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  1. Yes It is there seems a lack of left footed players everywhere not just FM!!! Look at the English Leagues & the England National Team
  2. Surely the opposite takes effect too Left footed player taking corners from the right hand side?
  3. Have checked him in my game but name does not come up I am using patch 8.02 Where is he from?
  4. Knap noticed this was under your 4-3-2-1 Tactics I presume you used my 5-3-2 Tactics
  5. Am really looking forward to FM2009 it looks awesome!!! Now I am finally getting my head round this game (Not bad for my age!!!), lets hope I understand it in the way you and all the people have helped me in the past (Jumping Icons Cool HUH)
  6. Ok Cleon. Have sent a message to the people at the website to see if they have any ideas Thanks for your help, I will try leaving you alone now!!!
  7. It is still jumping up to the top again. Have tried below the quote, spaced after the quote.
  8. Yes those are the icons I mean But as you can see they appear at the side of the Title Thread
  9. Many Thanks Cleon That is what I thought. It just took me ages to work out as I thought the order they were showing was in terms of "importance" for that stat. Last point my icons do not seem to work, they want to go straight to the thread title. How can I change this? (Happy smiling face)
  10. In that case then when comparing players stats as per the Sheffield United Project (which is fantastic!!!) should I use all the stats listed for comparison (Vital & Other) or just Vital? You have got the patience of a Saint. (Saint Cleon of FM.) quite good that I think!!! Many Thanks
  11. Yes I have. That and the Sheffield United Project was where I gleamed the little information I have now, and various other threads (perhaps its an age thing with me) Just one very quick question if Player A (Wingback) has 12 Positioning 12 Tackling 11 Pace 11 Anticipation & 11 Stamina against Player B who has 11 Positioning 11 Tackling but 12 for everything who would you put in your first team and why? The way I look at it is this Player A has 2 strong stats (Positioning & Tackling) whereas Player B has 3 strong stats (the last three) so Player B would be in my team. Is this right
  12. Thanks Cleon. Its just that this stats thing is doing my head in!!! Would it be possible for me to send you a private message if I have any more problems regarding this? Sorry to be a pain
  13. One final question regarding stats. Do I take the stats in the order that they are written down as being the most important for that position. e.g Goalkeeper Handling then Reflexes, so if a Goalkeeper has 15 Handling but 10 Reflexes he would be better than someone who has 10 Handling but 15 Reflexes
  14. Sorry to be a pain in the a**e again, Cleon but I just want some clarification on a point you made earlier. When I said about other stats such as Creativity etc... you said these were "bonus" ones to look for. Am I reading you right in that first & foremost I should look for Finishing & Pace combined for a Pacy Striker & Finishing & Heading for a Targetman. Because what I have been doing is including all the "stats" mentioned in the Sheff Utd Project and using the player with the best stats in the vital section as my first team player for all positions
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