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  1. I can confirm this. Has happened to me 3 times now. It happens when ever you click on the primary colour to change it.
  2. good grief... did not even think about that. thanks! is this something new to FM20? didn't encounter this in previous versions.
  3. Quick one. I play St. Albans in England (starting out in the National League South) and and currently in League 2. I started out only with the Senior Squad and the U18 team - no U23 Team. I figured that this was something that would possibly right itself after a couple of promotions and turning professional. However, having since turned professional and being promoted twice (granted only up to League Two), I still do not get an option to start an U23 team. I looked around a couple of clubs in league 2 and noticed that some of the smaller ones also do not appear to have U23 sides.
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