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  1. Saving a game takes AGES. After 1 season, it takes me approx 3-4 minutes to save my games. Could we PLEASE have the option of NOT compressing the savegame, like we used to?
  2. Ouch, way to comment on my age there I still havent seen any reaction from the Devs on my other report concerning commentary text during matches, but I'll get around to reporting this as well. I'm old, so things take time
  3. I see what you mean, but the system is a tad off as it is now. At my Barcelona side, I sold a youngster from the U19 squad, called Traore. After doing so, most of the Main squad went loco on me for selling him. All players go nuts whenever I turn down their agents request for a better contract, which happens very often, after they've played a mediocre match. I turn them down, the players complains, I turn him away and the rest of the main squad gets in my face for treating him badly. It is insanely difficult to manage your squads, as the only real solution is to accept all of their demands, and thus ruin the club.
  4. I'm 39 and have been playing since the first CM release on the Amiga back in 91/92.
  5. My main problem here, is that my players (I play with Barcelona), insist on doing long shots constantly, despite me doing everything in my power, to instruct them not to. In FM14 I managed to create a tactic where my players would practically walk the ball over the line in the opponents goal, which various managers commented on to the press during the years I played. But in FM15, they refuse to do anything remotely like that. Instead they shoot from way outside the box, resulting in a LOT of shots off target. I'm at a loss.
  6. ONE thing is killing me when playing the game. No matter WHAT I do, my players KEEP shooting on at goal, from WAY out in the field, and missing every time. I can't tweak it so they stop doing it, and it is aggravating.
  7. Those times when I let my contract almost run out, and only renwed it, in its final week, should I not have been connected with a LOT of other major clubs, seeing as I were about to be free on the market? I even refused to negotiate, and the press were simmering with stories about me possibly leaving my club. Still, no other club started circling me. I just find that odd. Guardiola, managing Bayern today, is being connected with Man United. Mourinho has been connected with Man United, and so on. A lot of high profile managers, being at major clubs, are being connected with Man United these days. How is that different from what I am looking for in the game?
  8. Yeah well, explain my situation then. After 14 seasons, and being the top rated manager in the world, of all time, I have NEVER had anyone come in for my signature.
  9. I always, for that very reason, make sure not to have that clause in my contract. So its nothing to do with money for the other clubs. They just never seem to want to sign me because I'm awesome. I have to, as you say, initiate contact, and still I have been turned down, despite being the best in the world. Seems a tad....odd.
  10. Yeah, as it is now, the system seems a tad to copy/paste to me. But they REALLY need to add more depth to the whole manager thing. My current club pays me a salary that makes me the best paid in the world. Way better paid than any players in the game, and still no one wants me, even when I let my contract near its end. No one has EVER mentioned me as a candidate for any job, nor has any club ever approached me. I would be SO nice, if they would actually start doing that. Would make your accomælishments mean even more, than just a statistic that none cares about.
  11. Why is it that clubs in the game, never fight over managers? At the moment, in my game, managing Tottenham, I am ranked as the best manager of all time, above Alex Ferguson, and I have NEVER, in my career, had any clubs come in, wanting to poach me from Tottenham. I remember in an earlier version of either FM, or the old CM games, that some clubs would come in, trying to poach me from my current employer. It never happened since that game, and I miss it. It added an extra element to the game, and I felt kinda godlike, when clubs started duking it out over my signature. Would it not be possible to bring that back in the next version of FM? Besides, it would be nice as well, to see clubs being more aggresive when they REALLY want to sign a player, instead of just spamming the other club with the same bid, over and over. Why not take the fight to the press and even come in with better and better offers, instead of just spamming the same one, over and over. Again, in an earlier version of FM og the old CM, I had Inter coming for obe of my players. I rejected, and everytime I did, they came back with an even better offer, that finally made my greed take over, and I sold him to them for a crazy amount. Seem to recall it was around £80m or so. The first transfer of Bale proporstions
  12. I agree. The game does seem to ignore certain situations and leave you hanging without any way to react/handle it. In 2013 there seemed to be more ways to make a player unsettled, so the club would end up selling him to you as well.
  13. In my games they only react when I transferlist them as well.
  14. You offer some very valid points, which I'll look into. I do transferlist the players, but keep their squad status at whatever it is, and not 'not needed by club', in order to keep the price up. I will try offering out with a part of the amount split into payments over time. Thank you for your input on the matter
  15. Entering my third season and I find it IMPOSSIBLE to sell players from my Tottenham squad, as the AI clubs place ridiculous bids on my players. A player worth £20m, whom I offer for sale at £20m, should not receive offers of £10m and so on. It is just insane. Not once, during the seasons I have played, have a club bids a respectable amount for any of my players. When I want to buy from AI club, they DEMAND insane amounts for their players. Last episode was a new regen, worth £325.000. I offered them £3m and they came back, demanding £30m. That scenario is not uncommon at all it seems. Is the transfer system broken or something?