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  1. If you call under 700 US pricey for a computer, maybe u should get a cheaper option.
  2. Guys, remember FM is not a very heavy game, like Battlefield or Far Cry. A decent computer should do the trick, but most people want more than that. H2D2, I would personally suggest a computer such as the Z50 or Y50 from Lenovo. i7 processor, good ram and storage, and runs quite smoothly.
  3. First, I would never invest in apple device. Second, Griffin, sorry I don't know much for laptops that cost 700+ pounds. Third, Dan, I have a Lenovo Y40. So amazing for FM.
  4. MrHappypill, I can't help you as I dont know much bout desktops. Jon, I think it should be able to run 40 leagues. Typhoon, I have a Lenovo Y40, U have the Z50, and I think that could be a good buy. If you want to shell out more, the Lenovo Y50 would be great.
  5. I have a Lenovo Y40, it costed 700 dollars US, which probably means 500 pounds. It ran fine with idk how many leagues, but 65000 players, medium database like a charm.
  6. Forgot to mention that lenovo computers often have 4 cell batteries... Macs are good, but not as good for value.
  7. Frankie 7 that looks like a great computer to play FM 15 on. You could spend less for a computer for FM tho, but that would be great for like the next 2 or 3 years, at the minimum.
  8. Don't get a apple computer. Get a PC, they are better for games, and they are cheaper. http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops.../y-series/y40/ is good. Anything lenovo is decent.
  9. I suggest getting the lenovo y40. http://shop.lenovo.com/us/en/laptops/lenovo/y-series/y40/
  10. Guys, I also need a laptop for high school intensive studies and FM. Which one should I get? Also, why does FM take up 1 entire GB of RAM memory? The computer I am looking at only has 4.
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