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  1. thanks, for the info
  2. is there a way to change him to senior squad?
  3. Coach- Cagliari Under 20s
  4. hi i fired the old fitness coach and bought another. the problem is he went to the under 20s team and not the main team.... How do i get him to main team? I hired him as a coach
  5. hi, I am horrible at this. is there someone who could make generic kits. say home purple, away orange, third black. Another home blue/red stripe, away balck/dark pink , third brown then i could possibly figure out how to replace the original team colors with the generic kits. thanks
  6. thanks for the input. yea i sent out for friendlies. confirmed each one. saw them on the list with ?'s beside them. Then clicked continue and got acceptance messages from the clubs. When i went to view the fixture list again, they were not there. so now i have to go back and arrange more hoping they will stay there after being accepted. thanks again.
  7. hi, playing Wolves. I sent out invitations for matches for the second season and had several accepted but they are not showing up on the Match list screen. I also had another team ask me for the same date and accepted. the latter on showed up. Will I end up with two games on one day or did the game just lose the first set of games?
  8. i had this problem with Wolfsburg. I took it over but came in as a newbie manager. Got a 1 year contract. The older established players didnt have confidence, but the newer signings and younger players who i gave playing time started to believe in me. Mid-season the older players realized they either started playing good for me or they were going to be on the bench/reserves/transferred. At seasons end, I was in 4th and had the backing of my players to sign a new contract. It was frustrating to listen to the griping in the press they did. Hopefully SI will in the next version have players talk internally to the Manager first before going public. I would have loved to be able to tell them give me a chance and start producing out on the field. Good luck with your game.
  9. i played this tactic from the mid-season to end. I tried placing natural AMC's in that position but thier ratings were always below 6.0. I finally dropped the position to MC (same players) and they did 6.5 or better. I rotated that position with 4 different players due to the high run rate. Also, had to take off the "free role" to get higher ratings and more attacking chances. I did however get from 8th to 1st off it. Couldnt believe I got first off the last game. One of those had to win and Bayern had to lose situations. Played the first have of the season with Asymetric tactic just as an experiment, but was starting to lose more than win. That could have been due to me taking over a big club with a no experience manager LOL. Big confidence hurdle to get over.
  10. hi, I would love to be able to still see the current/potential ratings of players out on loans. So far I can get scouting report on the players when they play in a game, but with injuries I would like to be able to look at my reserve squad and know which loan player to recall. If there is a way to see the current/potential rating of a player on loan please tell me
  11. hi, to help with cb, try loaning Huth from Liverpool. he is young and good. I am still trying to get my tactics right as i usually have low possession, but getting results so not too worried.
  12. hi, like the skin. However, when viewing the game the status green with the dark gray background is just too hard to see. Also, how do you get the arrows for the attributes to show up? Thanks
  13. Darkstarr, what is the skin you use? i have downloaded one that in screen shots shows the arrows, but couldnt get the arrows to show up.
  14. hi, still playing the demo because my game hasnt come yet. I started with the Wolves in England. Play a 4-4-2 system, normal tempo when I can, but my players tire out very quickly. With games every 3-4 days, its hard to field a prime team. Injuries also have taken a toll. Training is all at medium levels. I found if I drop the tempo down to slow I get beat due to their defense being ready for my offense. Any tips on what I can do? I bought a few players, but with 3 million it didnt go far.
  15. hi, nice post. Playing FM09 Demo, I gave a DC the dont dive into tackles and he reacted badly to it. he said "it wouldnt improve his game". I thought it would because he had given the team several penalty kicks and cost a goal after a striker got past him. I had tried to change tactics and thought this would work. Second, I gave a winger, who from observing 10 games liked to cut inside on his own, the moves into channels. He also didnt like that suggestion. Third, striker given place shots in corners, he had good technique, finishing, and composure. This didnt go well. He just loves hitting it right at the keeper!! Dont know what is wrong with them not liking the moves.