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  1. We are also thinking new features and new experiences for our community In the meantime, I hope you may like to join us by sharing your tactics and tactical advice
  2. Hi everyone, I'm using a Intel Core i5 Skylake 6600K, 4 core/4 threads and when I play FM under some condition it uses 100% of processing power. I would like to know if moving to a 4core/8threads or even a 10core/20threads (exaggerating) the performance of FM would scale: so instead of taking don't know,10 minutes, it would take 1/5th of the time with 20threads? I think that my question in the end would be something like: Does FM use all threads in a well optimised way? And going a little bit off-topic: why FM doesn't use the GPU to do some of the computation needed to go further in the game, but only in the 3D engine? Regards, Giggiux
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