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  1. On the other hand, we shell out for tickets for the football and if our team is terrible we are entitled to shout "BOOOOO!" The manager doesn't tell us we should offer suggestions on how to make the team better, or tell us to stop booing. Actually, that last bit is not true. At a League Cup game (Everton - Chelsea) years ago, one bloke next to me was shouting at Moyes to put Vellios on. After about 20 minutes, Moyes fixed him with his thousand yard stare and growled, "Shut up, will yer." and the guy never made another sound. Vellios didn't get on and we lost against 10 man Chelsea. People do need to be able to blow off steam, and I can understand that as I can't keep going with the match engine portraying players as such dullards in both attack and defence (although I'm happy to wait until it is improved). Might I suggest you create some kind of official moaning thread, where people can vent their frustration? Keeps the rest of the board angst free. It did wonders for the Star Wars forum I frequent when The Last Jedi came out.
  2. Feel like the ME forces me to play wide and go for crosses because of the utter pointlessness of having shots in and around the penalty area because between the width of the goal every shot seems to be blocked.
  3. Now I want to drive to the training ground. I can fine all the players that overtake me in their Bentleys on the way.
  4. Fuss over nothing then. Hadn't even noticed because I'd already been on my annual pilgrimage to sortitoutsi.
  5. No charity angle. Disappointing, as it's reduced to being just an advert - pay Guinness World Records, invent a "record" to beat, watch the money roll in.
  6. If PA was much more difficult to divine, then it could be more liberally sprinkled around. If no one spots a high PA player then they will footle about in the lower leagues unless they get their big break. Or maybe have a "late bloomer" attribute. If a player has this and they are at 95% of their current PA at then add 40 points to their PA - give them chances between age 25 and 28 to do this. No one knows who the late bloomers are in advance, so apply randomly with a low chance of application.
  7. You might be falling prey to random number seeding. A computer can't come up with truly random numbers so if you save and reload then exactly the same thing can occur in the very early stage of the reload. Once you start clicking around doing stuff then the pattern will be broken and apparently random stuff happens again.
  8. Hire a director of football and put him in charge of all signings and contracts. In a flash, you are now subject to the same squadbuilding AI as all the other teams.
  9. I only really hit a late session if there's a chance of getting to the end of the season, especially if there's the prospect of the trophy or two in the offing.
  10. My goalie was unhappy when we sold my star midfielder (the money was ridiculous though) and he wanted quality signings. I signed a better goalie and he was happy, but not for long!
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