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  1. All the best mate. It's a great team to work with this year. The amount of good young Italians around is fantastic. Think you might find that you have to get rid of some wages from the squad before you can do any big rebuilding.
  2. Just about to start my third season with Milan- the goal was to have an all Italian squad and win everything possible and dominate at home and abroad. My squad now is: Gk Donnarumma, Plizzari CB Goldaniga, Bastoni, Paletta, Caldara, Marchizza FB Calabria, De Sciglio, Antonelli, Luca Pellegrini CM Mandragora, Lorenzo Pellegrini, Sensi, Jose Mauri, Benassi, Locatelli, Melegoni AM Capone, Bonaventura, Tulissi, Vignato CF Berardi, Kean, Rossi, Belotti, Pinamonti, Tumminello I was gutted to lose Romangelli in the summer because PSG activated his release clause before I had time to offer him a new deal. Will look to loan 4-5 from the squad to get some experience. Formation is 4-3-1-2, really looking forward to the season ahead..
  3. Looking for a Left back for my Liverpool save. In my 3rd season and had a decent season, finished 2nd in league to Utd and got knocked out of quarters of Champs League, again to Utd. At moment got Tierney and Sessegnon fighting for LB slot, but feel i need an improvement on one of them. Got 20-30m to spend.
  4. Thanks for this. Will have a look.
  5. 60m available to spend but should be able to raise at least 50 through sales. Seen some on here quoting stupid fees for Dybala though- how much did you sign him for.. Thought about Icardi, but he went to Arsenal in Jan. Thanks
  6. Currently in my 2nd season and 2nd in the league. For next year I'm after a BBM and a top class striker. Any recommendations?
  7. If you can that would be great. Thinking of going for it but need to double check..
  8. Hi, My laptop has gone dead on me- gutted. In desperate need of a new one. I'm one that likes to load lots of leagues with a large database. Looked on this for advise and some great advise from knowledgeable people. Which one of these would be best for my needs?? All help will be appreciated. Thanks
  9. Thinking of starting a Bilbao save. How do you search for Basque players only??
  10. Grujic is good enough. I have him as a CM in my save! 3rd season and he's averaging 7.38
  11. Great thanks for this. Finished 1st season 4th and 8 games left of 2nd season and I'm 4th- all down to away form. My home form is fantastic.
  12. Can you show me your tactics mate?? I'm playing with Milan into 2nd season. Doing fine at home but really struggling away against anybody. Really frustrating. Thanks
  13. Pre season well under way and made some decent young signings. Following players signed with a view for the future: Marria Caldara Filipo Melegoni Christian Capone Marco Olivieri Eros De Santis Manilo De Masi Nicola Dalmonte Alessandro Ahmetaj These signings along with the good prospects coming through will hopefully have me in good stead for the next 10 years and a squad full of italians. Looking to clinch Champions League in the first season that will hopefully give me some little injection of cash to purchase Sensi, Bernardeschi, Belotti, Berrardi and Cataldi or if not all of them a couple of them. Lets see how it goes!!
  14. Great, thanks guys.
  15. I'm looking to start an AC Milan save and would like to dominate Serie A and Europe through having a squad full of Italians. Would like some help in naming young Italians that I should look to sign.