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  1. Ive been teaching myself GIMP so I reckon in a few weekends time I could make a good stab at 3d kits. For now let me know the year and I'll give it a shot. I did the Red Star kit from 88' and found the Mister Baby sponsor an a really obscure Japanese website.
  2. The graphics for the title bar are drawn from a different file location. In the metallic logo pack it uses the FA logo for each country so I've changed it for the Soviet and Yugoslav entries but I think the chances of finding the FA symbol for Zaire are fairly slim!!!
  3. Did you manage to make the small/smallx2 ones the same size as the others? I'm using the metallic logo pack and I can't get GIMP to scale them down to the same size as the others.
  4. Last one. This is my take on the Dynamo Kyiv h/a shirt for 1988. I'll take requests!!
  5. I've been fiddling Michael_Myers but got sidetracked with doing some other graphics updates to flags/nation logo's etc and I've built these USSR kits too. Nothing fancy but I like looking at them in game. I've also started changing some of the old logo's too as these modern ones are awful when you compare them with 80's style Eastern Bloc ones.
  6. Just spent about 15 minutes looking at the Paxator Toshkent team thinking "they could potentially play some really expansive football"....was when I realised I needed to sleep on it and try again tomorrow. Also - and mean this in a jokey way - I love how the Yugoslavia team is basically Jan Oblak, Josef Illicic and the Croatia team. No doubt it will change with a few years of regens but it did make me smile.
  7. Loaded up and I must admit tonight I'm just wandering around Eastern Europe taking it all in. Great work mate. Enjoy your week.
  8. I'm guessing Netherlands beat USSR in the Euro's with THAT van Basten goal...
  9. Like the idea. Would be great to get a catalogue together for posterity before they all disappear! Happy to get involved.
  10. Nice one Wolf. This piece of work is most definitely a labour of love. Really looking forward to testing this. Thank you.
  11. This really couldn't have come at a better time. Cannot believe the state of modern football. Utter joke. Give me a time machine any day!
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