Second League is that Daco-Getica has withdrawn due to financial issues around October - November, having already played up to that point, so the league has indeed started with 20 teams, but SI decided to make this situation sepparate for this season with their database specific for 2019 vs default. For the default competition, they have set it to the normal 20 teams, but apparently there is another rule specifically for Daco-Getica where the game is instructed to IGNORE the team, so they're at the same time in the league and also not really. Since I removed your added team, the league did indeed show 20 teams, but I think because of that sepparate rule it failed, registering only 19. After I found and deleted it the file's now verified. Too tired now and work tomorrow, but will run a holiday mode for a couple of seasons to see how it plays out in the actual game. Thanks again for the file, Advance Rules are a pain, this was really helpful !
  8. One other thing I want to ask: in case I want to go with the unverified .xml file, what exactly would I need to edit to trick the game into thinking it's verified ? Just change the "verf" attribute from "false" to "true" ? Nevermind - I did that, file appears verified and can be selected, but then on the next screen the entire league option in the game setup screen is blank, dropdown and everything, can't select the tiers or anything. Back to the drawing board...
  9. Interesting, I just looked at this in the Editor, all leagues verified. I'm also trying to edit version 20.1 since I like to start with the original rosters from the beginning of the season. Only thing that differs from the updated database seems that in the Romanian Second League there are 20 teams for the current season (IRL one of the clubs, Daco-Getica, has withdrawn and that's why for 2019/2020 version there are 19 teams only). So basically if I would like to use this to fix the squad number issue without any other rule changes all I'd have to do is remove your edits ? Or are there hidden rules that have been modified and they don't show ? I only see a couple of club name changes and some changes regarding transfer prefences, is that all ? LE: Ah, I see now that you wanted to re-create a historic league, lots of new rules there that don't appear right away in the changelog... so I'm not sure if I could use this is a template. Guess imma have to stick with the 25 number limit...
  10. Thanks, I'll have a look at it when I get home. Or maybe another solution would be to export the unverified file as .xml ? Since basically the only change is the checkbox allowing squad numbers up to 99 and I don't touch any other rules do you think that might work basically as the default database ? I believe the .xml can be manually edited to appear as verified thus allowing it to be used in the game ? Or even with the default database that error would be popping up in the second season ?
  11. Ah, yes, that... I got it when I tried to verify :/ Any idea how to fix it ? Without verification it seems I can't use the .fmf file in the game...
  12. Yes, I just found out about this, but I never used Advanced Rules before so I'm not sure that I'm doing things right. Basically I chose Add Nation Rules, picked Romania and went with the Add Lower Dvision, then converted to Advanced Rules to check the options there. For the Fist Division the option is ticked: max. 25 squad, max. number 99; for the Second Division - the one I want to play in, it's not - so I suppose that could be the issue. I'll try activate that and use the same registration date as the First Division, hope it doesn't break anything. What bug is that you mentioned ?
  13. Hello, I want to play with a club in the Romanian Second League, but unfortunately there is an immersion-breaking bug that limits the assigned squad numbers for registered players to 1-25 (IRL it's 1-99). In past versions when there was a registration limit for a division it took into account the players, not limiting the chosen squad numbers - this is what I would like to know if it's possible to fix via the Editor. I don't want to change any other rules, just allow numbers between 1-99 (instead of just 1-25). Can anyone tell me if it's possible and what I would need to do in the Editor to do this ? Thanks.
  14. Hasn't been fixed. Anyone know any workaround in the Editor maybe ?
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