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  1. On this version of football manager. Can you scouts still scout a nation and competition at the same time? Or does it have to separate now?
  2. For anyone that is interested in getting a new laptop, I would like to highly recommend the lap9top linked below. https://www.ebuyer.com/803890-msi-pl62-7rc-gaming-laptop-9s7-16jd21-068 I ordered it three days ago and it came day before last. It is very reasonably priced I can safely say its one the best laptops I have had, I'm running 24 leagues from around 12 countries maybe more, it processes smooth and is surprisingly really quick. The 3D match engine could be better in terms of detain, but again the play is silky smooth. The down point i have is that the battery is around 2 hou
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'm not too bothered about something being instant continuing, 20/30 seconds is fine by me. So it sounds like it will do the job
  4. My laptop has just totally died and I was actually thinking about getting a new one. Just wondered if this one was any good, i will only be using it for writing, watching movies and playing fm. Thanks https://www.ebuyer.com/803890-msi-pl62-7rc-gaming-laptop-9s7-16jd21-068
  5. I have personally had great experiences with Andre Silva, though I was managing Porto and the Portugese league isn't that difficult. He did get a more than fair share in the champions league though. How has Rashford developing for you? Couldn't he take the striking berth on himself? I've made conscience effort to develop him as much as I can, I signed Drogba to tutor him and hes coming on tremendously.
  6. Im interested to know who you would class as the holding midfielder in the first formation? Im guessing the MC (d) as the whilst the roaming playermaker is playing the DM position, hes much more vital to the attacking moves than the defensive ones, plus he will roam too much?
  7. What have you set your wingers as? As that will determine how they link up with your wingers
  8. For such a style, work rate id be looking for around something 17+ in the midfield. Depending on how aggressive you are, one man not pulling his weight will be like domino effect through the team on the pitch. Technical stats id probably look for around 15 in certain stats. I prefer mentals over technicals though In my mind, just thinking in pure numbers, at times, not all the time, but sometimes can make the game a lot easier than looking for tactical issues. As sometimes they arent there, and it can be easy as a weakness in a certain player.
  9. I didnt say there was anything wrong with that, I would love to keep sissoko and wijnaldum in my newcastle team as I love them in real life. But, im playing a high pressing game, which requires certain types of players, they have a work rate of 13, 13 and 14 , 14 respectively, they just wont cut it as far as i go in the game. I didnt say you cant play that way. Herne as demonstrated that perfectly in this thread, he had a vision of how he wanted to play, but he didnt have the players, I.E Carroll and Sakho in F9 position, so he changed his system, but when you are trying to emulate a certain
  10. I think one of the best pieces of advice I have ever been given on football manager, was given to me back for Football manager 2008. "There can't be any sentiment with players" It's stuck with me ever since, football manager is a numbers game and getting those numbers high as you can in key areas as quick as you can is important. I support Newcastle, I have my favourite players in the squad, I'd love to take them to the champions league and beyond success, but in truth they aren't good enough, but they are in my head. No room sentiment.
  11. If my reserve team is empty, will my u19's be automatically be called up to play matches for the reserves instead of greyed out players?
  12. The page with players will be specific to that player and the page with position effects anyone who plays in that position that doesnt have player specific instructions.
  13. Notes are massively underused IMO, all I do is go to the players notes, make a list of the players attributes I'm going to target, add the value current to the attribute I'm targeting first so you know where your starting. Decide on a time frame, add the reminder, it will pop up in your messages and then go back to the notes and add the value of the attribute next to the name of it and set the reminder again. Underrated really
  14. What your doing in the GIF doesn't actually train attributes I'm afraid mate, it is purely for tracking purposes. You can do it, but you will just have to train them on a rotational basis til you see the growth you are happy with. It is probably worth using the notes in game. Choose attribute one - make a note of it in the players notes section - then set a reminder for a few month - then if it has improved rotate to the next attribute... Rinse and repeat
  15. Hi, I was just wondering is there something you have to do beforehand before you can teach a player the PPM, Plays one-twos, as I can't find the option to teach any of my players such move :/
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