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  1. You have to ask yourself this How long will the PC/Laptop last before it needs upgrading/changing again? Is it worth it for maybe 1 or 2 years. You can buy a "gaming" PC super specs for £4000 & it will need upgrading after 2 years!!!!
  2. ATI MOBILITY RADEON Express 200

    Hi I have the same ATI as you I too updated catalyst & seems to be same as yours. BTW where dyd you get the processor driver mune is AMD Athlon 64
  3. Thanks Lads I think you may have saved me from wasting my money on a video card. Tried getting answers before but no luck. My DXDiag says I have a ATI Radeon Express 200 series & mine was also "jerky" New Video Card or not?
  4. Can anybody help me with this please This is what my DXDiag is showing ATI Radeon Xpress 200series Chip Type ATI Radeon Xpress 200series (0x5954) DAC Type Internal DAC (400Mhz) Approx Total Memory 128.0MB Current Display Mode 1280 x 1024 (32Bit) (60Hz) Monitor Plug & Play Monitor Should the 3D version run using this? Only it seems like my demo is stuttering in 3D it seems to be going frame by frame If someone could advise me what Video Card to get (priced under £60) if I need one, I would be grateful
  5. Have just downloaded FM 2009 & it's great cannot understand why all the gripes. The only question I have is my 3D game seems to go "stuttery" eg frame by frame. Does this mean that I will need a new video card? I would like to personally thank all at SI for an awesome game!!!
  6. Football manager 2009 demo

    Can anybody help me with this please?
  7. Football manager 2009 demo

    Just a quick question regarding the FM 2009 Demo My 3D match engine seems to be "stuttery" does this mean that I will need a new video card? By the way to everybody at SI from me and I am sure many others Many Thanks for an awesome game
  8. Match engine videos

    Awesome!!! Cannot wait for Nov 14th
  9. Yes It is there seems a lack of left footed players everywhere not just FM!!! Look at the English Leagues & the England National Team
  10. It says my video card failed, but I have 3 ticks against Video Card Features, can anybody explain? The RAM is fine 128mb which I have. Video Card 3d acceleration I have & pixel Version 2.0 which I have
  11. Surely the opposite takes effect too Left footed player taking corners from the right hand side?
  12. How many updates will FM09 have by then. Cm is sooooo out of date why waste your money
  13. An old 49 just started FM this year with FM 08 when I was absorbed by my nephews FM & now I am getting older by the day