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  1. Sorry if it has been mentioned but is there a date any one has seen when the winter update will be released, I know it’s usually around End of Feb time?
  2. Yes that counts as LLM i hope you put a smile on Jeff Sterling’s face!
  3. Just wondering if anyone has ever seen a team run into financial difficulty during a save on FM21 I.e administration or heavily in debt ive not encountered it yet apart from Wigan at the start of the game
  4. Budget: £600 could maybe stretch to £700 max Laptop Use: FM, Youtube & Writing Football Reports Including using saved footage FM: Usually Run Medium Database & Would Like To Run Around 20 Leagues comfortably If this is not realistic let me know of a laptop that would be better as i could always save up for a slightly better one Thanks
  5. Hi Guys, hope you are well. Northern League Division Two (Level 10) is missing a team off in the league Easington Colliery aren't on the game at all i can see.
  6. so i've dropped my wingers to support already after the post. Main concern thought is not winning many balls in the middle of the pitch. In fairness in the phases of play when oppositions have attacked i dont leak many down the sides. So this defensive suicide is a bit OTT especially in the championship i was the underdog
  7. Hi all, before i start moaning i am conceding too many. I have used this formation i made from the start however 2 seasons later, back to back promotions i am conceding far too many. I purely understand my team isn't the greatest being in the Premier League. But towards the end of the Championship & first few games i've conceded far to many. I have now moved my BWM to a HB in the CDM position as well. But below it what i used frequently. Issue: Majority of goals are coming from either the ball over the top or not winning the 1st ball in the middle of the
  8. Local delivery available Apple MacBook Pro A1278 Laptop Screen Size 13.3'' Year : Mid 2012 Intel Core Core i5 2.5 GHz 8GB RAM / 500 GB . OS Mojave Keyboard UK English Charger included Used Good condition
  9. Hi Smurf would this run football manager comfortably ie around 12 leagues 4 nations? https://www.affordablemac.co.uk/product/apple-macbook-pro-13-core-i5-2-3ghz-4gb-320gb-os-10-13-high-sierra/ or would the 8gb memory be better I can get one for around £250
  10. hello, i am looking for a good reliable 433 - 4231 tactic. The tea for one tactic has given up now (20.4.1 TeaForOneAM4231P101ECCC)
  11. Looking for a laptop around £600-£700 that will be able run smoothly with large database, 6-9 nations uploaded. Possibly 18 -22 leagues uploaded thanks
  12. Hi guys Currently got an MSI GL62 7QF, 120ssd, 2.5ghz, intel i5-7300hq, 8gb ram Laptop however when i load around 36,000 players it drops to 3 star on speed rating and 2 1/2 star on computer performance. Does anyone take into account the star ratings and if so could anyone recommend a quicker laptop under £700 at all
  13. luckily i have a copy of FM07 where it allows me to play without a CD so on an up to date laptop it doesnt matter
  14. Hi Has anyone experience any of the 3, major financial difficulty, administration or even liquidation on FM before, i've never seen on my saves a team in the new season starting on minus points, hoping someone has seen this before! Happy Gaming
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