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    Not much to say. Things stopped happening in my life back in 91\' when I loaded CM on my Amiga 500.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. My barcelona side is being destroyed by bans from yellow cards, no matter how I tweak my tactics :) LOVE the game this year (again) though.
  2. My main problem here, is that my players (I play with Barcelona), insist on doing long shots constantly, despite me doing everything in my power, to instruct them not to. In FM14 I managed to create a tactic where my players would practically walk the ball over the line in the opponents goal, which various managers commented on to the press during the years I played. But in FM15, they refuse to do anything remotely like that. Instead they shoot from way outside the box, resulting in a LOT of shots off target. I'm at a loss.
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