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  1. On my save Chelsea have gone full crazy on the transfers, just look at some of the signings! They sold Carrasco a couple seasons later to Everton for just £17.75mil, Lampard is still boss but depsite all these players they aren't doing that well and are currently 6th with 7 games to go in 2024!
  2. Hello, My social feed contained some information about fans opinions on a manager after he had been sacked. Patrick Viera was sacked as manager of Leicester city, a while later my social feed showed a poll of Leicester fans and their opinion on if he should be sacked as the manager. I'm not sure if this is a bug or not as it could be like real life where the poll would have been going a few days but it seemed odd for it to enter the social feed considering he had been sacked. I have attached 2 snips showing the sacking and poll and uploaded a save game just in case. Save title: Scott Jackson - Social feed issue Thanks.
  3. I have also noticed a lot of offers coming in for players that are non negotiable, even if I don't have them transfer listed. I'm in a January window now and I seem to only have the choice of accepting or rejecting. Anyone else notcing something similar?
  4. Hello, In one of my games I signed James Maddison from Manchester United for quite a lot of money. The game suggested that I let the board handle the transfer as it would be 'important for the club' I thought why not!? So i turned over negotiations and the board duly bid and sorted his contract. In my recent manager performance review one of the 'notable criticisms' is that the board are uhappy with the finances involved in the deal to sign James Maddison, which seems odd as they were the ones that did it and should be unhappy with themselves! I have attached a screen snip here and also uploaded a save game. Save Title: SJacksonBoardTransfer
  5. I've played quite a few matches since the update now and it has clearly had an effect on my team. Much more of my play seems to be going wide now (no matter what I say!) and my AMC and striker are rarely involved, lot's of goals coming from corners or loose balls/deflections. I'm not seeing many long shots though, quite the opposite infact, almost never see one even attempted either by my team or the opposition. My AMC managed lots of goals pre update (he's the main goal threat), it's dropped off hugely since, he is just not seeing the ball as much as he isn't even getting shots off or chances, same applies to the striker but he's a big lad so get's the odd header at a corner/freekick. Noticing a lot less through balls in the centre or passes from deep into a central area or even a ball over the top to run onto. I don't feel like my tactical instructions make much difference to on pitch behaviour either! Play through the middle = 75% play on the wings, Shor passing = whatever the player fancies, Higher tempo = knock it about between the CBs and keeper for a bit before hoofing it to a player who heads it into no mans land.
  6. Unless the game has been edited with the in game editor to allow you the massive transfer budget then this must surely be a bug? No way a club should allow you to spend £600mil+ on players in one season even if you manipulate the future payment system. The fact that the in game editor is installed makes it more likely that's the reason! It's a funny experiment though, I might give an AI team (that I don't like) a ludicrous budget and see what they do with it!
  7. I've thought about this also! I use Vardy as an example, in the game you would never be able to take a twenty something player from non league and turn him into a top quality striker in a few seasons but in real life it can happen (even if it's very rare). I just think it is like you say, the need to give players attributes then control that progression to a set potential means you can't suddenly have a player who can massively adapt to playing at a higher level like a Vardy or Tanganga. You have to wait for a database update where they might up the stats significantly. I'm not sure how it could be implemented as it would need a player to change their PA in the database most likely!
  8. Hello all, thought I'd pop in again with my thoughts on the new ME update. I will say in advance it's a long post that I know you all won't read and I appreciate that much of this is likely related to my tactics! I've seen people say that it's made the game easier for them but for me it's mostly become more difficult! I've noticed that I don't get many balls over the top anymore which has also meant that I score less goals! I am seeing a comparable amount of shots/shots on target (which is high) as before but most of these are just 'game background' that I don't see in highlights. I'm seeing a lot less highlights in general since the update especially for goal chances. My main tactic is a 4-2-3-1 (AM) and till now it's worked quite well, I did get a good advantage from my AM running through from deep onto balls forward and he scored most of my goals. My striker also contributed well with goals so in general we scored quite a bit! The update seems to have cured the balls over the top for the most part, I do still see them but in much more realistic situations, quick counters from a set piece or lost ball in the final third etc. For me this has meant that most play seems to bypass the attacking middle of the park, my AM doesn't get anywhere near as much ball as the play either moves over his head to the striker or out wide to the wingers who love to cut inside (regardless of what I tell them). This applies even when I focus play through the middle, my players don't seem to respond to instructions much! I think the keepers do still make an awful lot of saves in 1on1 situations or my forwards with good finishing stats wiff chances pathetically wide too often. As a result of this my team isn't scoring as many goals, I'm seeing a lot of 1-0, 1-1 or 0-0 games (the defence is still pretty good thankfully!). To me (and I emphasise this is my anecdotal experience with my tactics) it looks like the balls over the top have been cut out but because the keepers still make saves of my forwards mess up chances the goals scored has been reduced dramatically and the problems people had complained about re AMs being useless (that I never saw) have appeared for me since the update. Penalties are better now though, scored on a much more realistic level as previously I would score about 1 in 3! Also I've still never seen VAR give a different decision to the ref, never seen a penalty or offside overturned in either direction but maybe I've been hit by the RNG. I don't think it's been a bad update but then I didn't have a huge problem with the previous ME! Hopefully I just need to fiddle my tactics a bit to adapt to the new ME a bit better! As a bonus extra does anyone else see their teams line up in the wrong order in the pre match bumf? My captain is never at the front just somewhere in the middle of the line apart from when they walk out from a corner stadium tunnel.
  9. That seems to be what most people I ever speak to about it do, which to me means it must need some work because in real life it's an important part of being a manager but most people skip them because it's always the same!
  10. To give some feedback on something that isn't the match engine. I'd like to see a fairly comprehensive update to the press and social centre aspects of the game, I see so many of the same 'tweets' and there's always the same old negative ones even if a player was actually really really good or if I win manager of the month with a 100% record someone will always say something like 'whisper it but I don't think X deserves this'. I also have to go through the same old interviews all the time and being asked about if I agree with the actions taken by a random other manager with regards to some player. I don't feel like these areas have moved on since last year and I largely skip them as they don't seem to have much variety or be very dynamic, I don't know what anyone else thinks about it?
  11. Cool, I hope it works! I also have only the AMC and Striker on attack, I have the wingers on to do less shooting, more crossing etc which helps to focus my play through the middle (which is where my team is strongest) and that probably helps too!
  12. I have him set as a Trequartista and essentially as attacking as possible, he makes a lot of forward runs and runs off the striker a lot too. The bad side is my strikers seem to struggle with goals!
  13. This is an interesting suggestion and I'll look into it a bit more with some tactical tweeks! I did sign a Ball playing centre back but my keeper seems to prefer to distribute the ball to the No nonsense CB! From watching the games the NCB seems to punt it up to about the middle of the park most often when playing it long and my DLP is hitting all sorts of passes but nearly all long over the top rather than through. Most of my goals are scored by my AMC who runs through onto the balls the DLP plays! I might have to have another look at the players instructions and see if that changes any of their behaviour. The wierd bit is really that there is plenty of neat passing but its all around the centre circle, it mostly goes forward with the longer balls.
  14. I think the board stuff has been a bit like that for a few FMs now. Even if you do something crazy (like an unlikely promotion) they forget about it right away or don't look at it in context. You might need to get to the 5th round of the cup but get beaten by say, Liverpool (assuming you are a low end prem or champ level team) and they are still unhappy because you missed the expectation despite it being an unlucky draw.
  15. I'll post my tactic and profile snippets here as an example. I'd report it as a bug but I don't know how the game works it out so I don't know if it's a bug or a reflection of something lese in the game.
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