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  1. @sebwassel HoYD is double of all the others or HoYD effect = 2 youth staff involved in training?
  2. 10m transfer budget lol. Hopefully get more in the summer. Are any of the other saves with attribute masking off?
  3. So same quantity but better quality? How can you get an affiliate that lets u buy their players for free?
  4. Anyone know why we can only have two? And only from Japan China or USA? What about India, Malaysia, Indonesia etc Also, if I have a Japanese financial affiliate and I buy a Japanese star, does that give my commercial revenues a further boost?
  5. Anyone know why I've got to wait ages between pre season tours in fm2015 compared to 2014? Seems daft to tour Korea, wait a week then tour Japan...
  6. If I get a couple of youth team affiliates that feed foreign players into my youth intake some years do the foreign youngsters replace my local youngsters?
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