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  1. If you can that would be great. Thinking of going for it but need to double check..
  2. Hi, My laptop has gone dead on me- gutted. In desperate need of a new one. I'm one that likes to load lots of leagues with a large database. Looked on this for advise and some great advise from knowledgeable people. Which one of these would be best for my needs?? All help will be appreciated. Thanks
  3. Thinking of starting a Bilbao save. How do you search for Basque players only??
  4. Grujic is good enough. I have him as a CM in my save! 3rd season and he's averaging 7.38
  5. Great thanks for this. Finished 1st season 4th and 8 games left of 2nd season and I'm 4th- all down to away form. My home form is fantastic.
  6. Can you show me your tactics mate?? I'm playing with Milan into 2nd season. Doing fine at home but really struggling away against anybody. Really frustrating. Thanks
  7. Pre season well under way and made some decent young signings. Following players signed with a view for the future: Marria Caldara Filipo Melegoni Christian Capone Marco Olivieri Eros De Santis Manilo De Masi Nicola Dalmonte Alessandro Ahmetaj These signings along with the good prospects coming through will hopefully have me in good stead for the next 10 years and a squad full of italians. Looking to clinch Champions League in the first season that will hopefully give me some little injection of cash to purchase Sensi, Bernardeschi, Belotti, Berrardi and Cataldi or if not all of them a couple of them. Lets see how it goes!!
  8. Great, thanks guys.
  9. I'm looking to start an AC Milan save and would like to dominate Serie A and Europe through having a squad full of Italians. Would like some help in naming young Italians that I should look to sign.
  10. Ojo is a reserve AML winger for me as is Kentt on the right. Both decent when called upon fair play. Kentt the better of the two.
  11. Snap up Sanchez!! He becomes immense.
  12. Great thread mate. I'm trying to manage Ajax like yourself and limited myself to buying only U21 talent and old Ajax players. Had a good first season, won the league and knocked out in quarters of champs league! This summer lost El Ghazi 15m, Tete 12m and Riedewald 15m. Going to be very hard in replacing them as the three were my best players last year. Keep up the post mate, cracking job.
  13. Yeh thought about him, might give him a go. Anyone had Gomez from Valencia? My scouts given him a great review, but expensive.
  14. Finished my 3rd season and won the league at last, nearly threw it away though!! I'm really happy with the squad, but looking for a CB (got Gomez and Matip at present, but conceding bit to much)- likes of Romagnoli and Rugani not interested in a move. Also looking for a Roaming Playmaker- got Neves as a DLP and Renato Sanchez as a BBM but looking for a player to complete my midfield 3. Have been trying Alli but Spurs won't budge. Hendo been ok, but need an upgrade really. All help would be appreciated.
  15. This game really gets to me!! I've just had a 35m bid rejected for Gundogan and then within a day he goes to Spurs for 27m!!! Doesn't make it realistic in my eyes!!