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  1. I'm not playing as Villa, but at the end of the first season, a wealthy tycoon took over despite you being relegated and promised to put £212m in for transfers! Estimated value is up to £390m with a loan debt of £82m.
  2. Is there anyway to get the attributes analyser on the overview screen at all? It would really complete the skin for me! Great work though.
  3. He might not be. We all know FM's AI player development isn't the best, so he may not get that many games. Might just have to wait a few years.
  4. Every time I download the RAR file, when I try to extract it, I get the message "unexpected end of archive". EDIT: Nevermind, sorted it. Looks good.
  5. Ask in the Man United thread fella. http://community.sigames.com/showthread.php/400439-FM15-Manchester-United-F.C.-I-m-loving-Angel-instead
  6. Serious viral infections have been in the game for ages, going back to at least FM10. They just happen very rarely.
  7. Jonathan Silva would be your next best bet, depending on where he is in the game will determine how much he'll cost you.
  8. Good read as always RTH. Always been like that with regens myself after the first couple of seasons, unless someone world class becomes available. Currently at the stage where I have nobody over 30 in the squad, with Fellaini and Bender the next to be shown the door with replacements already in the U21s, albeit one of them needing a bloody work permit.
  9. Have you recently gone past your 'competition win bonuses' mail item? If so, and you set them to high, they now come out of your transfer budget.
  10. Liking the look of Caspers especially RTH, me likey indeed. At 16, his stat base is ridiculous I hate fixture rescheduling Good job I've already won the league, as after the FA Cup Final on May 6th, I've got games Tues 9th, Thurs 11 and Sun 14th, with a potential Champions League Final after that.
  11. That's okay, just forget you read my comment Never really given FMC much of a go tbh, prefer the full game. But I like your style!
  12. @RTHerringbone In the full game, the debt is cleared 02/01/2017. I only know cause I've just past that date myself I've had problems selling players, unlike yourself, but I tend not to make wholesale changes on a seasonal basis, but carefully dissect the squad each summer.
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