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  1. How do I download this file into a tactic in my game?
  2. Medion laptop, Intel Celeron M, 502 MB of RAM... :s
  3. Ah okay thanks mimland. How do I increase the amount used for Virtual Memory?
  4. Hmm well I thought that could be it, but I spoke to my friend today and he reckoned that it was down to my Hard Drive/Hard Disk space?
  5. Hey guys, now this isn't necceseraly only FM related, but when I am playing FM is often get a message coming up saying that Windows is low on Virtual Memory. Can anyone explain what this means and what I need to do in order to irradicate the problem? Thanks fellas.
  6. Ah thank you all very much guys. You've been a great help.
  7. Hmm right, where will I find information about the motherboard? It is a medion laptop, and it has a Intel Celeron M sticker on the inside. Sorry i'm not much help haha.
  8. So you got 4gig of RAM for 40 quid? Sounds excellent, I didn't know it was that cheap tbh. What else will effect the running of the match engine? Would it be the graphics card or would that be a case of either running fine or not at all?
  9. Hmm thanks for the help, however I'm looking for an update on my current laptop as opposed to buying a new one. Any idea on how much it would cost to upgrade RAm by about 1.5 RAM?
  10. Well I've been running one league today and the game is still slow, specifically the match engine.
  11. Hey, my laptop is a couple of years old and I got FM09 today for christmas. Im gonna head down to the computer shop in a couple of days and get my RAM, memory etc. updated. What do I need to get it to run a very decent speed as I only have about £100 so I want to spend money only on what will benefit me when playing Football Manager, but any reccomendations are helpful. Some of my specs atm are 410 @ 1.46GHz 1.46GHz, 504MB of RAM (whatever that means, I am pretty computer illiterate haha) Thanks.
  12. Hey, how do I save the file to my game?