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  1. I thought Coutinho was absolutely anonymous, didn't seem to be on his game at all.
  2. I am struggling to believe we just won a game with Skrtel and Toure at the back!
  3. Don't really like Firmino out wide, although he was incredibly unlucky with a number of marginal offside decision yesterday.
  4. Coutinho, Sturridge and Firmino playing together for the second time ever so got to give them some time, but I really don't like the Can, Henderson, Milner midfield...at all.
  5. If Ward doesn't start tonight Mig must have pictures of Klopp in a compromising position. It's the only explanation.
  6. Which covers most of the rest of our squad unfortunately...
  7. Until Friday when he breaks down again with a broken toenail.
  8. Saw the double save from last week but didn't see the goals he conceded then or today
  9. As I said before, should have him in the SPL if he's not getting these games! Poor decision for me, let's see if we've actually got one keeper not terrible at claiming crosses, poor in distribution and suffers from lack of confidence!
  10. :/ It does just seem a really odd choice, he'd have been better off finishing the season at Aberdeen if Klopp isn't going to use him.
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