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  1. yes, even in the league im currently managing. Cup honours go in fine, yet league titles don't always seem to
  2. When winning a title on FM20 some of the players don't have the league title listed in their honours list despite sometimes making 30+ appearances in the tournament, anyone know why?
  3. thanks for your help anyway mate, much appreciated.
  4. Yes, it says that a non-eu slot has been freed up. I've loaned out or sold every other non-eu player who wasn't already registered as well as one whose contract expired and was registered, so he is the only non-eu player not registered. He has also won 10 caps for his country scoring 7 times, so that shouldn't be a problem. What am I missing?
  5. can't register him because he is redded out. He is under 21 so doesn't need to be registered but because he is redded out he is still ineligible to play.
  6. I have just spent 65 million on a Colombian regen, only for him to be ineligible because he is non-eu. The problem is that he is the only non-eu signing I have made in the last two years who is still at the club, the rest have either been sold or loaned out. How can I make him eligible?
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