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  1. I am currently managing Argentina u20s and when selecting my squad it will not allow me to have any player aged over twenty, which is defined as born before 1/1/1998. However, when selecting players born in the year 1998, even if they are 19, it says that I am not allowed to submit a squad with players over 20 in it
  2. All of a sudden my game is massively lagging. it is really infuriating considering this has never happened before. It's nothing to do with the match engine either because it is lagging on the main screen. Does anyone know how to solve this?
  3. thanks for your help anyway mate, much appreciated.
  4. Yes, it says that a non-eu slot has been freed up. I've loaned out or sold every other non-eu player who wasn't already registered as well as one whose contract expired and was registered, so he is the only non-eu player not registered. He has also won 10 caps for his country scoring 7 times, so that shouldn't be a problem. What am I missing?
  5. can't register him because he is redded out. He is under 21 so doesn't need to be registered but because he is redded out he is still ineligible to play.
  6. I have just spent 65 million on a Colombian regen, only for him to be ineligible because he is non-eu. The problem is that he is the only non-eu signing I have made in the last two years who is still at the club, the rest have either been sold or loaned out. How can I make him eligible?
  7. Is it possible to add teams to your favoured clubs during the game
  8. I dont really need him as I have 3 better strikers but I want to develop him
  9. No, however simon churhc is a decent player for most sides in my league and to get him for free and without wages is surely a bargain
  10. Im offering decent playrs to other clubs on loan for no wage and no fee but no one is offering. Also the board cant find any affiliate clubs after 3 attempts. Anyone know why
  11. I have requested an affiliate club but the board have cancelled it, a few months have gone by and I still cant request a new one, anyone know why
  12. I am playing against real madrid with fenerbahce and a 0 0 draw and winning on penalties seeems the best option. does anyone have any tactics that will basically guarantee me a 0 0 draw, thanKs
  13. How do you use th pre game editor to create leagues and clubs
  14. How do you create leagues using the ingame editor
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