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  1. Of course I do rotate my players and my squad is not that huge really. Look if I have done all the things that I am supposed to do to keep the players happy I wouldn't have come here to present to you with this problem. It is because these players ask incessantly for first team football. The keyword here being incessantly. It is ridiculous for example after starting this one player for one full match afterwards immediately he comes to me and says he is frustrated with a lack of first team football I mean what the heck. Obviously the AI in the player morale system is messed up.
  2. The sheer amount of worthless players asking constantly and incessantly for first team football in this game is such a pain in the behind, I am gonna be frank. It is ridiculous for a player to come out telling his manager that he is upset by a lack of first team action on the first day of the campaign but this has happened to me every campaign! And throughout the season players will come out and ask for first team football and when I don't oblige they will get upset and harm team morale. And sometimes even after you play them others players will get upset blaming you for caving in to player pressure or get mad at me for what they deem as bad treatment of a player I mean ? What gives? What am I to do? This problem is so serious that it threatens to break the game altogether. What do you think?
  3. And I had to click "ok" a million times to get rid of the box. It happened in-between matches and when matches around the world were being simulated. What gives? Seriously SI, what has happened to the game? ever since patch 15.3 came out everything has gone whacky. DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT!!!!!! OR you will lose many hardcore supporters such as me and many others.
  4. On my current save, Germany has just won the 2018 World Cup. I was like oh cool let me take a look at their current squad and then I found out that it was completely made up with unknown regens? WHAT THE HECK!? I mean who the heck are Mario Shrader and Marco Freund???? I mean where are the real germany players such as Marco Reus or Hummels? Is this a glitch???
  5. Not denying that. However, regardless of how good a player is. Winning the Ballon'o dor 8 times is a bit bloody unrealistic don't you think?
  6. It's currently year 2020 in my current save, and Messi who is 32 has just won the World Golden Ball for the 8th time in his career:eek: Are you having a laugh? What is this? Every save I have had Messi has always won every bloody World Golden Ball even though his average rating per game wasn't the best. Does the game have a built-in "Messi must win World Golden Ball" command in its programming or something? :o
  7. I am sorry for the naive question but I was just wondering if lets say if someone uses the in-game editor what does it actually do? Does it actually make you win football matches automatically or do tactics and such still matter after you opt to use the in-game editor? Would it suck all of fun and challenge out of everything? Why do people purchase the editor in the first place? I am confused. Because I would not use the in-game editor if it makes devising tactics and managing my team meaningless. So is using the editor considered cheating? Thank you:cool:
  8. The problem is that I DIDN'T LOSE the locker room. It was only one player who said I broke the promise made to him. What the....In what world would a club fire a world class manager for that?!!! The squad harmony was top notch everybody was in superb mood including that one guy who said I broke the promise LOL. Also, can anybody explain to me why my reputation went from world class to continental after the sack? It doesn't make sense!!!
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