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  1. Psychoward Outpatient

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    I agree that his aggression should be higher. Surprisingly (to me at least) he is the second best striker in the league when it comes to duels won so he'll get a boost in some other attributes as well. His dirtiness is at 7 at the moment, which I believe is fine. Why do you think his dirtiness should be higher?
  2. Psychoward Outpatient

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    I agree that the screenshot you're posting looks off. This is him in the current game I'm playing though. He's managed by the AI and the database is unaltered: Which fits fine with what I've seen in other games.
  3. Psychoward Outpatient

    [Denmark] (Official) Data Issues

    Kasper Kusk being one of the best FCK players in-game is not an issue I've come across. I agree that he's performed poorly this season along with the rest of the team, but I don't agree with all the stat changes you're suggesting. He has been lowered 1 in decisions and dribbling but the rest of the stats you've mentioned remain unchanged. Consistency along with some other stats have also taken a dip as a result of his long period of poor form.
  4. I guess the part about using the same database is out of the question now, right? I'm on 17.3.0 and as far as I know I can't go back to 17.2.1 or can I?
  5. Can you set me up with a formation as well? Thanks in advance
  6. Psychoward Outpatient

    *Official* Football Manager 2013 Announced!

    Regarding country tax, have you taken into consideration that Denmark have something called forskerskat (researchers tax)? This basically means that foreign players (or danish players that have played a minimum of 10 years abroad) only pay 26% in taxes for their first 5 years in Denmark.
  7. This is not a whine thread, so please do that in your spare time I understand how frustrating this situation is (in my case it almost cost me my keyboard and monitor), but I'm guessing it's just the games way of telling me that something is wrong with my tactics. Although admittedly it is a rather odd way of telling me :| Anyways, in my first season with Ajax I played an offensive 4-2-3-1 tactic, won the league, reached the semi finals in the Champions League, and everything was going as planned. In my current season however, I now face the dreaded one shot, one goal "bug" (from here on referred to as the one shot bug, OSB)! I changed my tactics to a 4-3-1-2 that looks like this: GK Wing Back Att. - Cover - Stopper - Wing Back Att. Ball Winning Support - Ball Winning Defend - Ball Winning Support Trequartista Poacher Att. - Deep lying Att. Balanced, standard, short passing, zonal marking, drill crosses. Rest on default value. During the match I will of course tweek one or the other if things are not going my way, but generally that's the way I play. I have bought three hard working midfielders with high anticipation, decisions, determination and positioning, that are also relatively skilled passers, so as to make sure that they win the midfield while also being able to get the ball forward to my three man attack force. The wing backs are both set to attack so they can either run down the flanks and drill in a cross, or give my midfielders someone to pass to if the top three are marked. Everything was going perfect, but after just 6 matches the OSB returned. Not only that, but I'm creating huge (and lots of) chances that my strikers just can't seem to put in. I have no idea what I could be doing wrong, but that's where you guys come in. Or that's what I'm hoping at least If there's a need for it, and I'm guessing there will be, I can upload just about anything you need to help me out (tactics, screenshots and whatnot), once I get home from work