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  1. I guess you could say that "offense is the best defense", yeah. Especially on this year's edition of the game I did notice that higher mentalities tend to better defensively speaking, but I was trying to see if maybe I could get away with playing a Low-Intensity / Cautious (simple / boring) type of football. I don't know how much the intensity really affects the game, but I don't like that bar to turn red(ish). Unfortunately I can't post any screens of this since I abandoned the save in the meantime, but I did mention some details in the first post. It was basically a standard flat 4-4-2 with a slightly modified Direct Counter style, hardly any PIs. Roles were set-up like this: Po (A) TM (S) WM (S) CM (S) CM (D) W (A) FB (S) CD (D) NCB (D) FB (S) SK (D) Cautious Sligthly More Direct Passing Slightly Higher Tempo Regroup / Counter Lower Line of Engagement Lower Defensive Line Thinking I can sit deep and draw out opponents, I used the Lower Defensive Line and Lower Line of Engagement setting, along with the default pressing setting, without Getting Stuck-In or Tight Marking. I was thinking to make it hard for the opposition to find space / break down my positioning instead of aggresively chasing them, but they did manage to find their way around using some balls-over-the-top a few times, which as I said made me wonder about the Defensive Line. I was thinking that these lower settings would at least work a bit better against that. Anyway, I appreciate the feedback and I might give it another try sometime.
  2. In this particular scenario I was trying to create a rather boring but tough to break system with a 3rd league club that's actually predicted to win the league. Going into comparison it did indeed show that defensively we were either the league leaders or near the top (Marking, Tackling, Anticipation and such). In fact overall we had players that the game deemed more than adequate to make us favourites in that league (about half the team was in the "dream-team" in the season preview). In the latest attempt I tried a flat 4-4-2 using a very slightly tweaked Direct Counter-Attack preset. For example the right winger - which IRL is indeed one of the team's main threats I set to Attacking mentality instead of Support; CM(R) on Defend, CM(L) on Support, Wide Midfielder on Support on the left, Full Backs on Support, Central Defenders on Defend and up front a TM (Support) coupled with a Poacher (Attack). The two up-front were both deemed very good for these particular roles aswell. Well, needless to say, it didn't quite work out. I understand that going Cautious with a Slightly Deeper Defensive Line and Lower Line of Engagement meant giving up some space to the opponents, but that was one of the ideas I was going for. Since we were dubbed the main promotion contenders, opponents would probably set-up deep and wait for the counter, which ironically still worked out pretty well for them since we managed to concede a fair deal of goals with the amazing ball over the top; at some point I started wondering if the Deeper Defensive Line was even working properly as it seemed way to easy for forwards to get in behind. And when it wasn't this, the long-shots bonanza would definitely do us over as almost every game one of these would go in on our end. So the "tough to break" system was nowhere to be found since I think we only managed to keep a single clean sheet in the first 10 or so matches. Which is my main frustration, since we did end-up winning some of these games and generally we also ended-up scoring (even if it meant going Attacking, switching to Counter-Press / More Urgent Pressing and pushing the lines, which basically meant I had to throw away any ideas of a measured and calculated approach and just hope for the best). So there you have it, 3-2's, 2-2's and 3-3's with some losses in between aswell. I wasn't that concerned with the overall results as much as with the overall scores. You know there's even a Press Conference question asking about what's going on defensively... Well I wish I knew. :)
  3. As the title says, can anyone point me to some good such tactics (if there are any this year) ? I've been trying in vain to play solid (boring) defensive football and most tactics around are at least Positive (if not Attacking) and High Intensity. I end-up conceeding like crazy on lower mentalities and ironically seem to get some clean sheets by going all-out attack (but I don't want that).
  4. I know this probably isn't the right place to elaborate on tactical aspects, but what you say there is largely what I'm looking for. Do you mind maybe sharing a few words / screens of your tactics (in the tactical thread if need be) ? I'm still thinking of giving it another go with my local club and I'm back to drawing board again...
  5. Of course, the framework is the same (as it should). It's just that details make a world of difference and personally I don't like this year's style. I find it unnecessarily strident. Not just the default color, but also the angles But then again, this is not a major deal-breaker as it can easily be circumvented with skins. Although that purple... Disclaimer: not my screenshot, got it from Google to use an example.
  6. The problem I see here is that this doesn't really work out for either side. I'm not very good with tactics obviously, but I didn't really have a problem with scoring goals, in fact my complain would be there's too many of them overall. For example, playing with my local lower league club I'd like to try a low tempo and defensively tight approach, but midfielders are scoring long-shots for fun and I definitely noticed a bias towards these types of goals this year. I ran some holiday-mode tests aswell and when I setup a Defensive system I conceded a lot more goals (and ended-up with more high-scoring games overall, i.e. 2-4, 1-3) then with a highly intense Attacking system that ironically was winning games 1-0 or 2-0. But then again it may just be me... I suppose IRL fans would be thrilled to have lower league games with that amount of goals / shots. I'm mostly aiming for that 1-0 win and it kind of frustrates me that I have a better chance of getting it by playing Attacking instead of Defensive.
  7. The Match Engine feels very off this year. I guess it's gotten to the point that when they try fixing / balancing something it completely breaks something else. Or maybe they just didn't get the balance right, I dunno. One step forward, two steps back kind of thing. But it definitely feels off. For example on FM 18 goals from long-shots and free-kicks were quite rare (if any, from free kicks at least). Now hardly a game goes by without one (or many, actually), both ways, any level (top leagues, lower leagues, everything). Stikers have been nerfed, midfielders have been buffed (see long-shots)... And the whole thing ended-up feeling off, as a whole. Defensive styles I don't even know why they're there since if you try something like that you're basically asking for it. The more attacking / high press / intense you play, the less goals you concede. Go Defensive / Low Block and you'll get like 2 clean sheets in 2 years. Very nice. I wasn't the biggest fan of FM 18 but retrospectively it feels better now, unfortunately I'd say. And I'm not even struggling with the results, but it just feels off (too many long-shot goals, awkward movement, awkward pressing, universally poor strikers etc.). I was excited when they introduced the styles like Catenaccio or Park the Bus, but I've not found them useful or working as intended. You can of course park the bus, but that doesn't mean you're actually making it harder for the AI to score. Anyway, I've been tinkering with it for about 160 hrs. and I've come to the conclusion that most of it is fluff. It's a piece of software and it can only run in certain ways after all, and this year it's not very inspired... No idea what it'll look like in the future (as already there's quite a difference between FM 18 and FM 19), but hopefully FM 20 will be better. Ah and last but not least, I find the interface design is terrible. You can get around it with skins, but WHY ? The purple, the edges ... THE PURPLE ! Now seriously, who thought this was a good idea ? I'm genuinely curious if there are any (sober) designers / artists / people working in this domain that think this was a step forward from previous years. For example, although I skipped it, judging from videos and screenshots, FM 17 seems to have the best interface design in recent years. Smooth, elegant, functional. And even FM 18 was alright in this aspect (didn't need skins). But this... this was shocking. First thing I had to do was look around for a decent skin to make it playable (I recommend TCS'19 Aero by the way). Well, guess that's about enough. Here's to a more inspired FM 20...
  8. Brilliant, thanks ! I missed it somehow.
  9. Hello, Is it possible to define, for example, two or more different attacking corner routines and alternate between them during a match automatically ? I don't know why, but I think I remember seeing something about this somewhere, yet when I looked in the game it seems to be the same set-up as in previous editions (just one routine all the time). Either way, it could be a nice feature as it often happens during real games.
  10. I was excited when I first discovered the Match Plans feature on FM 18, but quickly found out that I coulnd't actually use it because it caused auto-substitutions. Has this been fixed in the meantime ? The feature could obviously be great at automating things (for example set-up a forcing during last 5 minutes of a half or take a breather if leading etc.) but the subs thing just ruins it. I'm not on any saves right now and I haven't gotten around to trying it myself, that's why I ask. If it's the same as last year's then I'll just pass... but it'd be a shame since I think it should be a really easy thing to fix or just tick an option to prevent any substitions by the AI / Assistant and just apply the changes defined in the rules.
  11. Hello, I clicked the columns in the Staff screen and now I don't seem to be able to reset the sorting to default. Sorting works, but what I mean is I can't get the proper order based on each person's role anymore (top to bottom: Owner > Chairman > Directors .. / First Team Manager > First Team Assistant > First Team Coaches .. / Reserves Manager > Reserves Assistant > Reserve Coaches .. and so on). If I sort them by roles, they all get mixed up regardless of which team they are assigned to (Managers > Assistant Managers > Coaches). Tried clearing the cache and switching beween Skins and default panels, still the same. Anyone else stumbled across this ? Is there any other option aside reseting everything to default ?
  12. I know it's been a while since you asked - but I noticed the same thing regarding the missing panel (text was properly alligned for me though). I solved it by simply removing the training overview panel.xml file from the panels / team folder. This just reverts to the default (which as far as I can tell is exactly the same, but the right-panel is working properly).
  13. I'm pretty sure now that it's all customizable, but unfortunately my skills are quite limited (tried a few things now but either didn't get to re-colour the buttons or the game straight up threw errors and didn't display the start screen at all after I added some colour value attributes that obviously didn't belong - ALWAYS HAVE A BACK-UP :P). I suppose another way around this (if you've not already tried it) is by switching around the "primary" and "secondary" colours in the "Style for the FM stripe" section.
  14. One more thing please: how can I get the main menu / start screen background to pick-up the colours from my saved game's club (instead of the default purple) ? For example the YACS skin does this, but I don't have a clue as to which file(s) I need to copy or edit to get the same thing for TCS. This is the current start screen: And this is what I would like (YACS): Thank you ! LATER EDIT: Figured it out; in case anyone else wants to do this, you need to edit the intro panel.xml file found in the panels / game folder. Right in the first few lines you'll find the "Style for the FM stripe" section and you can edit the following two like this: <string id="foreground_colour" value="primary"/> <string id="background_colour" value="secondary"/> Now depending on your club's colours you might get the load and appearance texts to be the same colour as the background, so you can scroll down a bit to the "Load last game" section and look to edit the "Header Text" and "Edit appearance button" to show the "primary" colour (by default it's set to "secondary"). Like this: <!-- Header Text --> <widget class="label" id="morl" size="small" font="title" alignment="centre" colour="primary"> <translation id="text" translation_id="420632" type="use" value="Most Recent[COMMENT: FR 16138, main menu text to load the most recent saved game, the saved game name itself will be displayed in parentheses below this]" /> </widget> <widget class="text_button" id="resT" multiline="true" size="11" spec="text" font="fonts/main menu last game" alignment="centre" colour="primary" disabled_colour="primary"> <translation id="text" translation_id="260987" type="use" value="Load Last Game[COMMENT: Title of confirmation dialog when attempting to load last game]" /> </widget> And a few lines below: <!-- Edit appearance button--> <container class="button" id="reeB" auto_size="vertical" width="200" appearance="buttons/custom/intro panel/button" alignment="left" colour="primary" red_replacement="primary"> <translation id="text" translation_id="443654" type="use" value="Edit Manager Appearance[COMMENT: manager edit appearance panel; editing manager's look]" /> <record id="click_event" event_id="eMnG" /> </container> The code above is just to make it easier to find what you're looking for, you can either copy / paste it over the exact selection in your file or simply change the colour values in these sections from "secondary" to "primary".
  15. Hi, So I tried a few skins so far and I think I've finally hit it with this one, great work ! I've one question about it though: which file do I need to edit in order to change the font color displayed on the Facilities tab (and other tabs like Records tab etc.). For example, I'd like to change the Blue text from these example images below to something else like White or Yellow. And now since I'm at it... is it also possible to reduce the opacity a bit for this Facilities tab (to a value say like the one in the below image) ? Thank you !
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