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  1. Could it be i didn't load these databases that I don't get an invitation for these competitions?
  2. I would really like to be able to sign my 2nd team into a competition. I have promoted Bochum to the 1. Bundesliga and only the u19 team is now registered to a competition, so I have to organise a lot of friendlies for the second team year after year. Now I have positioned myself in the top of the first Bundesliga, it would be nice if the players in the second team can get real playing experience like the second team of Bayern and Dortmund do into a real competition. This would be a real improvement.
  3. I really liked the scouting report of Per Mertesacker (sry cannot upload the image) it says: excellent Man Marking. The opponent still looks over his shoulder to see if he is there, for a long time after the game is played.
  4. You can then turn to the player en click on the interaction menu, there your conversation is visible again
  5. I would also like a visual representation of where my scouts are active (on the world map, so I can minimise the travel movements)
  6. When i sign a player, all old scouting reports are unretrievable. I would like to see why I was attracted by a player, even when his stars have diminished from 4 to 2 stars. Also this could be a nice graph, how his star rating evolves over time. Grtz
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