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  1. I guess the part about using the same database is out of the question now, right? I'm on 17.3.0 and as far as I know I can't go back to 17.2.1 or can I?
  2. Can you set me up with a formation as well? Thanks in advance
  3. *Official* Football Manager 2013 Announced!

    Regarding country tax, have you taken into consideration that Denmark have something called forskerskat (researchers tax)? This basically means that foreign players (or danish players that have played a minimum of 10 years abroad) only pay 26% in taxes for their first 5 years in Denmark.
  4. This is not a whine thread, so please do that in your spare time I understand how frustrating this situation is (in my case it almost cost me my keyboard and monitor), but I'm guessing it's just the games way of telling me that something is wrong with my tactics. Although admittedly it is a rather odd way of telling me :| Anyways, in my first season with Ajax I played an offensive 4-2-3-1 tactic, won the league, reached the semi finals in the Champions League, and everything was going as planned. In my current season however, I now face the dreaded one shot, one goal "bug" (from here on referred to as the one shot bug, OSB)! I changed my tactics to a 4-3-1-2 that looks like this: GK Wing Back Att. - Cover - Stopper - Wing Back Att. Ball Winning Support - Ball Winning Defend - Ball Winning Support Trequartista Poacher Att. - Deep lying Att. Balanced, standard, short passing, zonal marking, drill crosses. Rest on default value. During the match I will of course tweek one or the other if things are not going my way, but generally that's the way I play. I have bought three hard working midfielders with high anticipation, decisions, determination and positioning, that are also relatively skilled passers, so as to make sure that they win the midfield while also being able to get the ball forward to my three man attack force. The wing backs are both set to attack so they can either run down the flanks and drill in a cross, or give my midfielders someone to pass to if the top three are marked. Everything was going perfect, but after just 6 matches the OSB returned. Not only that, but I'm creating huge (and lots of) chances that my strikers just can't seem to put in. I have no idea what I could be doing wrong, but that's where you guys come in. Or that's what I'm hoping at least If there's a need for it, and I'm guessing there will be, I can upload just about anything you need to help me out (tactics, screenshots and whatnot), once I get home from work
  5. I bought my copy of FM10 via Direct2drive but after I installed the patch and try to play my game it says "No disc found"! Please sort it out SI as it kinda sucks not being able to play the game with my friends just because I bought it over D2D instead of Steam or in a "real" store.
  6. I have always wondered why the stamina of most players in leagues with lower reputation is so low. Take for instance my team FC København from the danish Superliga. In the game most of the players can barely play the first half of a match without needing resuscitation. Why is this?! In the real world FC København have no stamina problems when playing in the domestic league or the european matches against the big teams (Man Utd and so on), so why is this the case in the game?
  7. Finally won the championship in my sixth season, 3 points ahead of Inter. Things were looking kinda grim with 6 matches remaining, so I decided to go full out attack for all the remaining matches (and then switching tactics when I was comfortably in front) and that turned out to be a good idea. Won all six matches and also won the Champions League. BTW thanks for the helping hand on the multi-strata thing
  8. What's this multi-strata thing? I'm guessing it has something to do with more than two central midfielders...
  9. Cardozo took his foot off the gas at the end of the season but still ended up with a staggering 53 goals in 39 appearances http://img257.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=39601_cardozoend_122_253lo.jpg As for the season itself i went on to record a 37 matches unbeaten run and only lost one game to Juventus (3-4) in the very first match i played after being up 3-1 with five minutes remaining in the match. Sakho then decided to take things into his own hands and consequently scored two own goals before losing his man in the fourth minute of overtime and handed Juventus their undeserved victory. http://img208.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=40063_sakho_122_475lo.jpg When the season finished I had 97 points after being almost unstoppable the entire season. This would have gotten me the championship in the four previous seasons but unfortunately Juventus decided to build on their momentum after their win against me in the first round and went on to get 99 points so I took another 2nd place and I'm starting to wonder when my time will come. Maybe next year? http://img251.imagevenue.com/img.php?image=40552_final-table_122_172lo.jpg
  10. No, he's playing as my FCR. He is taking all my penalties and free kicks though, but he has been doing that since day one in the club (got him first season). His goalscoring has stopped a bit in the recent matches but he is still off the charts. I'll post a pic of his profile when I have finished the season. Currently in 1st place with Juventus right on my tail.
  11. http://img6.imageshack.us/my.php?image=cardozo.jpg I don't know why he has gone into a goalscoring frenzy with the new tactic, but I can't really complain. He has scored lots of goals for me in the previous seasons, but this year he's nothing short of magical.
  12. That seemed to do the trick, thanks a lot ended up with another 2nd place (3rd in a row) and an unfortunate knockout to Arsenal in the quarter cup of the Champions League. The new season has seen me storming to the top of the league with your topteam tactics and Cardozo have scored an amazing 21 goals in only 10 matches. Seems like this is the year i finally pry the title from Inters greedy little hands! Can't wait
  13. Been using 442 no TM for three seasons with Fiorentina and I have done pretty good. First season got me fifth place and a dissapointing knockout in the CL group stage. In my second season I ended up in 2nd place in the league and got knocked out of the semi-finals of the CL. In my third season I got a 2nd place once again, won the Italian Cup and sadly lost the final of the CL after dominating Chelsea. The tactic has been working really good for me, I do find myself having problems with the top teams (Inter in particular) playing possession football (seems like all teams in Italy play possession ball) however. I have tried counter and defend, sometimes I get lucky and steal a win and sometimes I get my a** handed to me. I'm not sure I fully understand how to counter the possession football yet.
  14. Wolfsong's guide to team talks - Fm08

    It's been a while now, but I believe that it was "wish luck" and "we can win this".
  15. Wolfsong's guide to team talks - Fm08

    So this is a first for me, the "for the fans" teamtalk actually had an effect on the players! Sadly it was bad all around, and I have no idea why that is?! We were even with Chelsea after the first 90 minutes of the super cup and I thought that the fan teamtalk would do the trick. We won 6-4 without having to go to penalties, but the effect of my teamtalk was kinda weird. Anyone have any idea how come my players took it so badly?