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  1. Hi, Not sure exactly where to post this ... I reckon it's a bug, but maybe there's a way around it ? For example, I've setup 3 tactics and customized the set-pieces for all of them, on the tactic screen. However, if during a match I switch between tactics (for example, from 4-2-3-1 DM to 4-4-2), the player assignments for the set-pieces are all messed-up / swapped. For example, in my 4-4-2 I set my defensive center midfielder to stay back for attacking free-kicks and my forward to go (obviously) forward, but when switching to this tactic DURING a match, it's vice-versa, the forward is in the stay-back position and midfielder is up front. I noticed when my free kick taker was passing back instead of sending the ball in the box... It's very annoying and time-consuming because I had to manually swap them for each side (and other free-kick types - wide, deep). The routines are unchanged, just as I set them, but players are swapped. When I set them up I thought that any player IN THAT POSITION / ROLE is going to perform the selected instruction, I don't understand why this doesn't stick if switching tactics during a match (the players are in the right positions on the tactic overview - i.e. striker is striker, midfielder in midfield, it's just set-pieces that get screwed). Any ideas or ways around this ?
  2. Hi, Does anyone know why some specific pre-match tactical options in the briefing are highlighted in different colors ? For example, after a while I noticed some Team Instructions can either be green / blue / red. Now I'm guessing green is good, blue is neutral and red not good ? This doesn't necessarily mean that if I select to put emphasis on said tactical option(s) the players react, so just wondering what / how exactly those color codes work ?
  3. Hello, I'm interested to know if anyone can recommend some attacking corner routines with which you've achieved reasonable success ? In my current game I scored only 4 corner goals in 41 matches in total (of which 2 were in friendlies against much weaker opponents, so they don't REALLY count). To be fair, I also conceded just 4, so in general, at least on this save, corner goals seem quite rare. Top rated team in the league for this stat has, I think, 8 in 30 league games. I had Attacking Corners & Set Piece delivery regularly trained throughout the season, but I don't know if that made any impact... Obviously I wouldn't expect to score every game, but would like to improve this aspect. I'm interested in "proper" (classic) routines, meaning the taker crosses directly in the box or around that area, not "short" trickery, but I'm open to ideas. Thanks !
  4. Just replace the none.png and staff.png files inside the "female" folder with any image you like. Before you do, make sure to resize the new images at 180 x 180 pixels. This is because for male staff characters that are randomly generated (like Personal Assistants or Press Officers) the game uses the regen face system. This only does male faces though, that's why it doesn't work for females in this current edition at least. The images from that folder will only be applied for real characters which aren't already associated with a picture via a face-pack. And like I said above, you can use any images you like for this, just make sure you keep the same filename and resolution at 180 x 180 pixels for normal size and 18 x 18 pixels for icons. If you want to use real pictures in cut-out style, you can remove the backgrounds easily using this tool here: https://www.remove.bg/
  5. As it's probably been explained in other threads, you can replace the default silhouettes with whatever pictures you like. For that to work, you need to place them in your skin folder like this: ... skin_name/graphics/pictures/players In the "players" folder there should be two sub-folders named "normal" and "small". These contain the generic silhouettes or images you decide to replace them with, including staff ones (nevermind the folder's name). These default images will be used if there aren't actual pictures associated with that person. I've attached what I use here, just unzip this folder to your skin using the path above. Feel free to replace these images with whatever you like. If you do, make sure you resize the new images first (180 x 180 for normal or 18 x 18 for small / icons). players.zip
  6. In the odd chance someone else might find this useful, you can reset the staff sorting order WITHOUT resetting everything by deleting this file from here: .. username/AppData/Local/Sports Interactive/Football Manager 2019/Preferences/version 3/views-v2-fm-staff-views.xml Take note that by default the AppData folder is set to be hidden, so to be able to see it you first need to enable showing hidden folders in Windows Explorer. Next time you launch the game, the staff sorting is reset to default, starting from Chairman downards and grouped by First Team, Youth Team etc.
  7. Hey, Does anyone know how to replace the Training Focus panel on the Player Overview screen with the (default I think ?) Training panel which shows the training rating ? Or add it to the selectable options ? This is what I mean - I'd like to be able to select / view this on player overview: Thanks in advance ! LATER EDIT: Figured it out - in case anyone else is interested, this particular panel was commented out in the ..panels/player/tcs/player overview small selector.xml file. More exactly, it's in these lines: <!-- <widget class="player_training_stats_panel" id="pTTS" late_loading="true" valid_for_international_managers_other_team="false" valid_for_other_team_managers="false" valid_for_unemployed_managers="false"> <translation id="title" translation_id="242773" type="use" value="Training" /> </widget> --> To make it visibile, delete the "<!-- " in front (and the "-->" at the end). But take note this panel is only set to be visible / usable for your own players, so if you go and look at other teams' player profiles it will be replaced by something universally visible (and you'll need to select it again for your own players).
  8. Short question please: I'm using a different skin, however I do wonder is it possible to change it so the rating boxes appear rectangular as this skin has them ? I'm talking about the match rating boxes, average rating boxes... So far I think this is the only skin which has them displayed like this, the others all have them rounded (defaults). If so, what would I need to edit ? This is what I mean: Thanks in advance ! LATER EDIT: Figured it out - no need to edit anything, just copy the labels folder from ../Neub Skin/graphics/ to the skin of your choice.
  9. I guess you could say that "offense is the best defense", yeah. Especially on this year's edition of the game I did notice that higher mentalities tend to better defensively speaking, but I was trying to see if maybe I could get away with playing a Low-Intensity / Cautious (simple / boring) type of football. I don't know how much the intensity really affects the game, but I don't like that bar to turn red(ish). Unfortunately I can't post any screens of this since I abandoned the save in the meantime, but I did mention some details in the first post. It was basically a standard flat 4-4-2 with a slightly modified Direct Counter style, hardly any PIs. Roles were set-up like this: Po (A) TM (S) WM (S) CM (S) CM (D) W (A) FB (S) CD (D) NCB (D) FB (S) SK (D) Cautious Sligthly More Direct Passing Slightly Higher Tempo Regroup / Counter Lower Line of Engagement Lower Defensive Line Thinking I can sit deep and draw out opponents, I used the Lower Defensive Line and Lower Line of Engagement setting, along with the default pressing setting, without Getting Stuck-In or Tight Marking. I was thinking to make it hard for the opposition to find space / break down my positioning instead of aggresively chasing them, but they did manage to find their way around using some balls-over-the-top a few times, which as I said made me wonder about the Defensive Line. I was thinking that these lower settings would at least work a bit better against that. Anyway, I appreciate the feedback and I might give it another try sometime.
  10. In this particular scenario I was trying to create a rather boring but tough to break system with a 3rd league club that's actually predicted to win the league. Going into comparison it did indeed show that defensively we were either the league leaders or near the top (Marking, Tackling, Anticipation and such). In fact overall we had players that the game deemed more than adequate to make us favourites in that league (about half the team was in the "dream-team" in the season preview). In the latest attempt I tried a flat 4-4-2 using a very slightly tweaked Direct Counter-Attack preset. For example the right winger - which IRL is indeed one of the team's main threats I set to Attacking mentality instead of Support; CM(R) on Defend, CM(L) on Support, Wide Midfielder on Support on the left, Full Backs on Support, Central Defenders on Defend and up front a TM (Support) coupled with a Poacher (Attack). The two up-front were both deemed very good for these particular roles aswell. Well, needless to say, it didn't quite work out. I understand that going Cautious with a Slightly Deeper Defensive Line and Lower Line of Engagement meant giving up some space to the opponents, but that was one of the ideas I was going for. Since we were dubbed the main promotion contenders, opponents would probably set-up deep and wait for the counter, which ironically still worked out pretty well for them since we managed to concede a fair deal of goals with the amazing ball over the top; at some point I started wondering if the Deeper Defensive Line was even working properly as it seemed way to easy for forwards to get in behind. And when it wasn't this, the long-shots bonanza would definitely do us over as almost every game one of these would go in on our end. So the "tough to break" system was nowhere to be found since I think we only managed to keep a single clean sheet in the first 10 or so matches. Which is my main frustration, since we did end-up winning some of these games and generally we also ended-up scoring (even if it meant going Attacking, switching to Counter-Press / More Urgent Pressing and pushing the lines, which basically meant I had to throw away any ideas of a measured and calculated approach and just hope for the best). So there you have it, 3-2's, 2-2's and 3-3's with some losses in between aswell. I wasn't that concerned with the overall results as much as with the overall scores. You know there's even a Press Conference question asking about what's going on defensively... Well I wish I knew. :)
  11. As the title says, can anyone point me to some good such tactics (if there are any this year) ? I've been trying in vain to play solid (boring) defensive football and most tactics around are at least Positive (if not Attacking) and High Intensity. I end-up conceeding like crazy on lower mentalities and ironically seem to get some clean sheets by going all-out attack (but I don't want that).
  12. I know this probably isn't the right place to elaborate on tactical aspects, but what you say there is largely what I'm looking for. Do you mind maybe sharing a few words / screens of your tactics (in the tactical thread if need be) ? I'm still thinking of giving it another go with my local club and I'm back to drawing board again...
  13. Of course, the framework is the same (as it should). It's just that details make a world of difference and personally I don't like this year's style. I find it unnecessarily strident. Not just the default color, but also the angles But then again, this is not a major deal-breaker as it can easily be circumvented with skins. Although that purple... Disclaimer: not my screenshot, got it from Google to use an example.
  14. The problem I see here is that this doesn't really work out for either side. I'm not very good with tactics obviously, but I didn't really have a problem with scoring goals, in fact my complain would be there's too many of them overall. For example, playing with my local lower league club I'd like to try a low tempo and defensively tight approach, but midfielders are scoring long-shots for fun and I definitely noticed a bias towards these types of goals this year. I ran some holiday-mode tests aswell and when I setup a Defensive system I conceded a lot more goals (and ended-up with more high-scoring games overall, i.e. 2-4, 1-3) then with a highly intense Attacking system that ironically was winning games 1-0 or 2-0. But then again it may just be me... I suppose IRL fans would be thrilled to have lower league games with that amount of goals / shots. I'm mostly aiming for that 1-0 win and it kind of frustrates me that I have a better chance of getting it by playing Attacking instead of Defensive.
  15. The Match Engine feels very off this year. I guess it's gotten to the point that when they try fixing / balancing something it completely breaks something else. Or maybe they just didn't get the balance right, I dunno. One step forward, two steps back kind of thing. But it definitely feels off. For example on FM 18 goals from long-shots and free-kicks were quite rare (if any, from free kicks at least). Now hardly a game goes by without one (or many, actually), both ways, any level (top leagues, lower leagues, everything). Stikers have been nerfed, midfielders have been buffed (see long-shots)... And the whole thing ended-up feeling off, as a whole. Defensive styles I don't even know why they're there since if you try something like that you're basically asking for it. The more attacking / high press / intense you play, the less goals you concede. Go Defensive / Low Block and you'll get like 2 clean sheets in 2 years. Very nice. I wasn't the biggest fan of FM 18 but retrospectively it feels better now, unfortunately I'd say. And I'm not even struggling with the results, but it just feels off (too many long-shot goals, awkward movement, awkward pressing, universally poor strikers etc.). I was excited when they introduced the styles like Catenaccio or Park the Bus, but I've not found them useful or working as intended. You can of course park the bus, but that doesn't mean you're actually making it harder for the AI to score. Anyway, I've been tinkering with it for about 160 hrs. and I've come to the conclusion that most of it is fluff. It's a piece of software and it can only run in certain ways after all, and this year it's not very inspired... No idea what it'll look like in the future (as already there's quite a difference between FM 18 and FM 19), but hopefully FM 20 will be better. Ah and last but not least, I find the interface design is terrible. You can get around it with skins, but WHY ? The purple, the edges ... THE PURPLE ! Now seriously, who thought this was a good idea ? I'm genuinely curious if there are any (sober) designers / artists / people working in this domain that think this was a step forward from previous years. For example, although I skipped it, judging from videos and screenshots, FM 17 seems to have the best interface design in recent years. Smooth, elegant, functional. And even FM 18 was alright in this aspect (didn't need skins). But this... this was shocking. First thing I had to do was look around for a decent skin to make it playable (I recommend TCS'19 Aero by the way). Well, guess that's about enough. Here's to a more inspired FM 20...
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