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  1. If you want a challenge, Woking in the Conference.
  2. I've played for 12 hours on FM15. I don't have that much time.
  3. Wednesday are a great club. Carragher is just messing everything up.
  4. Real Madrid would be the best. I'd chose City over PSG tho, as the French league isn't as interesting as the premier league.
  5. If you call under 700 US pricey for a computer, maybe u should get a cheaper option.
  6. Guys, remember FM is not a very heavy game, like Battlefield or Far Cry. A decent computer should do the trick, but most people want more than that. H2D2, I would personally suggest a computer such as the Z50 or Y50 from Lenovo. i7 processor, good ram and storage, and runs quite smoothly.
  7. MEEEE! Yay Owls fan I do a 5-4-1 formation, with a normal keeper, complete wingbacks, every advanced middle central back, right sided defending BWM, left sided advanced midfielder, two wingers, and a poacher. I use fluid and counter, and for my instructions i have close down more, exploit the flanks, clear ball to flanks, pass into space.
  8. In real life, sometimes clubs just don't want to go for a player. It's the same in FM. For example, in my Sheffield Wednesday save, I'm trying to sell Buxton, who's worth 850k, for 550k, but no clubs have come in at all!
  9. The only formation that works for my team is a 5-4-1. I've tried 4-4-2, 4-5-1, and 4-2-4, but only 5-4-1 works. WHY?
  10. First, I would never invest in apple device. Second, Griffin, sorry I don't know much for laptops that cost 700+ pounds. Third, Dan, I have a Lenovo Y40. So amazing for FM.
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