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  1. Still using it with FC United of Manchester, currently in season 5 in the championship. I've bought a regen striker who has scored 25 goals in 27 games with this tactic. Give the tactic time to get familliar it will work his wonders
  2. Why do you say that? Im still using it on full release with 3 clubs, and it still works..
  3. Hi, I'm playing since the beta with FC United of Manchester, and I continued this save after full release. Only problem i got is the following: I'm 4 seasons in, and I still don't have the option for a u23 team, I do have an u18 team, but never got the option for a u23 team. How is this possible? And can it be fixed? If so how? Please help me
  4. Hi, I lost with Ajax in the CL, but I did not progress further in the EL? How can this be?
  5. @Felix Wilkie Stop saying ********, I tried everything, and when I go on holiday its still giving Crashdumps
  6. Hi, Please update the game, I've had 6 crash dumps in one hour. All due to when going on holiday between gamedays...
  7. Does the In-game Editor also screw the classification problem or only the regular editor?
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