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  1. I have lately had good results by moving the DLP to the DM slot instead of the MC slot, right now I am using the following tactic (it is basically the same, but three different versions - standard offensive, very offensive, defensive):
  2. So, one weird thing. Dean Court, Bournemouth´s home ground, had a 16500 capacity. The stadium wasn´t owned, so no expansion possible. Well, I could ask the board to buy it, so they did: But... after buying the stadium, there was no option to expand it. Only to ask for a new stadium. So half an hour after buying Dean Court, the board... Not sure how realistic this is, but let´s assume that this is proof of cunning business acumen from my board - they bought the old stadium on the cheap from the county, only to instantly start looking at ways to tear it down and sell the property at a higher price, and use the money to build a new stadium. Or something. Anyway, I am happy. Just need to avoid getting sacked before the stadium is done I guess. Oh, and I also won the Manager of the Year award which was kind of surprising, but I am of course pleased.
  3. 2024/2025 - A Summary So, the first season went very un-well, and I was low on faith in my tactics, and low on faith in my players, and board and fans were low on faith in me. But I chose to press on, figuring that continuity is the way to go, and after all, I need to know if my tactics simply worked because I had the best players at Hammarby (although I did do better than expected against better teams in Europe), or if they actually are legit enough. The summer brought sweeping changes, with a lot of mediocre and/or aging players (or players who do not fit in my tactics) leaving: With a similar amount of new players joining: Since I needed a lot of players, I basically went shopping for bargains, with Ntcham and McTominay joining from recently relegated sides and Greg Taylor being an absolut steal from Celtic: The rest were backup players, with Solomon Bonnah looking quite decent: I was off to a decent enough start to avoid having to fear for my job: And I continued to be decent enough through October and November: And while December started of terribly and I started to fear a huge losing streak ending in relegation battle, however, then I won four in a row: And I ended the year in better-than-expected shape. And I managed to greatly strengthen my squad at the start of the transfer window with a Brazilian wonderkid striker: And my old Hammarby favorite Ethan Ampadu, who - after having spent four years on loan at my beloved Hammarby - I got for a measly 2,9M after Chelsea transfer listed him: Deadline Day saw me moving Cedric Kipré (who I was basically playing only since I had no better options) to Sevilla for 22M, instead getting another young Brazilian who looks great: My only loss in January came at home against Liverpool: And my good run of form continued in February and March: And in April I only lost to Arsenal: With May seeing me close out the season on a high note: Resulting in Bournemouth´s best-ever finish and continental football next year! Second half of the season was just amazing, with us going 12-2-5 - only Liverpool (40 points) and Man City (41 points) had better second-half records!
  4. "Fire the Bastard Already!" While Bournemouth fans were happy to see Mr. A take over the club right before deadline day, results have not gone the right way and fans are vocal about their lack of support for Mr. A and his management style. "Look at the players he sold", one upset fans wrote on a fan forum, "and look who he brought in - Camavinga for 70M, who is yet to score a goal or even provide an assist!" "Fire the bastard already!", another one commented, adding that "he will get us relegated, we were safe before he came and now we are one game for the championship." The first game under Mr. A was a sign of bad times to come, with Bournemouth collapsing to a 1-6 loss away to Everton despite taking the lead early in the second half. Although Mr. A´s Bournemouth squad bounced back with a 2-0 home win over Tottenham, Bournemouth are winless for 11 games since then. Coming in to the final game of the season, the Cherries are in 17th place, ahead of Fulham only on goal difference. Bournemouth management refused to comment on the future of Mr. A, who enjoyed great success in Sweden before becoming manager of Bournemouth in January. The Bournemouth FanMag, 18th of May, 2024 Board Has Confidence in Mr. A as Cherries Stay Up In a game that could have gone either way, Dominic Solanke scored what proved to be the only goal of the game in the 73rd minute after a nice pass from Ludvig Augustinsson. As Fulham battled to a goalless draw at Everton, Bournemouth managed to stave off relegation on the final day of the season. In a statement a few hours after the final game, the Bournemouth board upset many fans who were hoping that this would be Mr. A´s final game in charge. "After a meeting with Mr. A", the Bournemouth board wrote, "and after evaluating this season in its entirety, we want to re-iterate that we have full confidence in Mr. A." Fans on social media were particularly upset with the board stating that "Mr. A likes his teams to play attractive, attacking football which fits perfectly with our view of how football should be played", with words as "blatantly ignorant" and "a mockery" being used to describe this statement. Under Mr. A, Bournemouth has a 2-4-8 record and a 9-25 goal difference. The Bournemouth FanMag, 19th of May, 2024 Transfer Summary A Farewell to Wingers: And a welcome to two central midfielders: Whine Dendoncker did decently enough (basically as expected), Camavinga - who was supposed to be my new midfield star: Repaid my faith in him with the following statline:
  5. My Last Season at Hammarby So, I apologise for not updating this thread - I kind of played ahead too long to go back and write, and then I had no time to write, and then I just played on... So, how has it gone? Well... Right around the start of CL I was clear by a mile... But then I had a poor stretch of games in the league, starting with an embarrassing 2-6 loss to the apes. However, I did beat Liverpool at home and retained my league title due to Norrköping also faltering in the end, but it was tight. And then, during the off-season, something happened... I was head-hunted my Bournemouth, who at the time were around 10th place in the Premier League. Since I was dominating the local leagues, yet not making enough progress in the CL, this was an alluring offer. I got the contract offer a few days before deadline day, so I accepted it with an idea that I would have enough time to re-shape my squad to play my familiar 4-1-3-2 tactic. Players were OK:ish, however Bournemouth had a lot of wingers that I would need to get rid of.
  6. I have tested the tactic in this thread (with some variations - for example, using AP(a) and BMW(s) for the two central midfielders, or RPM(s) and BWM(d) when protecting a lead) for 4,5 seasons now with good results. Playing with Hammarby I managed to beat Real Madrid at home, for example, and draw with some other giant clubs, and won it all in Sweden as well. Then I moved to Bournemouth and while I struggled mightily for the first half season (2-4-8 record), my second season I finished in 5th place with a 19-7-12 record. In the last 35 league games, CCC:s are quite evenly spread with me creating 60 and conceding 64 (goals scored 46, goals allowed 44). So yeah, a tactic like this can work well also when not playing with a top team, at least so it seems.
  7. April Review Reigning champions Hammarby are off to a great start, to the delight of their many fans: The game at Kalmar was quite a tough one and probably could have gone either way, the first game against AIK wasn´t too great either but we got the job done, in the other games I have dominated. And Geubbels! What a great start he has had in my club: 7 goals and 2 assists in 5 games. Lovely. In other news, I just signed a player to form a long-term striker partnership with Geubbels, and also renewed Dahlberg´s contract. Finally my scouts found a player that had the necessary attributes and was affordable enough. I present striker Ikoma Lois Openda - a Club Brugge product, he made his first-team debut back in 2018, and has grabbed 28 goals in 83 league games. He also spent a season on loan in Oostende, where he scored 11 goals in 29 games with an average rating of 7,09. He should slot right in with Geubbels to form a formidable offensive partnership. Due to the annoying limit of only being able to offer 20k/w in wages, I had to fill his contract with a number of clauses. Realistically, he should be able to cash in another 1M EUR in bonuses each year, but I got my player and I can afford him, so whatever. Will join right before my Champions League campaign - so let´s hope for an even better run this year.
  8. March Review & Deadline Day So, only one competitive game in March. The first real test for my new tactic came in the Swedish Cup Quarter Final. Facing off against the only more goal-happy team in Sweden (IFK Norrköping), there was a surprising lack of chances created from both sides, although I had a significant advantage. Then I got a red card in the 67th, and despite creating a great chance later on, the game went to extra time. Unfortunately, they scored in the 115th minute so I yet again exited the cup early, and then played some meaningless friendlies to get the fitness levels up: Come deadline day, I sold my second/third choice left back Dennis Widgren. At age 29 he won´t develop more and I have better options available, so letting him go to Kalmar for 1.4M felt right. I also made an impulsive signing, only seeing the stats partially, since there was no time to scout the player more thoroughly. I present to you Mamoudou Diallo, a 20-year old Belgian central defender: Signed as a youth player by Standard in 2019, he quickly transferred to AA Gent for 1.2M, where he played in 10 league games in the 2021/22 campaign, before joining RB Leipzig for 5.5M. In 2022/23, he played in 10 first team games in total, but Leipzig were willing to sell him for 3.2M - so a young centre-back with promising fundamentals for a reasonable price, why not? Had I seen the full picture I might have passed due to him being useless as a ball-playing defender, but on the other hand I should be fine changing one of the central defender slots to CD when he is playing. If he will develop his mental side, he might turn into a beast - if not, well, he´ll be decent enough to be a rotational option in domestic games for years to come and if he isn´t happy with that role, I am sure I will have no problems selling him on.
  9. February Review One thing I really like about the Swedish Cup is that it basically gives one the chance to get into gear for the season against easy opponents, instead of playing meaningless friendlies. February passed without any movement in the transfer front, and after using preseason friendlies to experiment with more defensive tactics I however did the only sensible thing and pressed the Clear Slot button, since the defensive set-ups I tried failed to produce better results than when using my regular, offensive tactics. I did, however, create a new tactic which at least in theory should be just a tad more defensive than my regular ones, even though it is pretty f***ing far from being defensive: So, it basically has one striker less and one DM more, and the left full back is on support instead of attack, with the idea being that the left side needs more cover due to the Volante and BBM with the "get further forward" instruction set on this flank, while the right flank keeps its attacking duty due to having an Anchor Man and regular BBM. The lone striker should have enough support from the midfield and if the opponent chooses to push higher up and play with a high defensive line they should be vulnerable to through balls from the back. The tactic made its debut in the Swedish Cup match against Sirius, and I used it in the other cup matches as well. Results were okay, not more, however I am happy with the stats the tactic produced. 26 shots/16 on goal/3 CCC vs 5/4/1 in game one, 15/9/3 vs 8/3/1 in game two, 13/5/4 vs 1/1/0 in game three, with my possession standing at 69/61/58 in the three games. 5/7 goals were scored from within the box. Four assists from the central midfielders, two from my right back, one unassisted goal. Three goals from through balls. So basically, I will continue to experiment with this tactic - hopefully it can be of use against stronger teams away as well, although the main weakness (one-on-ones conceded on through balls past my high defensive line) remains.
  10. 2023 Season Preview In the end last season turned out very well. Winning the league, getting five points in the CL and only being 30 minutes away from reaching the Euro Cup knockout stages made the season a success. The off-season saw a lot of players not needed for the first team leave, and five new signings (one was a prospect signed by my staff). Willem Geubbels, whom I expect to be my best striker for 2023, I already presented, as well as Ivan Ilic, a great prospect I got at a very cheap price. The other two players are young and talented rotational options for my first team squad - Axel Wallenborg, DL, signed from Brommapojkarna for 650 000: He came through the Brommapojkarna youth system and has already played in 81 league games for them (54 of them in Allsvenskan during 2021-2022) and looks like a real bargain already. He should get quite a lot of playing time and that will hopefully see him develop into a great player within a few years. My assistant already has Wallenberg as first-choice DL. I also signed Ignace van der Brempt, DR, from FC Porto for 2,3M: Van der Brempt started his career in Club Brugge, where he played two games in two seasons, before joining KV Mechelen at the start of the 2020/21 campaign. He transferred to FCP, but only played for the B Team in the Portugese second divison, before now joining Hammarby in an attempt to kickstart his professional career. He will be getting regular playing time, however I feel that Wallenborg is a bit further along the curve at the current moment. My scouts feel that van der Brempt has great potential though, so I feel this is a good signing for us. These signings give us good depth on the full-back positions. However, I still need one great central defender (tried to sign a couple but too high wages) and I would prefer to get another striker in as well, however DC is my key priority. With a 17M transfer budget I am just waiting for the right player to show up and I am not really in a rush, since I am not playing in Europe until autumn I can postpone this to the summer transfer window instead. For the domestic league and cup, my squad depth is more than fine and the players are also more than good enough. It is for the continental competitions that I need more star quality and better quality depth. Pre-season was kind of crap, but who care about that anyway. Did some tactical experiments and so on. Board expects me to challenge for the league title, reach the Swedish Cup final and be competitive in the CL, I see anything less than winning the league and reaching the group stage, where I hopefully can challenge for third place given a decent draw. The Swedish Cup I don´t care too much about, so whatever.
  11. Dahlberg: "I feel like a slave!" After finding out that Mr. A rejected a transfer bid from Arsenal, Pontus Dahlberg was livid. "This was a great opportunity for me and Mr. A rejected a perfectly reasonable bid", he told us when we caught up with him after practice. "I feel like a slave", he added before storming off. "If those really are his words", Mr. A later commented, "he should really re-consider his language, since it is utterly disrespectful to the descendants of the many people affected by slavery. For a professional footballer to say something like this, well, it is nothing short of absurd. I will have a chat with Pontus later today and I am sure we will work things out, otherwise I have nothing further to add." Arsenal reportedly made an offer around 10M while Mr. A was looking for a huge deal worth around 30M. Among Dahlberg´s suitors teams such as Crystal Palace and Werder Bremen were also mentioned, however, as the transfer window has closed, Dahlberg will remain a Hammarby player at least until the summer. The big question is however if this will have a negative effect on the Hammarby dressing room, and how Mr. A will cope with other players supportive of Hammarby´s star goalkeeper. The Hammarby Fan Post, 1st of February, 2023
  12. Thanks (although it was actually my third, just the first that I put in writing)
  13. October Review That went south quickly. Against Östersund we scored an early goal but failed to increase our lead, and as so often is the case in such games, they managed to equalise in the second half with their only shot on goal. And my title challenge was on the rocks, with Norrköping now holding a two point lead. And then came the next shock - the away game against AFC Eskilstuna was scheduled in the middle of an international break and I did not have any opportunity to ask for a postponement. At half-time it was a goalless draw, but in the second half I broke through and scored... and what was even better, BK Häcken grabbed an equaliser against IFK Norrköping in the 85th minute, so after 29 played games I was on top again! Something seems broken with the scheduling in FM, since my last game was played on a Friday (all games are supposed to kick off at the same time) - I duly won it 2-0, so in order to grab the title from me, IFK Norrköping needed to beat AFC Eskilstuna at home by at least five goals. Not an impossible task for the only team that has scored more than me in the past two seasons, however the game fizzled out to a boring 1-1 draw and we won our second straight league title: A bit pissed that Djurgården managed to clinch a contintental competition spot after a superb, undefeated second half of the season. And what is interesting, this year I did not win any of the halves - 34 points in the first half was good enough for second behind Kalmar (36) and 29 points in the second half meant I was second behind Djurgården (33). In the end only the total result matters, of course. In the CL I had a surprisingly good home fixture against FC Porto (who crushed me away), away against PSG I only lost 1-0 although PSG could have easily scored a couple more. This did mean that I had a chance to reach third place if I managed to beat Valencia at home in the last round, with Hammarby on 4 points and Valencia on 6. Considering my performance against Porto, I felt that we actually had a decent chance to move into third. November Review Well, it wasn´t to be. Despite scoring a first-half goal, Valencia played a high-pressure offensive 4-3-3 and hassled us to make mistakes, and in the 70th minute they grabbed the equaliser. We had a good chance in the 86th, but the shot went wide and with a 1-1 draw we finished last in our group. However, we were undefeated at home, having beaten Porto 3-1 and drawn PSG (0-0) and Valencia (1-1) which bodes well for the future. November also saw our scouts find what I hope will turn out to be a gem of a player, who had a 1,2M release clause and who had drawn interest from Chelsea and Tottenham: At 1.2M he is a real bargain. After coming through the youth ranks of Red Star Belgrade, he joined Manchester City for 2,3M in 2017/18. During his three seasons as a City player, he spent time on loan at Red Star and Zemun, as well as two seasons playing for NAC Breda in Holland, before being bought back by Red Star Belgrade for a measly 180 000 at the start of the 2021/22 season. He did well for Red Star (29 league games in 1,5 seasons, 2 goals 3 assists and 7.17 AVR) and looking at his numbers and age, he should be perfect fit for my Hammarby squad, as he should fit both for the playmaker role as well as for the box-to-box midfielder role. After our succesful CL run, Hammarby now has 29 million in the bank, with 19 million available for me to spend. I enquired about Ethan Ambadu, but Chelsea set an asking price of 106M which of course is a tad too steep. I want to improve on my CL run and what I basically am looking for is sub-23 players with star potential, or ready superstars under 30. Midfield looks pretty good, defense is lacking depth and I would not mind another superstar striker, especially since my strikers were struggling all season (Johannsson 37 games/15 goals, Suzuki 42/7, Seljmani 30/6) and Johannsson is on the decline (age 32). Since I play with attribute masking (otherwise the game is so boring, just tap in the numbers and get the best value for money options available), I am hoping that my scouts will come up with some nice finds for me.
  14. Thanks! September Review September was... decent, I guess. I picked up the best result so far (if looking at an individual match) in my goalless draw vs PSG, however not crushing Brommapojkarna wasn't part of my plans, after that game I was actually five points off the lead and starting to get worried. However, a scrappy win against Örebro and a comfortable one over Helsingborg later has me going into the last three games in first place, albeit only on goal difference: CL went as expected, as I was comfortably beaten by Valencia and Porto. If I manage at least a point from the last three games, I will be satisfied, anything more than that is a huge bonus. With the other three teams sitting at 6/6/4 points, there is basically no chance at all of getting the third place. However, September also brought some good news on the transfer front, as I was able to solve my striker issues for next year (and, hopefully, for the next many years) as I managed to strike a deal for Willem Geubbels: I remembered him as a beast from my last FM2019 save, where he was a great striker around 2024 or so, so when one of my scouts found him, and further scouting confirmed he was good and available, I went out and got him for 4M. This will probably see me change my forward setup next year, from two PF(a) to CF(a) and PF(a) most likely, in order to utilise Geubbels´ great numbers in the best way possible: For October I have one goal and that is to win the last three league games and secure my second straight championship, which should be more than doable considering I am facing the 10th and 13th placed teams at home, and the 15th place team away. Also no CL games in between, so at least for the last two games I will be able to field a fully fit best eleven. The month ends with Porto coming to Nya Söderstadion (or Tele2 Arena as it is officially called) and an away trip to Paris, before I wrap up my CL adventure on the 1st of November when we will take on Valencia at home.
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