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    Not much to say. Things stopped happening in my life back in 91\' when I loaded CM on my Amiga 500.

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  1. Thanks for the heads up. My barcelona side is being destroyed by bans from yellow cards, no matter how I tweak my tactics :) LOVE the game this year (again) though.
  2. Thank you, and thanks for taking the time to assist me. It it much appreciated
  3. This is strange. I deleted the cache and preference folders (Tried this before already), and suddenly I could launch the game. I changed all my setting to what they used to be and the black screen came as soon as I saved them. I then deleted the preference and cache folders again, launched the game, no problems. I changed then tried saving after changing one setting, then moving on to the next. Everything worked, until I changed the game to play in maximized borderless window and it went to the black screen again. So, for some reason, I cant use that disaplay setting anymore. I can live with that, as long as I can play the game though. Any idea what might be causing this, all of a sudden?
  4. No changes to my system prior to running it where it threw the black screen at me. I run with 3 monitors using Displayport cables. I tried turning off 2 of the screens, which should disable them, since they run through displayport cables, it did nothing. I will try unplugging the cables completely though. Will report back. And thank you for takinng the time to assist. It really is appreciated.
  5. Updated Framework and DirectX now. Deleted the DX files, rebooted and reinstalled them through the Dxsetup file. Game does the same thing. I cant get to play the game, as it never even shows the splash screens upon launch
  6. Thanks for the quick feedback/suggestion. I tried it, and ended up with the same result as when I initially tried running it in standard fullscreen. A black screen, with a big white box in the top left corner, that cover 2/3 of the screen. Nothing happens besides that, and I can only shut it down through Task manager
  7. I'm playing FM17 through Steam and have clocked 257 hours so far, with no issues. Today, when wanting to play the game, I get a black screen, with a large white box at the top left corner. Nothing happens after that. I can only shut down the game through Task manager. I've tried forcing it into windowed mode, where it just launches with a white window and nothing else. Also only able to close through Task manager. Game supplies no crash dumps when shut down through Task manager as far as I can see. I run the game on a fully updated Windows 10 64bit edition. I've tried uninstalling the game and reinstalling it I've updated my graphics drivers I've deleted the cache dir I've deleted the preferences dir I've updated system drivers I've rebooted several times Running out of ideas to fix this DxDiag.txt
  8. Saving a game takes AGES. After 1 season, it takes me approx 3-4 minutes to save my games. Could we PLEASE have the option of NOT compressing the savegame, like we used to?
  9. Ouch, way to comment on my age there I still havent seen any reaction from the Devs on my other report concerning commentary text during matches, but I'll get around to reporting this as well. I'm old, so things take time
  10. I see what you mean, but the system is a tad off as it is now. At my Barcelona side, I sold a youngster from the U19 squad, called Traore. After doing so, most of the Main squad went loco on me for selling him. All players go nuts whenever I turn down their agents request for a better contract, which happens very often, after they've played a mediocre match. I turn them down, the players complains, I turn him away and the rest of the main squad gets in my face for treating him badly. It is insanely difficult to manage your squads, as the only real solution is to accept all of their demands, and thus ruin the club.
  11. I'm 39 and have been playing since the first CM release on the Amiga back in 91/92.
  12. My main problem here, is that my players (I play with Barcelona), insist on doing long shots constantly, despite me doing everything in my power, to instruct them not to. In FM14 I managed to create a tactic where my players would practically walk the ball over the line in the opponents goal, which various managers commented on to the press during the years I played. But in FM15, they refuse to do anything remotely like that. Instead they shoot from way outside the box, resulting in a LOT of shots off target. I'm at a loss.
  13. ONE thing is killing me when playing the game. No matter WHAT I do, my players KEEP shooting on at goal, from WAY out in the field, and missing every time. I can't tweak it so they stop doing it, and it is aggravating.
  14. Those times when I let my contract almost run out, and only renwed it, in its final week, should I not have been connected with a LOT of other major clubs, seeing as I were about to be free on the market? I even refused to negotiate, and the press were simmering with stories about me possibly leaving my club. Still, no other club started circling me. I just find that odd. Guardiola, managing Bayern today, is being connected with Man United. Mourinho has been connected with Man United, and so on. A lot of high profile managers, being at major clubs, are being connected with Man United these days. How is that different from what I am looking for in the game?
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